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How much is your pocket watch worth? Determining the value of all kinds of objects can be a tricky exercise. Many characteristics come into play and can have an influence on the demand, on the popularity of a type of watches, and more generally on what is sold or not at a given moment. This is true for most collectibles. Nevertheless, there are some things that our Experts specifically examine to estimate the value of a pocket watch. This list is far from exhaustive, but it will give you a good idea of the features to consider when determining the potential value of your pocket watch .

1. Watchmaking stones and adjustments Clockwork
stones – precious stones used in the internal mechanism of pocket watches – minimize friction and wear by acting as a bearing between the gears. The adjustments consist of the elements of the watch allowing it to give a fair hour regardless of the position in which it is held. The more clockwork and adjustments the watch has, the higher the quality and, therefore, the greater the value. In rare cases, a pocket watch can have up to 25 stones.

2. Movement The movement of a pocket watch is the mechanism

, as a whole, that allows it to function. There are two main types of movement with regard to pocket watches: Modern quartz movements and classical mechanical movements. The state and design of a watch movement are two very important factors in determining the value of the object. A complete and impeccable movement is of course preferable, more than a movement with gears or springs running out. Replacement of these can indeed be very expensive. A richly decorated gear system is likely to inflate the value of the watch because of the dexterity and aesthetic qualities associated with such details.

3. The brand As with many types of watches

, well-known brands sell well at auction. Key brands include Longines , which has existed since 1832, and Omega , a watch manufacturer since 1848. Elgin and Hamilton are two other prolific companies in the watchmaking field, both of which ceased operations in the 1960s. If you have a pocket watch made by one of these big names, you may be on the verge of a good sale
A few gusset watch sales records on Catawiki and the reasons for their success To get a better idea of which watches have the most success in our auctions, take a look at the most expensive gusset watches on Catawiki:

5. Breguet pocket watch for Tiffany 
This pocket watch is number 3289 from the Breguet watch seriesand was custom made for Tiffany & Co New York. It has a beautiful mother-of-pearl dial with original Breguet hands and was sold in perfect working order. Its particularly refined needles make this pocket watch a delicate and elegant piece.

4. Patek Philippe & Cie Pocket Watch

This Swiss pocket watch is a fine illustration of the prestige of Swiss watchmaking. Weighing 85 grams, it has a hand-wound movement, an 18-carat solid pink gold case, and was sold with a leather-bound wooden box. The lot is accompanied by fantastic detailed photos of the internal mechanism that are really worth the detour.

3. Patek Philippe & Cie pocket watch

between 1890 and 1900 – 6 173  Another sumptuous Patek Philippe, and much heavier than the previous model with its 126.5 grams. Its weight is due to its mechanical movement, its micro-cam regulator and its 18-carat solid pink gold case. Take a closer look at the original engravings made during its production – the exquisite lettering makes this watch so pleasing to the eye.

2. Masonic skull watch

between 1780 and 1790 – 8 501 € This masonic silver skull was handmade in Paris around 1780. The watch can be reassembled with a key hidden in the book on which the captivating skull rests. This is without a doubt the most extraordinary watch on our list, and yet it is not the most expensive yet …

1. LeCoultre Chronograph

circa 1880 – € 8,799 This LeCoultre pocket watch has everything for it: it is rare, indicates the phases of the moon, has a perpetual calendar, a timer, and is made of gold solid yellow 18 carats. It weighs 120 grams and works perfectly. Our Experts had estimated its price between 7 000 € and 9 100 € and the seller was not disappointedDid you know? It is very simple to become a seller on Catawiki and to auction your pocket watch, your wristwatch and other exceptional items. Simply create your account for free and start offering your items at auction. Did this article make you want to see more watches? We hold at least two pocket watch sales a week, including a pocket watch salewhich ends every Wednesday and a sale of watches (luxury pocket watches) which closes every Sunday.

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