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Effective creams against brown or black spots on the face or body, spots and scars after acne, anti natural facial stains, sunscreen anti-stains effective.

Pigmentation of the skin: lighten the dark or black complexion, get a unified complexion, depigmentation of brown spots above the upper lip (give the impression of whiskers)

The exclusive lightening effect of our products is achieved thanks to their active components that block the overproduction of pigment melanin, and allow to reduce the amount of enzyme tyrosinase, responsible for the hyperpigmentation of the skin, so unsightly tasks that dull the complexion of the epidermis. The unique combination of lightening substances ensures an intense and exclusive action of the product – a strong decrease in the intensity of pigmentation spots and prevention of their reappearance.

Suitable for all skin types and colors – fair skin, brown skin, black skin, to lighten skin or remove dark spots.
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Effective and healthy lightening products without hydroquinone or other harmful substances. Production and certify

This is a testimony from the magazine Paris Match No. 3050, in which Aminata M’Baye, 35 years old, recounts that for fourteen years, she has applied whitening creams on the body. “Today she runs a boutique ready to wear women in Paris, here is her story:

“As a teenager, I watched my big sisters spread their body whitening cream morning and evening, I did not find it right and I told them.” One day, they ask me to help them do without it on their backs. Instead of washing my hands after, I wipe them on the face.After a week, my skin is already starting to clear.I am told that I look good, that I’m fine … I start to use the products of my elders all over the body and then buy my own lotions, and in the bathroom, I concoct creams by blending, I use Diprosone, Neprosone Sulfur and acid-based products To make them more effective, I prepare my skin by rinsing it after the shower with skimmed milk, I’m mistaken for a mestizo and admire my beauty. even chosen to be jury of Miss Ivory Coast, all that costs me, dear. online hooping in Lahore I bring my products from the United States, I inject myself a courtisone which one of the side effects is the lightening of the skin … I try mire2bleach.jpgsans stop new creams that I begin to test on my feet.Heureusement because it happens to me, once, to me to burn so much that I can not walk anymore. I am very lucky because I have no side effects on my face. However, I do not go out in the summer because my skin burns in the sun. I protect myself like Micheal Jackson.And then there is the smell. When you get clean, you smell bad. I wash with cologne, but as soon as I sweat little, I have the impression of getting out of the sewers. Yet, I continue. To my husband, I do not say anything. Pregnant, I continue this treatment, which I know is harmful for my baby. I have a caesarean, I have no problem. In my second pregnancy, while I am about to give birth, the nurse can not find a vein to put me an infusion. She is forced to put a catheter on my neck and warns me: “If anything happens to you during your delivery, you will die, your skin is so thin that the doctor will not be able to sew you “. It scares me and makes me realize that I have been playing with my health for years.  online shopping in Karachi, I decide to stop. I consult Khadi Sy Bizet. From the outset, she tells me that she will make me find my black skin because, she says, “it is the most beautiful skin in the world”. I am his treatment but I cry every day. My skin turns black. A filthy black, dull. Then blisters appear on my cheekbones. On the forehead, I have red patches and my chin turns green. I’m awful. The weaning process lasts two years, but I’m good, my husband by my side … When I return to Ivory Coast to visit my mother, she cries with happiness to see me black again … ”

A testimony that I hope will help to realize the danger of these practices … Sorry for sensitive souls, but I think the power of the pictures is stronger than the words ..

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