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Sunglasses to buy Raiders]: What brand of sunglasses is good _ sunglasses top ten brands

Sun protection has three treasures: umbrellas, sunscreen, sunglasses! On a hot summer day, you will definitely do your daily sun protection work. Don’t forget to protect your eyes at this time. Sunglasses are an essential eye protection tool in the summer. The light is strong enough to make our eyes bright. When the part feels burning pain, it can help us avoid the damage of the sun and ultraviolet rays to the eyes!

And in the moment, the function of sunglasses is not only a simple shade and protect the eyes, the protagonist of the fashion industry is also indispensable.

Therefore, how to choose a sunglasses that is really suitable for you is a university question, not only consider the basic functions of sunglasses, but also consider whether the style is novel, whether the design is avant-garde, whether the style is suitable for yourself and so on. In the face of a variety of sunglasses on the market, which one is right? Let’s take a look with Xiaobian Jun.

1 How to choose sunglasses according to your face

Sunglasses come in a variety of styles and styles. If you like European and American movies, you will definitely see the handsome sunglasses worn by the stars you admire in the movie. Don’t blindly follow the wind. Remember to refer to your face. Choose sunglasses!

1.1 heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face is also the face of the melon seeds that we often say. The small partner of the melon face is sharper and the face is small. This face is an enviable innate advantage, no matter what kind of frame can match the unique style. Even the face-lifting styles such as Butterfly, Cat eye, and Round are no exception. A pair of sunglasses will look like a star.

Common shapes of sunglasses are suitable, square, drop-shaped, cat-eye shape are suitable.


1.2 Diamond face

The diamond face and the melon face are similar and similar, but the chin is relatively flat. This type of person can choose an elegant frame and make the chin look more delicate. You can try the same frog mirror as Atango.


1.2 square face

Commonly known as the national character face, this type of face will give a very harsh feeling, sharp and sharp, choose to avoid box sunglasses, the linear frame will make you look more square, advocate the selection of slightly rounded sunglasses For example, cat-eye sunglasses, the curved layout can weaken the generalization of the face, and the frame is slightly wider than the face, which can make the face look smaller and thinner.


1.3 rectangular face

The long and narrow face makes you feel that you are a very strong person, but if you are not a strong woman in the workplace, you are advised to choose a frame that is thicker, but the rounded sunglasses are so soft that the lines of the face appear soft. In addition, the exaggerated description of the temples is also good, can attract people’s attention, and the wonderful image of the face is too long. All the sunglasses are suitable for a large layout, with a round butterfly shape and a round frame in the square. The shielding area is large, which plays a visual role in shortening the upper and lower parts, and then makes the face look beautiful and delicate.The star of the rectangular face is Shu Qi, and her various sunglasses are square and slightly round frames.

1.4 round face

The round face is suitable for a square layout, perhaps a slightly tilted elliptical frame/retro square frame with a long facial effect that makes the face look smaller. Other oval cat-eye style sunglasses can reduce the fullness of the face, while the layout above the temple can break the generalization of the face.

1.5 oval face

The oval face is the goose egg face that we often say. This type of face is the most beautiful face shape that the Orientals think. It can be said that glasses of various shapes are suitable for this face type. Suitable sunglasses, butterfly-shaped sunglasses are more outstanding heart-shaped face sweetness. And any exaggerated style can be tested. If the face is not perfect, the face is too round or the cheeks are wide, and the glasses with a slightly wider layout are chosen to conceal the wider part of the face.

2 What kind of material is good for sunglasses

At present, there are three types of sunglasses on the market: plastic lenses, crystal lenses and glass lenses. The frame materials are mainly divided into metal materials and plastic materials. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of several materials.

Crystal lenses are less practical. If you are looking for a decorative effect that is more than eye protection, you can purchase crystal lenses.

Plastic lenses are the most colorful of the three materials, but in actual use, it is very easy to produce scratches. If you are a lady of the real, very cherish the character of the thing, you can buy this.

Although glass lenses have the disadvantage of being fragile, some glass lenses used by high-end brands can resist heavy blows, wear and have excellent safety after being processed by a patented process, but they are expensive.

metal frame:

Metal materials are the mainstream of ordinary alloys (nickel alloys), which are both elegant and light, and are the first choice for many business people. Some brands use special metal materials, such as Pilkington’s titanium frame, which has better toughness. The NBA series is partially made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is lighter. Some parts of the Oasis and Louise series use Monter material and stainless steel. More rugged and durable.

Plastic frame:

Plastic materials are divided into two categories according to different processing methods: sheet metal and injection molding. All aspects of the sheet frame are superior to the injection molded frame, and there is more room for modeling.

3 Choose sunglasses to pay attention to

Whether you buy sunglasses for eye protection or for decoration, it is a must for everyone to have both eye protection and stylish sunglasses. We need to pay attention to these problems in the daily purchase process.

3.1 Color

Different lens colors have different filtering effects, which have different functions. The brown and dark green sunglasses lenses are the best color for UV protection and filtering and are the most common two lens colors. It is most suitable as the color of driving sunglasses.

The gray lens absorbs evenly on any chromatogram. With the reduction of brightness, the color distortion is minimal, the visual effect is only dimmed, and glare protection is provided, making it an ambition to control sunglasses and general use.

The yellow sunglasses can eliminate the blue of the spectrum, but it does not affect the spectrum of other frequencies, making the vision bright and clear. In the fog and evening, the yellow lens can provide more accurate video, which can also be used as a night vision goggle. The reason.

Amber and brown (brown) sunglasses can reduce glare and absorb higher frequency colors. Ultraviolet, blue pop (the two most popular pops), although it will constitute color distortion, but can improve vision The illuminance and clarity are better for wearing air pollution or many fog conditions, and you can still see the slimness in the future.

The green sunglasses can filter part of the blue light, reduce the glare effect, and provide the highest illuminance and maximum sharpness. While absorbing the light, it can also add green light to the eyes, which relieves the eye fatigue. Expected.

Purple and rose lenses are the best choice for hunting and water skiing. In green or blue backgrounds, they provide the best illuminance for objects, suitable for hunting, and perhaps for use on ice.

The appearance of mercury lens is high-density mirror coating, which can absorb more visible light. It is most suitable for friends who love wild sports, such as climbing, walking, camping, fishing, etc.

The dark green sunglasses can absorb the heat and bring a cool feeling, but the transparency and clarity are low. It is suitable for wearing in the sun, and should not be worn when driving.

The blue lens can filter the light blue light reflected from the sea and the sky. Avoid driving the blue lens when driving . It will make us discern the color of the traffic signal.

Others are light blue lenses such as light blue and light pink. These lenses are more decorative than practical and belong to fashion sunglasses.

3.2 Protection index

In fact, through the introduction of the above colors, we have found that the protective index of sunglasses is related to the color of the lens. In this respect, the dark lens has a higher UV index than the light lens.

3.3 polarized lenses

We know that the sun is scattered in all directions and re-reflected when it hits the object. Especially when projected on roads, water and snow, there are often strong glare and dazzling eyes, making the vision extremely fragile and not lasting. It is extremely inconvenient for outdoor activities. In severe cases, it will interfere with our visual judgment and cause danger.

Polarized lenses are invented according to the principle of polarization. They are made into films by manual methods. The particles with strong selective absorption are regularly arranged in the transparent layer by special materials and processes. The incident light is adjusted to the same direction. Light enters the vision.

Simply put, this process is like adding a special blind to the lens to remove and filter out the scattered light in the beam, making the original dazzling vision clear and soft. This new technology is widely used in sunglasses, photographic equipment and other optical applications, and the inventor himself is the founder of Polaroid.

4 top ten brands of sunglasses

Next, Xiaobian will introduce you to several famous sunglasses brands and their related products for your reference and purchase.

4.1 Ray-Ban Ray-Ban

If you’ve seen Audrey Hepburn’s “Tiffany’s Breakfast,” remember the girl who wears sunglasses and looks out at the window and looks at Tiffany’s jewelry!

4.2 Gucci Gucci

The Italian fashion brand was founded by Gucci Gucci in 1921 in Florence, Italy. Gucci’s products include fashion, leather goods, leather shoes, watches, ties, scarves, perfumes, household items and pet supplies, and Chinese translations are Gucci. GUCCI brand fashion has always been famous for its high-end, luxury and sexy. The brand image of “identity and wealth” has become the darling of the upper class. It has always been favored by business people, and it is elegant in fashion.

GUCCI Gucci Women’s Sunglasses GG3206S-Q18EJ

This glasses is native to Italy, and domestic Li Bingbing endorsement. The frame is made of sheet material, and the lens is made of resin material, which is effective against ultraviolet rays, glare and glare, and the field of vision is bright and clear. 61mm lens, 15mm nose bridge, 130mm temple, suitable for most women, and comfortable to wear according to ergonomics and Asian face design. The Gucci gold-plated logo on the temples highlights the taste.

4.3 Kalikali Caricari

Focusing on the professional outdoor sunglasses field, its free and wild brand concept, expressive design style and professional lens research and development, highlighting the unique temperament. Advanced optical equipment and pure imported high-end raw materials, combined with pure hand-made technology, fully demonstrate its unique quality. Kalikali Caricari is committed to providing customers with a professional and personalized sun experience.

Kali business men’s sunglasses Italy polarized driving mirror: the use of imported German Zeiss original film, Hastelloy skeleton, high temperature and corrosion resistance, high hardness, leopard resin legs, non-slip wear. Anti-UVA/UVB, polarized light, anti-glare, clear backlight. Suitable for outdoor leisure and driving. Wear it for travel and other occasions. The lens has a length of 65 mm, a nose spacing of 15 mm, and a lens width of 39.7 mm.

4.4 Buick Buick

Buick sunglasses are high-end driving sunglasses carefully developed by General Motors. They are based on the noble quality of the GM BUICK Buick.

It can be said that Buick’s sunglasses are designed for the driver. In addition to the functions of traditional sunglasses, the lens uses the high-tech product PC POLARIZED, which has the function of removing the scattered, reflected, inflected and dazzling light that hinders the view.

It also has super impact resistance. Its impact resistance is 50 times higher than the US FDA standard. The 8-pound hammer is unbreakable, which fully guarantees the driver’s driving safety. It is the world’s most safe high-end driving sunglasses.

4.5 Prosun Paulson

Prosun Baosheng is a special sunglasses brand of the Chinese Antarctic expedition team. It adheres to the product concept of “fashion technology” and pursues more sophisticated eyewear products. In the “China Optical Technology Magazine” brand rankings, the comprehensive fashion index, functionality, marketing, consumer awareness, cost performance and other factors have been ranked first since 1994.

Paul’s products include premium sunglasses, premium sports glasses, fishing glasses, premium metal frames, premium sheet frames and a variety of lenses.

4.6 Moncler League can be favored

Originated in 1952, Moncler is known for its extraordinary quality and unique design. After decades of precipitation, the down jacket as the brand’s iconic representative has long been a timeless classic. Nowadays, the unique design, exquisite craftsmanship, superb performance, high-tech innovation, and the guarantee of “Made in Italy” that continue the essence of the brand have created an impeccable series of glasses.

The ML0001/ML0002 sunglasses are inspired by the classic ski goggles that prevailed in the 1970s. The front of the frame is embellished with an embossed metal logo, and the detailed design of the footboard echoes the cladding technology of the Moncler down jacket, making the overall look more feminine.

The L0003 Men’s and ML0004 Neutral Eyewear features a detachable side leather trim that is unique in its craftsmanship. The foot plate incorporates aerodynamic design to capture the essence of high-altitude sports-specific goggles. This series is specially selected for polarized or mirrored surfaces, with red and black, brown and yellow, dark blue, or monochrome black for interpretation.

The design of the ML0005 frame has been improved from the classic iconic round frame to show the feminine and feminine beauty of the women. The neutral ML0006 with a square frame is also versatile. The slim and soft style of the two glasses is like a light and non-feeling down, which is similar to the core elements of the brand.

4.7 Persol

Persol is an Italian company specializing in the production of sunglasses. The name Persol is derived from “peril sole”, which means “the sun” in Italian. Persol was founded in 1917 by Giuseppe Ratti. Originally designed for pilots and racers, Persol is known for his durable sports sunglasses.

Persol has a significant influence in the sunglasses industry, and Persol pioneered the development of flexible frames.

Speaking of Persol, you may not be familiar with it, then 007 James Bond? The Daniel Craig 007 series “Royal Casino” is wearing Persol’s 2244-S and 2720-S sunglasses. In “Day to Die,” Pierce Brosnan plays Bond as Persol. 2720-S.

4.8 Prada Prada

PRADA was founded by the founder Mario Prada in 1913 in the heart of Milan, Italy. The current Prada has grown from a small family business to the world’s top luxury brand. The price of sunglasses is also very high, and it is not a matter of thousands!

PRADA Xiangyun retro round frame glasses frame leads the trend of the times. The retro and exaggerated personality design is favored by its deep audience. The design of the big frame is extremely big in wearing. The design of the temples is profound and represents auspicious. Cloud, even Prada this glasses adds auspicious meaning. Lens width 55mm nose bridge width 22mm temple length 135mm, 100% UV protection!

4.9 Dior Dior

Modern retro sunglasses have been burned from last year to this year, but the heat is still increasing. The Dior So Real aircraft series sunglasses from Dior Dior last year have been sought after by the stars.


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