Branded moon lamp,original moon lamp for sale in pakistan

TangoCross Rechargeable 3D Print Moon Lamp

TangoCross Rechargeable 3D Print Moon Lamp for sale in Pakistan

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Within the landscape of LED lighting we have seen almost everything, so lamps like this one, should not be surprising. And we speak in conditional, since Levimoon can seem in principle of everything except a lamp. And it is a small one that we can have at the table at home.
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Levimoon, its own name already indicates what we are facing, is a curious moon-shaped lamp that stands out, together with its appearance, for floating suspended in the air on a base of walnut wood and offering different shades of light to adjust them to every environment.

It is a lamp made of plastic that offers the appearance of a moon, more exactly an image traced to that of our beloved satellite. A lamp that has in its interior an LED lighting system that generates light to the taste of the user.

Levimoon5 900×900
With a certainly striking design, this lamp stands out by levitating on the base. Without wires or connections of any kind, this system with a full moon shape floats on the base and offers the option to change even the speed of rotation looking in this way to offer a relaxing effect.

Inside it houses a rechargeable battery of 600 mAh that will be the one that offers light to the lamp, a light that on the other hand the user can change the tone and intensity thanks to a tactile control system located in the base, Online Shopping in Pakistan with which also we can manage the rotation speed.

In the lower area of the sphere, where the mechanism of the luminaire is housed, we find an equally tactile control, to turn it off or on or start charging the battery. In addition to facilitate the use and that we always have located the location of the control, we can activate a small light that tells us in which area is active.

Price and availability
A really curious product that can be a gift if you are looking for something different that will certainly not go unnoticed. The Levimoon lamp is available on the website of the manufacturer for a price of 289 dollars that come to be about 240 euros, always cheaper than the more than 4,000 dollars

Adjusted Price
Although there are cheaper environmental light lamps, Online shopping in Lahore there is none that offers a design so original and suitable for the best decoration of your home and compete in value for money with the moon lamp. Its artisan design and its special lighting make it an economical option with a unique design. If you want to buy cheap bedside lamps the 3d moon lamp is a success.

LED colored lights
LED led lights rgbThe moon lamp gets the real feeling of lunar lighting in your home. It has 3 colors (warm led light, led neutral light and cold led light) that adapt perfectly to different moods, stays or special moments. You can choose what color temperature you want based on the situation and the corner you want to decorate.

If you want to buy colored lamps the moon lamp also has a version with the full spectrum of LED color. This means that if you want to light the lamp and put it blue or pink with the color mood ligth model you can do it thanks to the RGB LED (light bulb that changes color), this version also includes a remote control.

Different sizes
A main advantage is the flexibility of available sizes. There are multiple options to decorate the home combining with different sizes. The full moon lamp can be bought in many sizes to fit perfectly with your perfect decoration

Touch control
It is a bedside touch lamp that easily regulates the color and light intensity with a single touch with your finger. It is perfect as a lamp for the night and very practical so as not to waste your time looking for the cable or the switch. It is designed so that young children can turn on and off the moon lamp without problems thanks to its simple tactile mechanism.

Wireless and portable
The lamps of design for the home are usually very expensive when they are portable lamps or wireless lamps. An important point is that you can charge it with a USB cable (included) and enjoy the most exotic moon lighting for more than 8 hours without cables. This is very functional when you get up at midnight to go to drink water or you need to go to the WC since with the moon lamp you will have a soft lighting that will accompany you wherever you are. The options are endless as it is also suitable for lighting a tent or car when driving at night, remember that you can charge it by USB anywhere.

Full moon lamp
We present the most famous full moon lamp of 2019. The moon lamp is the most economical decorative element that has marked a trend in homes around the world. Recommended by the experts of interior design and ambient lighting, the full moon lamp falls in love and illuminates any corner of your home with a relaxing and special light.

Where to buy full moon lamp?
You will already know that the natural light of the moon can provide great relaxation and also lift our mood at any time. Getting this weather in your room is not easy since we can not always find the presence of moonlight in your room.

If you love the moon lunar today you can have the same space weather with the help of lamps that look exactly like a moon. They can recreate exactly the state of mind that is obtained in the presence of the original moon and its light. In fact, it can turn the whole environment into a magical one.

These lamps can be a great decoration for your bedroom or living room with a warm and pleasant light just like the moon. It is a great idea to turn any cozy corner into a relaxing area.

Large moon lamp
If you want to buy the big moon lamp this model is right: Lampwin – 3D Luna LED

You can change the color and decorate your home with lunar lighting whenever you want. It is a beautiful and different gift that leaves no one indifferent. You can buy it in different sizes (10,15 and 20cm) depending on the corner to decorate. If you are looking for a large moon lamp I recommend the spectacular lamp that measures 20cm.

Warm light
The warm light (color temperature between 2,800K and 3,200K) is the best known in LED lighting to create the best ambient light. This warm led light is ideal for designing a relaxed atmosphere and transforming a cold room into a charming corner.

Neutral light
The neutral light or neutral light led (color temperature between 3,800K and 4,500K) is the most natural lighting that exists, it is perfect to accompany any room and decorate any element of your house.

Cold light
Cold light or white light (color temperature above 5,000K) is the most intense light and generates the greatest sensation of luminosity. The cold led light gets a spectacular full moon effect.

Final conclusion: The best ambient light
Perfect for many reasons: thanks to its customizable size you can place it on a bedside table and rest with the magical moonlight in your bedroom or use it in the dining room as a reading lamp.

The colored led lights get a lovely effect that turn this lamp into a design element for your home. The possibility of being wireless and the comfortable touch control make it a very clear option to decorate your home.

Finally, a great point in favor is its unbeatable price. It is an economic model that has been designed with high quality products and very durable. Online shopping in Karachi A jewel for the decoration of your house.

Before buying the moon lamp I want you to read this
It is an almost perfect environmental lamp, but I want this review to be as clear as possible and clear all your doubts. When you see the moon lamp for the first time it can give the feeling of being a very normal lamp, however I can assure you that when you see it illuminated you will realize that it is a real wonder and fulfills 100% expectations with a super realistic finish.

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