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[Car has no secrets] When an accident or malfunction occurs in a vehicle, repairing a car becomes an intractable thing, but the same auto parts have a huge difference between the 4S shop, the repair shop and the auto parts city. Sometimes Even more than double the gap, what is this because? 4S shop is really a shop bully, do you love repair? In fact, there are some essential differences in the doorway, because car parts are usually divided into the following categories…

The car is composed of tens of thousands of large and small components. When each car company develops a car, it only makes main research and development and adjustment for the shape, characteristics and positioning of the vehicle. It has no energy and financial resources. It is especially important to develop every component (if the manufacturer does not know that it is not far from being closed), it is not allowed in the development cycle, so the spare parts supplier is particularly

The accessory dealers naturally cannot be the only one. Otherwise, who is the finalist when the industry is monopolized? The fierce competition in the industry and the price war have spurred the quality of auto parts and components, so that the distinction between the original factory/sub-factory/positive factory/even high-imitation parts has emerged. As an ordinary consumer, these zeros are read and understood. The difference between components is particularly important. The cost is small. After all, the car is the carrier of life. If something goes wrong, then…. is it…..

However, all car manufacturers will have a large number of parts suppliers as parts of the whole vehicle. The factory is equipped with the highest quality original parts (except for some cases), and the suppliers sell their own parts. The packaging logo and number, so it can only be called the deputy factory. Sometimes small changes are made to circumvent the restrictions of the car manufacturer, such as using different part numbers, different colors, and so on. This kind of auxiliary parts and the parts supplied to the OEM are produced by the same process on the same production line, which is the same as the original parts. If it is possible to identify the official supplier of the accessory, it is generally more secure to purchase through its official channel.

There is also a category of products from vendors of the same type. It may be a competitor of a regular supplier. For example, if it participates in the development but has not been selected by the car manufacturer, or if the supplier changes the supplier, the package will not be able to do the after-sales market. Or suppliers of different car factory systems, such as Honda and Toyota, each have their own suppliers, and there is also a supplier around the edge, accessories sometimes (slightly modified) can be universal, quality is not bad.

No secret comment on the car: It is

recommended to buy the factory parts first to go to the auto parts city to ask the price, then to the repair shop, electronic products such as ignition switch, the whole car lock is recommended to buy the factory, if the front bumper of the car crashes, if the deputy factory The repair shop promises that the joint will not affect the appearance and can also be used. In a word, plastic parts can be used in deputy factories, such as front and rear bumpers, wheel eyebrow slabs, etc. Hanging class is best to use high-quality manufacturers, and the key components of the powertrain part are still appropriate to choose 4S shop or The original parts of the franchise organization for future

In fact, as a user who knows about a year-round diving, I know that only the answer is stinking and long, and I can get everyone’s praise. But the question asked about this question is not accurate. I hope that the landlord will make additional questions after the exact problem.Tachograph that is installed anyway, this thing with the insurance, like you knew once a year is not necessarily out of the insurance, you do not have to spend year after year, like a few Daqian even thousands. This is about 600-1000 things, can be used for many years. If you feel that it affects the aesthetics and there are no other features integrated into your rearview mirror, you can choose the one that is integrated with the rearview mirror. Not at all confused. Again, again, this must be! ! !Block set this to see what kind of car you choose, and if the fabric of the seat, you can pick what sets all right, leather cloth, also clean up pretty good. However, if you are a premium car with leather seats, try not to set it ! ! ! You have spent thousands of tens of thousands of optional leather configurations on your seat, and put on a set of 200-dollar mats. Are you not afraid of panic? ! You said that it is easy to hang the wound and it is not easy to maintain. Then, do you buy a car for enjoyment or to invest in your own value? Even if you change your car for three years, you want to sell a good price for second-hand, which is to do good things for the next car owner. You still can’t enjoy it, not to mention that you are likely to drive to replace anything. If there is a seat heating and ventilation, you can put a cushion and feel nothing. Absolutely nonsense! ! !Decorations The various ornaments behind the windshield are purely personal. You are willing to put it, but from a safety perspective, it is easy to block a part of the line of sight. 2, there are bright parts that are easy to dazzle. 3, the collision caused 2 damages (you chase the tail of others, it is all right, the result of the pieces smashed their own glass, insurance does not pay. Others chase after you, the ornaments may hit your face, chest, even small JJ Dangerous part of the class)Glue : It’s purely nonsense, it makes a car taste, and it may not be able to go out for a year.Coating, plating, sealing glaze, waxing : 4 son shop often said to send this one, in fact, the first three need to first polish the car paint, the car home has been measured, [Figure] speak with data! I will not explain the effect of the maintenance process on the thickness of the paint . Therefore, it is better to have 10 or more waxing services, and try to choose the first few.Film: What kind of explosion-proof film is nonsense, car glass is inherently riot-proof, so only need to prevent the UV sunshade, the anti-riot needs to increase the price, but the money does not make any sense. Try not to send the film to the 4 sons and let them fold the cash. Then look for the kind of shop with test equipment to measure the UV isolation effect on the spot. The easiest way is to use the UV light of the banknote to check the money, then use the membrane to block the fluorescent watermark on the money. Proper.Although I answered later, I really summed it up. Give it a compliment. Little friends

  1. Actually! All the upstairs should be called auto supplies, decorative items, are non-essential items, you can choose according to your own needs. In general, new car owners will go to the film (but this thing, many national legislation is not allowed, but it is particularly hot in China, and has a certain relationship with the corrupt Chinese official shopping malls), this price is very high, usually in order Filled up, really true and false is difficult to distinguish, fakes such as 3M, Long film, Johnson and other brands, 1600 is a more reliable price of beauty decoration store, 4s shop about 2500 or more, the whole car price, of course To distinguish the vehicle type BYD F0 certainly can not be a price with Land Rover! However, personal ignorance: This is in addition to protecting the privacy of the car, not glaring, there is no use, what is exothermic, explosion-proof is simply nonsense. There is an experiment on the home of the heat-proof car. You can look at it. The function of explosion-proof has never been published by an explosion-proof film manufacturer.
  2. If you run long distances, prepare some basic auto maintenance tools, provided that you have a certain ability to repair, if you really can not find a few reliable rescue calls. It is recommended to have a fire extinguisher and a safety hammer.
  3. The so-called auto parts standard is a necessities, roughly divided into the following categories: engine system accessories, travel system accessories, body accessories, steering system accessories, these are generally equipped before the factory sales, in addition to accidents or overhaul Generally do not need to be replaced, in addition to some of the wearing parts that are often replaced: brake pads, brake discs, etc.


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