Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Finding the rare pearl or finding the cheapest item: buying clothes online has become a form of hobby for some of the consumers. A 2013 study by the Urban Land Institute explains that 50% of men and 70% of women say that shopping is a form of entertainment & Women Beauty Products

“Part of the pleasure of shopping is not just buying, but feeling like you’ve done something with it,” says Tom Meyvis, a marketing professor at the school. University of New York, in an interview for The Atlantic.

Another study, conducted a few years earlier in 2007 by a team of researchers at the Stanford Institute of Technology (MIT) in Massachusetts, showed that the more the person wants a garment, the more the pleasure zone in the brain begins. react. The research team used functional magnetic resonance imaging to measure the buyer’s brain activity while shopping. The results signaled that the area of the brain playing a role in pain is stimulated when one is facing the price of the item. In other words, the brain is torn between the pleasure of buying and the bitterness that comes with the payment. The low prices of the net would tend to mitigate this unpleasant feeling?

Perhaps. But the pleasure is no longer limited only to the purchase. On YouTube, more and more men and women, the “beauty gurus”, are filming their purchases in videos called “hauls” and watched by several million people.

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The big names in ready-to-wear and online sellers have understood that there is an expectation, and therefore the need to offer as many choices as possible and at a low cost. Asos, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Zalando, La Redoute or Forever 21, the clothing sales sites are not only fighting about the collections, but also about their pace and price.

How it works? The concept of “fast-fashion”, which consists of producing and distributing collections constantly renewed, must also allow to offer clothes always cheaper. Because the lower the price, the less consumers pay attention to what they buy, or how often, or for what purpose: a study relayed by the Huffington Post reports that Americans have an average of $ 550 of unworn clothes.


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