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Among the major suppliers of ingredients
chemical companies, Arven multinationals
Chemicals Ltd in the United Kingdom, Trigon Chemie
GmbH in Germany, Shell Chemicals in London
and The Dow Chemical Company in the United States.
These companies have production plants at
high volume that involve high fixed costs.
This also applies to oil producers for sale in Pakistan
plants, which often have their own
sources of raw materials.
Plastic and cardboard are also
significant inputs that come from
high volume production plants.
A myriad of small suppliers, such as
SMEs specialized in research and
development (R-D), develop
inputs for niche markets obtained
at the cost of many R & D efforts. However,
these providers do not always have the
capabilities and expertise to produce these inputs.
They must therefore entrust production to
subcontracted manufacturing companies.
The marketing of these inputs requires
expertise, staffing and financial resources
considerable. The use of distributors
specialists therefore greatly facilitates their
R & D efforts can be made within
from an organization or outsourced to companies
contract research. As in the case
raw materials, big business
have the capacity to achieve the formulation
new products internally, while
SMEs often use subcontractors
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Objectivation validates the virtues
physico-chemical elaborate formulations
and to ensure their safety. In vitro designation
or ex vivo defines the biological tests performed
in the laboratory and not directly on the body
while clinical research and
Tolerance tests are performed on humans. of the
focus groups with groups
consumer targets are made upstream
the commercial launch of the formulation.
Regulatory Affairs
All inputs and care products for sale in Lahore
sold to companies (B2B) or to
consumers (B2C) in Canada and elsewhere
in the world must conform to the
provisions of the applicable laws.
Finished products
Large integrated companies, owners
brands, have the manufacturing capabilities
required to ensure high production
scale of products. These abilities are often
used to meet the needs of
large retailers who own their own
national brand.
When it comes to niche products,
reserved most often to a high clientele
range, even the largest companies have
recourse to the services of specialized firms
subcontract manufacturing. These companies, which
specialize in the production of small lots,
engage in long-term relationships with
the client.
Conditioning occupies a central place
in the marketing of products
cosmetics and personal care. The appeal
the focus groups is, moreover,
crucial importance in commercial success
of a product, since the image and perception
products are fundamental within this
Before ending up on the shelves and
available from end-users, the
cosmetics and personal care products are
distributed through the corporate network
or by that of an independent distributor. These
products can also be imported and distributed
In 2012, the retail sales of the food industry
cosmetics and personal care were reaching,
globally, US $ 344.7 billion,
showing an average annual growth rate
4.0% for the period from 2008 to 2012.
In 2017, the retail sales of this industry
should reach 425.5 billion US dollars,
which represents a growth of 23.4% per
report to 2012.
In 2012, Europe accounted for 36.0% of sales
retail of this industry.
Skin care products occupy
the top of the range among all the slots
of the cosmetics and care industry
23.0% of sales
in 2012. The “other” category, which includes
including men’s toiletries
and #baby care products in Karachi
and feminine hygiene, comes second with
20.8% of sales.
In 2012, supermarkets / hypermarkets
were the main distribution channel
of the cosmetics and care industry
with 34.4% market share
world. Specialty retailers occupied the
second place (22.5%), while the category
“Other”, including stores in #Islamabad
departments and supermarkets, arrived in
third position with corresponding sales
19.0% share of the world market.
The Procter & Gamble
The Procter & Gamble Company ranked
first place with 14.4% of the market share of
this highly fragmented industry, within
from which four key stakeholders
shared 38.0% of the market in 2012.
This American company counts
126,000 employees and distributes its products
in more than 180 countries. In 2012, she realized
revenues of 83.7 billion US dollars
and generated a net profit margin of
10.8 billion US dollars, or 12.9%
of his income.
L’Oreal S.A.
L’Oréal S.A. is a French company
72,600 employees who distribute their brands
in more than 130 countries. In 2012,
it has realized revenues of
of US dollars and got a margin
net beneficiary of
12.8% of its revenues. This leader

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