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Running is a sport that is gaining more and more followers: if it has the main advantage of being free, it must still be well equipped not to traumatize his joints and the rest of his body. It starts with suitable shoes first. A pair of running must be adapted to the morphology of your foot, to your stride but also to the type of ground on which you practice your sessions as well as to the frequency of your outings. I have selected for you the 10 best running shoes that will be on the market in 2016. I tried to find for each pair of shoes the best offer of the moment.

1 – Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32

The Air Zoom system gives you excellent cushioning during your run! It will bring you comfort and lightness on all distances.

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2 – Asics Gel Nimbus 17

Lightweight, excellent cushioning, this is the perfect model for all types of runners! If you do not know which pair to choose, opt for this one! It is suitable for all runners.

Where to buy it: Online Shopping in Lahore

3 – Adidas Ultra Boost

This is the model that suits professional runners and semi pro, especially if you with the habit of running on the road!

Where to buy it: Online Shopping in Pakistan

4 – Mizuno Wave Rider 18

The Japanese brand offers its expertise for running enthusiasts! This model is a new version even lighter than the model released in 2015!

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5 – Asics Gel Kayano 22

Light, it keeps your foot foolproof! It marries perfectly the forms of the foot while bringing you a great quality of comfort.

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6 – Nike Lunarglide 7

Comfortable and light at the same time, the perfect model for both men and women! Its more? A look and a 100% modern design!

Where to buy it:  Online Shopping at Amazon

7 – Brooks Glycerin 13

It is ideal for holding long distances. The sole is very thick, which will give you the impression of running on a cloud.

Where to buy it: PkMarts

8 – Asics Gel Cumulus 17

A perfect fit to perfect your workouts by optimizing your energy efficiency.

Where to buy it: PkShop

9 – Brooks Transcend

A superior mesh to hold running sessions over long distances. With this pair, you will not be afraid of kilometers anymore! A pair of comfortable universal running shoes that will suit many runners. Delivered in a box of space !!!
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10 – Nike Flyknit Lunar 3

The foot has an incomparable comfort, ventilation: you will feel like in slippers. The ideal pair for road trips and competitions with optimal shock absorption.

Where to buy it: Nike Store in Pakistan (Attention, Lunar 3 is at the end of the series)

All you have to do is choose the model that suits your running activity as well as your budget! You left for the kilometers!

Choose your running pair according to the terrain

The type of soil on which you run is a fundamental element in the choice of your running pair because from one type of surface to another, this can guide your choice.

The asphalt is still the type most common ground especially during competitions. It is also the soil that causes the most injury because the uniformity of the soil causes a repetition of your actions. Frequent repetition often involves more tendinitis, inflammation or shin splints. It is then necessary to choose a model of shoe offering a good cushioning , special for the road.

The dirt roads are less regular and allow a stride less regular, less repetitive. The risk of injury is a little lower. Then prefer a model with notched sole and a shoe that holds the foot well.

On the sand , the foot obviously sinks much more. The risk then lies around the Achilles heel, which is very much in demand. Remember to tie your shoes well. In general, the softer the ground, the more you have to think about bringing stability to your foot . A well laced shoe is a good start. If the sand solicits the joints, it is also the type of soil on which your muscles work the most. The best solution for steel buttocks and well muscled thighs.

Choose your model according to your type of support

Pronouncer, supinator, you already have that word somewhere? It’s your stride that determines your type of support. Here is the explanation:

Normally, when you run, you start by putting the heel or the middle of the foot and then unwind the foot to the tip. It’s a so-called “neutral” or universal stride . It does not deform the soles because the wear of this type of support is uniform.

Now, if you start by putting the outside of the heel and the foot rolls inward, you are pronator . Your foot is flat.

Conversely, if your stride ends with an outward support, you are supinator . Your foot is hollow.

By observing this small diagram, you quickly understand what part of the shoe you need to make sure it is a reinforcement.

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The ideal is obviously to consult a chiropodist to know what type of stride is yours and what type of sole you might need to run.

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