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Find your electronic cigarette accessory on E-smoker
The team of our site works every day on the arrival of new products, materials, liquids and accessories for e-cigarette. Our passion is expressed on our site and our blog by a determined choice of the elements that we sell. Our selection of products is as wide as it is precise and we offer our customers the best accessories for electronic cigarettes on the market: clearomizers, batteries, chargers, storage boxes or drip tips. All the e-cigarette accessories you are looking for, we have it. And if we do not have it, just call us to talk about it. We listen to our customers’ requests for the choice of electronic cigarette accessories.Clearomizers for e-cigarette: knowing everything to choose well
Suitable for your electronic cigarette, clearomizers have two main functions: they contain your e-liquid and ensure its vaporization. Thanks to a chamber composed of a resistant and cotton, the process of vaporization of the liquid is carried out. Online shopping in Pakistan Clearomizers exist in many varieties: elongated or rounded shape, small or large tank, airflow management and resistance powers … To help you make your choice or optimize your vaping equipment, you can count on the passion and advice of the E-smoking team. We are present every day of the week, on the Chat site, by phone, email or even on our social networks to advise you. Do not hesitate to ask us your questions, we are at your disposal. The subject of clearomizers for e-cigarette is simple but the possibilities of customization of your vaping equipment are wide. If you have any technical questions, just click, call or put your words on an email and our technicians, passionate, crazy, will answer you with pleasure.Rebuildable atomizer: savings and tailor-made performance
Making your own resistances is within everyone’s reach. To do this, you need to use a repairable atomizer, said to be rebuildable in jargon. To save money, this type of material is a golden choice. Thanks to a rebuildable atomizer for electronic cigarette, you can become an expert vaper, customize your feelings and therefore pay less for your accessories vape. E-smoker proposes on the site all the equipments useful for this type of practice: repairable atomizers of course but also drippers (rebuildable atomizer without tank), tanks RDTA (or auto-dripper whose trays do not swim in the liquid and where cotton sucks the vaping material directly into the tank) or bottom-feeders (or BF or squonker) which are drippers whose feeding is carried out directly from the box, via a plastic bottle filled with e-liquid.

Cartomizers for electronic cigarettes: what you need to know
The cartomizers for e-cigarette are the first equipment designed, designed and mainly used by consumers of the vape. If today they tend to fade in favor of clearomizers or rebuildable atomizers, they remain a non-negligible gateway into the universe of the vape. The cartomizers are primarily consumables since they are composed of a piece of wadding surrounding a resistance. On the site of E-smoker, you will find mainly cartomizers of the mark Boge, a reference in the matter.

The batteries for an electronic cigarette for sale in Lahore: to keep the autonomy of vape
The batteries of e-cigarettes, not to be confused with boxed batteries, are equipment combining two functions: the electric charge necessary for the vaporization of the e-liquid and its operation thanks to a button of use. To turn on or lock a battery is simply done by pressing (five times) the button of said battery. To charge an electronic cigarette battery, a USB charger will be needed. At E-smoking, we offer batteries of various powers (between 650 mAh and up to 3000 mAh). Power is an important factor to choose your battery. The higher the capacity in mAh (milliampere-hour) is and the longer the autonomy of your electronic cigarette is high.

Battery chargers for e-cigarette: be connected
An essential element of the e-smoking equipment: the charger. online shopping in Karachi Yes, it may seem trivial or obvious but without charger, no battery and therefore no energy to vapote. Relentless logic … So, manufacturers of vaping equipment have made different choices for this type of equipment. Some have chosen (like eGo batteries for example) to provide with their batteries a charger owner and therefore, a charging tip

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