Contact Lenses Increase Sports Performance

Sports fans of the 2000s must remember the Dutch footballer Edgar David’s or New Zealand cricket player Daniel Vettori famous for wearing glasses during their matches. Both had a good reason to wear these glasses, and anyone will agree that it is important to see clearly.Sunglasses for sale in Pakistan

However, anyone who wears lenses may agree that they are not practical during physical activity and sports.

Fortunately, thanks to the invention of contact lenses these difficult days are behind us. Although David needed special protection after his glaucoma surgery, it’s still odd that Vettori never traded his glasses for contact lenses.

His choice may also be due to the problems of allergies, or the commitments made with his sponsors. But according to an extensive scientific study, contact lenses seem to be the preferred choice of athletes, not only to correct their vision, but also to improve their performance.

Wider field of vision

Today’s contact lenses have unparalleled benefits for athletes with visual impairments. Apart from the fact that they are useful for correcting the sight of nearsighted, astigmatic and presbyopic, contact lenses help to have a wider view since they are directly placed on the cornea of the eye.

For athletes who would like to have a third eye behind their head, increasing the field of view is a boon. In addition, lenses are less sensitive to temperature changes. There is no mist, they can not receive splashes and so does not cause discomfort during a sports game.

Professionals who wear lenses for more safety.

The lenses provide a feeling of safety compared to glasses that can cause problems during contact sports. During a facial shock, wearing glasses can have dramatic consequences.

The risk of receiving a burst of glass is then eliminated when you wear lenses.

Nowadays some famous players wear lenses to have the best vision possible. The list includes

  • Footballer Christian Rolando
    Tennis player Nova Ordovician
    An NBA star Dwight Howard
    Phil Michelson golfer among many others

Lenses to increase sports performance.

Today, most people know the benefits of the lens compared to glasses, but few are aware that they are also used by athletes who have no visual problems. The athletes, with perfect vision, started to use the lenses to improve their performance.

Take the example of athletes who have to play under a powerful projector, use lenses to reduce the reflection of the spotlight and consequently increase their visibility. Other sports meanwhile, use lenses as UV protection. Can you imagine athletes riding mountain bikes without lenses?

While lenses do not protect the entire part of eyes from UV, they can be used with sunglasses to improve visibility against the sun’s rays.

Winter sports athletes also benefit from lenses thanks to their special contour that limits the dryness of the eyes. Indeed, dry eye causes more regular blinks, with lenses, athletes have more time to focus on the track.

Types of lenses

Nowadays, contact lenses have taken the market on the glasses. Now, the question is not whether or not athletes should wear lenses, but rather what types of lenses they should choose. Most athletes prefer to wear lenses “Soft lenses” which is the lens of necessity. – ** Correct the vision and comfort ** that make these lenses the most economical.

In addition, there is another option such as “Gas Permeable (GP)” lenses which are more rigid and keep their oxygen when they are on the eyes, which allows a better visual correction for astigmatism and other related problems. to the cornea.

They also allow more oxygen to reach the eyes, are less prone to residue accumulation, and also absorbs tears to prevent dry eyes. Despite this, the lenses “Gas Permeable (GP)” are not “the cream of the crop” for top athletes.

For users, the period of adaptation of these lenses can cause discomfort and loss of the lens during a violent sport. The reasons are mainly the rigidity of it and its small diameter. Like many athletes they do not use their glasses during sports and wear rigid lenses would cause unnecessary problems.

Apart from this particular lens, we can deduce that contact lenses are intended to be widely used in the world of athletes. Of course, this can cause inconvenience such as eye irritation, but it is a small price to pay when you want to achieve glory.

We could imagine in the future that lenses will not only be used to correct vision, but used as a preventive measure. They could also be considered a drug to increase sports performance.

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