Choosing Sunglasses Editor to Teach You to Be a “Professional”

Do you have the habit of wearing Branded Sunglasses in Pakistan? What criteria do you use when choosing sunglasses? Does the style look good? Still match his face. I have to say a few words here, too cool sunglasses can not be worn to drive, the mirror is bright like a mirror, it will not only make you “eyes blackout” when entering the tunnel but also make you “Stupidly unable to see clearly” when encountering a traffic light. So let’s take a look at how to be an “adept” when choosing branded sunglasses in Pakistan!

Branded Sunglasses in Pakistan

Some terms you need to know about sunglasses

UV protection: According to the US Food and Medical Hygiene Inspection Agency (F · D · A) standards, while ensuring the transmittance of the lens, if the lens can filter out more than 90% of ultraviolet rays in the sun, the lens should be labeled “UV-100PROTCT10N” When the lens can filter out 100% of ultraviolet rays, it should be labeled “UV-400PROTCT10N”. The general shorthand is “UV-100” and “UV-400”. When choosing branded sunglasses in Pakistan, be sure to check the UV label of the lens.

Polarizer: There are also labeled polarizers or polarizers. As we know, sunlight is usually scattered in all directions, and when it hits the object, it redirects and reflects away. Especially when it is projected on the road, water, and snow, there is often strong light and dazzling glare, which makes the vision very easy to fatigue and can’t last sight. It causes great inconvenience to outdoor activities, and when it is serious, it also interferes with our visual judgment and causes danger.
Polarized sunglasses: The polarizer uses the linear molecular array inside its lens to filter and eliminate all kinds of glare that damage the eyes. That is, the polarizer passes the linear molecular array in its lens to the irregular ones. The reflected light is recombed again so that the light thrown into the eyes is clearer and more natural.

Your misunderstanding about sunglasses needs to be sorted out

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Sunglasses are not as dark as eye protection

In the scorching sun, branded sunglasses in Pakistan are one of the necessary sunscreen products for people to travel. Many people think that the darker the lens color, the more it can prevent ultraviolet rays from harming the eyes. Ophthalmologists say that sunglasses are not as dark as possible, and lenses that are too dark may cause damage to the eyes.

Whether it can prevent ultraviolet rays has nothing to do with the color depth of the lenses, but it is determined by the UV (ultraviolet) standard of the lenses. For example, UV400 lenses can prevent 100% ultraviolet rays, and UV100 lenses can prevent 96% to 98% ultraviolet rays.
Therefore, when choosing Branded Sunglasses in Lahore, look at the UV standard of the lens, not the color depth. Even if it can prevent ultraviolet rays, it is not appropriate to choose sunglasses with too dark colors. Too dark lenses will seriously affect visibility, and the eyes are easily damaged by looking at things with difficulty. The lenses of the sunglasses should be able to pass through 30% of the light, preferably gray or green.

Good sunglasses don’t change the nature of objects

Polarized lenses are generally made of synthetic resin that is as light and precise as contact lenses. They are composed of seven layers of thin films, and the outer two layers are super-hard wear-resistant layers. The second and sixth layers are anti-shatter and reinforced layers. The third and fifth layers are It is an ultraviolet filter layer, and the middle layer is a polarizing filter layer. Polarized lenses can effectively filter out reflected light and harmful ultraviolet rays, and have anti-shatter and anti-wear functions. They are the most popular branded sunglasses in Pakistan.

A good pair of branded sunglasses in Pakistan does not deform and blur, and the overall feeling is transparent. You can find a playing card, either JQK. Looking through the lens, the color of the pattern on the card is still the inherent color of the card. It is not blue due to blue lenses, or purple with purple glasses, which is generally good. glasses.

For some inferior glasses, the pupils of the eyes and the optical center of the lenses cannot overlap, so some people ca n’t see clearly after wearing them, and there are some problems of uneven dyeing or equality of the lenses, which may cause vision problems. Clear and tired eyes. If worn for a long time, it will cause vision loss and cause chronic damage to the eyes.

You need to take a look at how to tell how reliable sunglasses are

One is to look at the lenses. Do not buy lenses with scratches, impurities, or bubbles. Hold the branded sunglasses in Pakistan and look at the fluorescent lamp. If the shadow of the fluorescent lamp reflected by the mirror is wavy or water-like, it proves that the lens is uneven, and this lens will damage the vision after wearing.

Second, look at the signs. The formal outer packaging of anti-UV sunglasses must be marked with UV protection level (UV) in accordance with national standards, with UVA (filtering wavelength at 320-420 nm), UVB (filtering wavelength at 275-320 nm) and UV400 (filtering wavelength below 400 nm). ) Three types, all of which have UV protection. Generally, the UV index of branded sunglasses in Pakistan is between 96% -98%. Generally speaking, a 100% UV index is unlikely.

Third look at “degrees”. Ordinary sunglasses in Pakistan are flat lenses and should not have “degrees” that are unique to optical lenses. Generally, if the diopter exceeds 15%, you will feel dizzy when you pick it up and walk around. Optician shops generally have instruments that can test the “degrees” of glasses. If you take the sunglasses for a test, you can know if your sunglasses “degrees” have exceeded the standard.

In the end, I recommend: driving brown and gray lenses is more handsome!

If you wear more branded sunglasses in Pakistan while driving, Xiaobian recommends that the branded sunglasses in Pakistan are not too dark, and it is best to choose brown and gray polarized lenses. Brown lenses can filter out a large amount of blue light, which can improve visual contrast and sharpness, and is suitable for days with heavy air pollution or when driving in rainy and foggy cities. The gray lenses can evenly absorb any color spectrum, and what you see after wearing them will only darken and there will be no obvious chromatic aberration.

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