Buy online to simplify life

Around the world, online shopping is driving popularity. A few clicks are enough to get everything you need, from fresh produce to home appliances, to gift or pet food. Online commerce also helps to reduce the daily lives of people with disabilities.

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Online commerce, ie the purchase of various products on the Internet, is an area in full expansion. While interest in this market has had a hesitant start, it has grown steadily in recent years. Online commerce is now one of the major private Internet businesses.

Online commerce: growth factor

Due to the growing interest of consumers in online shopping, it is reasonable to believe that commerce will generate more and more profits over the next few years. In addition, the increased use of tablets or smartphones is helping to further promote the popularity of online shopping.

People with disabilities also benefit

Of course, online commerce was not invented only for people with disabilities. However, they can take advantage of its many advantages. Despite the many efforts made to make them more accessible, acquiring property is often more difficult for them than for people without disabilities.

Make purchases at any time of the day … or night

Examples include the purchase of pet food. Nobody likes to carry a bag of dog food heavy 15 kilos … for a disabled person, this is often impossible.

The benefits of e-commerce go well beyond the availability of trade or the transportation of goods. It is of course nice to stay at home and avoid traffic, looking for parking, waiting at the checkout, or the crowds. In addition, it is possible to shop online at any time of the day or night, every day of the week, regardless of business hours.

Compare the prices

The choice is much larger than in the shops and a few clicks can also compare prices. While it is sometimes necessary, on the spot, to rely on the advice of the sales staff, online purchases make it possible to consult the product descriptions or the comments or information left by other consumers.

A lady is holding a smart phone in her hands, a tablet in the background. (Photo: Christine Lietz /
Tablets and smartphones make it easy to access online shopping. (Photo: Christine Lietz /
Not the same “feeling”
However, even for online shopping, all that glitters is not gold. Although it is easy to acquire the coveted object through a few clicks, we must not forget the danger of this facility and it is easy to overcome its buget. Buying online is often not accompanied by the same feeling as during a “shopping spree”. It is not possible to hold the object in his hands, or to try it. This can be a disadvantage, especially with clothes or shoes. If the object is not suitable, it is of course possible to return it, often at no additional cost.
Another disadvantage may be that you can not own the item immediately.

Secure online shopping

Many consumers are concerned about the security of their data when they need to provide their credit card number or bank details. In most cases, however, this concern is unfounded. Providers guarantee secure transactions, mainly thanks to SSL security protocols, the 3D security number or the VCC2 / CVV2 codes on credit cards. It is also often possible to pay upon receipt of invoice. A serious provider does not hesitate to give advice by phone or email, while comments from other consumers inspire confidence.

Certified online shops

Certain certificates, such as the “Trusted Shops” European Quality Seal or the Swiss Online Guarantee Association “Swiss Online Guarantee”, offer more security. Quality criteria include data security, price transparency, shipping costs, availability, customer service, right of cancellation and right of return. fast, e-commerce also has the merit of being safe. Even if the growth curve does not increase so dramatically, the success of online commerce does not have to prove itself. And it goes without saying that people with disabilities will continue to benefit.

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