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Find your own style definition
But first of all, what does it mean for you to have style? Is it dressing in an original way and especially not like the others? Is it dressing the most flattering for its morphology? Does it mean telling a story? Is it like someone you admire? Is it following trends? etc …

Here is my personal definition of style:
To be honest, I am a little embarrassed by this notion of having found his style or not, as if the fact of not having found it was a failure in itself. I do not believe that having a fashion style that defines us is essential, even when we love fashion. No, what is essential is to feel good about your clothes and to be in tune with the image that our clothes are sending to others. Of course, we can decide to completely get rid of what our looks refer to people. Wear only what we like, including the Gothic look at thirty if it sings us … In this case, I can only congratulate you because it is a sign of great self-confidence that I really admire!
For me, to have style is to feel good in one’s clothes and to feel in harmony with the image of oneself that one refers to others. It’s a story of self-confidence, no matter what our style (a shame!).
hmm, I feel that I lost you … which leads me to develop the second point: the story that you want to tell with your clothes.Choose the story you want to tell with your clothes
You know the proverb, it is often said that appearances are deceptive. We are especially lucky to be able to tell all the stories we want with our clothes. Elegant, sexy, glamorous, rocky … you can decide who you want with your clothes!Obviously, the best is to dress according to our personality, the idea that we make of ourselves and the one that we want to send back to our entourage. What do you want to say about yourself through your clothes? Nothing special ? That you are a happy person? Whether you are introverted or extroverted? Do you like simplicity? Do you want to highlight your assets, what do you like about your home?Everything is possible, free to you to dress according to your desires. You can also decide to be all these people at once one day after another, there are no rules.So imagine the person you want to be and define what clothes you could wear to be that person.

For example, my priority is to wear comfortable clothes that adapt to my daily life with two children, including a baby. I could therefore just wear joggings and sneakers BUT I also want to be feminine and elegant. For me it is important to send this neat image to others. I see this as a mark of respect for myself and those around me. The story that I want to tell people is this: “Once upon a time, a young mother active and well in her skin, who preached comfort and simplicity but who did not want to give up the elegance “…

Dressing in a simple and elegant way therefore requires me to wear basic clothes but well cut, which are perfect for my morphology. My outfits are often minimalist because I like the Scandinavian style and for me the “effortless chic” side is the very notion of elegance. My ideal outfit? Slim jeans, a silk shirt and a pair of flat boots. But for you, simplicity may rhyme with a pair of black pumps, a black skirt, a lace top …

Your story may be different. For example, you may want to tell the story of a cheerful, extroverted woman who loves to party and who has kept her childlike soul. So you might want to wear bright colors because the colors correspond to this definition of the happy woman you want to be … You understand?

But you could as well be a joyful and outgoing woman without wearing pink or colors … There is no rule, we have the right to enjoy the clich├ęs or want to play with our appearances.

Create your basic kit
If you have already read a few articles on the blog, you know how important I attach to basic clothes like the white T-shirt, the shirt, the jeans … For me these are essential parts of my dressing room without which I can not ‘dress.
You can find the list of my basics in this category, I hope it will inspire
In any case, you must define the base of your wardrobe, ie the clothes you can not live without. This basic kit is the key to your dress style. The basics you wear should already give you an idea of which styles of clothing you like. For me, jeans are essential while some of my friends wear only skirts or dresses.If it’s not already done, I suggest you sort it in your wardrobe to help you see more clearly. Feel free to write in black and white the list of clothes you’ve worn the most lately and write why. This will highlight your favorite outfits and see what your current style is and why you like it so much, or not.

Is your style adapted to your everyday lifestyle?
You have a vague idea of your ideal style and the story you want to tell but does this story really fit your way of life? Is your ideal style portable on a daily basis or, on the contrary, totally removed from your current lifestyle?

I tend to believe that nothing is forbidden but we must remain realistic. I run after my children all day, I take the public transport to go to work and I do not go out very often in the evening … I sometimes have eyes that shine in front of evening dresses or dresses very dressy but I try to keep a cool head. I like the image that these outfits send but they are a thousand places of my daily life that is rather “jean sneakers”. So I try to take a step back and pay more attention to the clothes that fit my lifestyle. I admit that it can be frustrating at times to just dream in front of beautiful pieces, but it avoids shopping mistakes, regrets and the ugly feeling of guilt that follows.

Always try to give more importance to clothes that fit your lifestyle. If you have trouble defining your style, it’s a great way to get to the point. And you will always find solutions to boost your outfits if the need or the desire is felt.

Buy the right clothes
You will have less difficulty in defining your style if you immediately buy the right clothes … That is to say those that correspond 100% to what you like to wear, that adapt to your lifestyle, to the story you want to tell. And yet, make shopping mistakes is also a good way in the long term to know what we want or rather what we do not want anymore! Do not feel guilty if you regret having bought this green dress that you never put (you do not like green and you never wear a dress … but she was pretty). One day, you will become reasonable and know how to resist temptation. I have made almost no more buying mistakes since investing in good basics and quality parts that I really enjoy.

It took me a financial investment at the start, that’s right. But it turns out that I have significantly reduced my fashion purchases since I gradually build my ideal dressing. I happen to have real favorites but they are reasoned and reasonable and most importantly, my purchases represent real moments of joy and no longer “false pleasures” .

A classic idea is that you have to be rich to be stylish and well dressed. The first thought that comes to us is “it’s easy to have style when you have money”. Because with money, you can buy more clothes and their number would be THE guarantee of success in creating your style. Or, the designer clothes. Owning expensive or luxury clothes would immediately offer you the elegance you are looking for …

We know that style or elegance can not be bought. What matters is finding the right balance between the budget you have and the style you have or would like to have. To define if your style requires investing in beautiful quality clothes or not.

If you have no problem with fast-fashion and you feel that with your budget, you can only afford clothes at low prices, so be it. I was young, student or broke and I totally respect your position. But know that there are other alternatives. We can succeed in offering beautiful pieces of quality with a lower budget, reducing the amount of our purchases or buying used. Build an ideal dressing can take time or even years but the adventure is worth the effort!

Get inspired and stay creative
Our style does not define us for all our life and fortunately! We have the right to make it evolve, to assert it … We have the right to have fun, fashion is a great playground and that’s why I love it so much. Who knows, today I am rather adept of the Scandinavian minimalist but maybe in ten years I will wear prints all the sauces? If there is one thing that fashion has taught me is that you must never say never … So even though I feel comfortable with my current style, I never stop inspiring myself. It’s not an effort for me since I love fashion, I can spend hours reading blogs, watching fashion accounts on Instagram, surfing sites of small creators, filling virtual baskets or pin images on my Pinterest account.

I know lots of people who make inspirational paintings by cutting images in magazines for example. I do not practice this method but it seems that it is very effective. On the other hand, I have a real fascination for the strangers I meet in the street. If I like a silhouette or an outfit, I look at them in detail and I can spend long minutes deciphering why the whole I like so much. I always try to remain discreet because I think it’s a little scary to see that someone is analyzing you from head to toe … But the street or public transport is really my biggest source of fashion inspiration in the world. everyday, much more than Pinterest, which is beautiful to watch but whose images are sometimes far removed from reality.

Do not think that fashion is futile. Do not be ashamed to love him.

Dressing each day and finding one’s style should not be a source of confidence with one’s inner self.

Do not be afraid to look around, to inspire yourself, to dream … This is how you will tame fashion and that you dress will look natural and pleasant.

Feel free to tell me your stories of clothes and style. Do you think you found it and if so, how? I am so curious!F

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