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How to choose your sunglasses?
Sunglasses For sale in Pakistan at PkBazaar.PK, simple fashion accessories or protection against glare? No ! Sunglasses are designed to filter harmful UV rays for your eyes. If you do not protect yourself properly, you risk burning your eyelids or cornea, hurting your eyes or damaging your eyesight. The harmful effects of UV are pernicious because they do not necessarily feel and measure themselves in the long run.

By choosing wrongly your glasses, you do worse than well

Pay attention to counterfeits. The material used can let UV, even if the glasses are tinted. Tinted lenses that do not filter out UV rays do not protect your eyes at all. On the contrary ! When there is sun, the pupil is more dilated than in daylight because of the darkening caused by tinted glasses. The UV rays then reach the retina directly. Therefore, it is worse for you to wear bad glasses than not to wear them at all in a sunny environment. To ensure the quality of your glasses, it is best to go to an optician.

Choosing the best protection against UV rays

The UV standard of the European Community divides the sunglasses into 5 categories, ranging from classes 0 to 4 according to the percentage of filtered rays (class 4 taking the ski goggles for intense solar brightness, with more than 90% of filtration ).
Make sure the class and color intensity of your lenses are appropriate for the level of sunshine, your activity, and the environment. For example, Class 4 lenses leave less light and are therefore more dangerous for driving. Also think that the glasses can be adapted to certain conditions, for example the sunglasses for the ski.
If it is registered UV-400 on the glasses, you make sure that your sunglasses will hide the harmful rays. Indeed, the UV400 protection ensures that 100% of ultraviolet rays are filtered (UVA, UVB and UVC). On the other hand, sunglasses with CE marking guarantee compliance with European regulations.
Warning ! If you wear lenses, wearing sunglasses is still necessary to protect the eyes.

Choosing the Right color of Glasses in Pakistan

The color of the glasses depends on the situation and any lack of refraction. It is advisable to nearsighted to choose brown glasses and green glasses to the farsighted ones . As for gray, it is suitable for everyone because it respects the vision of colors. The yellow gives him a good perception of the depths and accentuates the contrasts, Women Sunglasses For sale in Pakistan

Gray Sunglasses: faithful reproduction of colors, recommended Sunglasses For sale in Lahore
Brown Sunglasses: warm and improve contrasts (they are better for nearsighted people). Sunglasses for sale in Karachi

 protection in all circumstances.
Green colored Sunglasses: better protect against glare Sunglasses For sale in Islamabad 
Yellow or orange Sunglasses: improve the visibility of contrasts in fog or low light conditions.
Blue or purple Sunglasses: provide protection when the sun is moderate.
Pink or red Sunglasses: indicated only in low light.

Choose an appropriate lens treatment

You can have your glasses treated on the surface:

Antireflection treatment: ideal for driving because it reduces the reflection of the rays towards the eyes. It is usually done only on the inside. There is no point in doing this on the outside because the purpose of the sunglasses is to reduce the light input.
The mirror treatment: particularly suitable for the mountain because it reduces reverberation and glare.
The anti-scratch treatment: indicated for sports or traveling because it is resistant to friction and of course to scratches.

Choose a fairly large mount

Your frame should be big enough to protect the eyes. It is important to wrap your eyelids and sides as well. For optimum protection, prefer wide branches or well-shaped shapes. Thus, you make sure that the rays on the sides and above but also below in case of strong reverberation, frequent in the mountains as in the sea, do not pass.

Children’s eyes

Children’s eyes are more sensitive to light than those of adults. This is why parents are advised to double their vigilance when buying glasses for their children and to push them to wear them as soon as the sun comes out. Even under a parasol, do not let them take off their glasses, the sand reflects 10% of light.

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