Sports shoes for running, slimming or muscle building
Sport shoes for running? Shoes to maintain its shape? Weight loss shoes or cardio training? Discover the best sports shoes, those that really meet your needs. To play sports is to be fashionable. It’s well known … even by people who do not! Thus, many people like to show off with sportswear, sports shoes, sports glasses online shopping in Pakistan. In fact, several manufacturers in this field are trying to satisfy a demand that comes from sedentary people almost as much as actually sports people
Choose your sports shoes
When an athlete wants to buy a pair of sneakers for jogging or competition, he is confronted with a range of shoe models ranging from the most expensive to the least expensive, the hardest to the least hard and the most aesthetic at least aesthetic.

Along with these models, there are marketing expressions specific to sports shoes such as: arch support, hindfoot control, damping, heel stabilizer. It is in this huge jungle of basketball models and technological processes especially marketing that the sportsman must make his choice. Its selection criteria are fairly precise: Price, Comfort, Durability, Weight, Performance, Aesthetics

Cushioning and stability for sports shoes?
The main quality of a sports shoe is the protection of external aggression generating injuries by micro-shocks, slips or shopping in Lahore  It must not be a substitute for stabilizing muscles or damping joints. Too much cushioning the shoe dispenses the ankle, knee, hip and spine of any regulating action in the vertical movements due to the stride; it is no longer a shoe but a falsely protective cushion. Too much stabilizing she becomes a guardian for the foot which thus breaks all natural balance reactions; it is no longer a shoe but a pedestrian corset.

The first false friend whose sportsman must be wary is the concept of depreciation, which is still the shocking selling point of many brands. Indeed, the damping material filters the shock waves and not the forces. This material will distribute the forces and the number of vibrations a priori to increase the comfort but the vibrations are essential for the mineralization of the bone and for the refinement of the receivers proprioceptive. So there is a shockwave standard to follow. If there is too much damping and therefore less shock waves then there is a risk of demineralization of the bone and loss of body rebalancing capacity. If, on the other hand, there is too much shockwave and therefore less damping, the risk of injury (tendinitis, fatigue fractures) is increased, especially if the technique of running favors attack by the heel.

Two racing techniques: Left foot attack in the back cycle by the heel (too much shockwave), right attack in cycle before and on the front of the foot (the best technique to run well without hurting)
On the other hand, damping inevitably leads to instability accentuating, if the hindfoot is not focused, static disorders.
Dynamic stability is essential especially during a trail down on rocks but this is a variable grip stability depending on the characteristics of the ground. online shopping in Karachi The shoe must guarantee good stability in relation to the training environment but allowing the foot to play its natural damper, balance and thruster role.

In the market for running shoes, some brands compete with ingeniousness to personalize stability and cushioning, with for example an individualized pseudo-correction of the stride, by proposing a kit of 3 soles for the arch, 3 other soles for the stability and rigidity, 3 pads for the adjustment of the cushioning of the heel and finally, for some models, the cushioning of the soles of the feet! This excessive customization is a marketing concept that makes the runner’s foot dependent on an external technology that is supposed to be essential to be effective.

A shoe is more a glove than a shell; obviously some brands have not yet understood it!

The choice of
In terms of lightness and comfort, on we first chose the exclusive Zero cushioning option with minimalist shoes, light toe shoes with a thin and flexible sole.

Then we alternated these minimalist shoes and thicker trail-type shoes at the drop of 11, the toe shoes being a technical booster because it is impossible to attack with the heel in these shoes. Trail shoes, meanwhile, allow technical differences and relieve the calves.

Currently the arsenal consists of 3 pairs. The 3rd pair added to the panoply (:-)) is an ideal compromise: they are minimalist trail with a drop of 4mm, ultralight, solid and relatively catchy (be careful when descending on pebbles). With these last long outings are affordable without muscle fatigue … and without contractures!

Which shoe to choose? In general, to find the right shoe, consider:

of the activity practiced: running, fitness, team sports
level and frequency of practice
the particular shape of the foot
Thus, if you alternate between activities of several types without making a specialty of any of them, a cross-training shoe can perfectly suit your needs. On the other hand, if you practice a sport diligently, for example more than 3 times a week, you must use a shoe designed specifically for this activity. It is a necessary condition to ensure your comfort and to prevent accidental injury and wear.

Racket sports enthusiasts should choose a shoe that contributes to the stability of the ankle during lateral movements, which means it must be low and stiff enough.

The only real shoes to lose weight
In the particular case of running, the thick soles that elevate the heel can be abandoned in favor of very low shoes called minimalist shoes provided you know how to attack the ground with the middle of the plant and make small strides. This has the advantages of running barefoot without the disadvantages (risk of injury, cleanliness etc …). In addition, these shoes cause a short muscle contraction time due to the small thickness of their soles and thus refine the thighs and calv

es. Minimalist shoes can therefore also be considered as the only real shoes to lose weight.
The right size of a sports shoe
Try a new shoe at a time when your feet may be at their fullest, either at the end of the day or after a physical activity during which you support your weight; wear sport socks and try the 2 shoes; make sure there is enough space for the toes to move freely
From one person to another, the feet differ not only in their length, width, and arch height, but also in their curvature, flexibility, and strength. It is best to try several models from various manufacturers, because there is no guarantee that the shoe you are recommended, the one you find pretty or the one worn by your reference runner is the one that suits you.

The shoe that fits your foot is one that distributes the pressure evenly, does not produce a bulb of friction and retains the heel. You should know that some manufacturers have the reputation of offering shoes rather narrow or others rather broad (the sporting goods dealers should be able to advise you on this plan). Some offer a choice of widths

Although shoes usually look comfortable from the moment of purchase, that does not mean that you can use them intensively without preparation. It is recommended to go gradually to allow time for the new shoe to train at your feet and … your joints to get used to the new shoe!

Good quality shoes are often more expensive, but they are also more durable, easier to maintain and can help improve your performance, while reducing the risk of accidental injury or wear. For example, a high-end running shoe can be lighter without compromising foot support, sole flexibility, foot absorption or stabilization. It is said that after about 500 to 600 km, most shoes – especially if worn in the rain – are too worn to prevent wear injuries. Thus, it is recommended for people who perform assiduously activities in which they must bear their weight to get 2 or 3 pairs of sneakers and shopping in Islamabad

Running shoe and business
Question: I start running and have to buy a good pair of running shoes. I wanted to know if the story of stride was a business or if it was really important to know his stride or if to start a universal pair was enough?

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