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Why wear sunglasses in winter?

Sunglasses are for many of us symbols of summer sale in Pakistan at PKBAZAAR.PK, beach and heat. Despite this idea, they should not be put aside in winter!

In fact, the main utility of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from the sun and know that UV rays do not make a truce during the winter. On the contrary Pakistan, they are harmful and active throughout the year, even when the sky is cloudy or temperatures are below 0. It is estimated that 42% of UV rays reach our ocular system when we are not in full sun, especially when the weather is cloudy.

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In winter, sunlight is mainly reflected on snow and water, which creates a glare for the eyes and effect your beautiful eyes. If you are planning on playing a winter sport, it is even more important to wear a good Sunglasses. The reason is simple: UV rays increase by 10% every 1000 meters above sea level and fresh, pure snow can reflect up to 85% of UV rays. Surfaces such as sand and water have lower reflection potential and thus create less glare.

You now have several good reasons not to leave your sunglasses in the closet during the winter season. With all the styles of Sunglasses available at PKBAZAAR, take the time to choose the frame that will please you and that will match your personality. Thus, you will not hesitate to wear it and you will protect your eyes at the same time.


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