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The styles and brands of baby shoes in the current shopping malls can be described as dazzling, such as Youan, ugly, and Leike Friends. The mothers can choose a pair of baby according to the brand list or the style of baby shoes. Comfortable shoes. Baby shoes are mainly divided into pre-step baby shoes and toddler baby shoes. The criteria for choosing pre-step baby shoes and toddler baby shoes will be different for the different developmental stages of the baby’s footsteps. Mothers must pay attention to the size when purchasing baby shoes for the baby, because it is not appropriate for the baby to wear baby shoes. In addition, there are some precautions when purchasing baby shoes.

What are the baby shoes brands?

Baby shoes are shoes that are worn when the baby can’t walk. Some parents wear a pair of baby shoes for the baby to look good. They have no practical functions but require the inside, the outside and the bottom to be soft and warm. The study found that choosing a wrong shoe from a young age is the cause of foot lesions such as flat feet, thumb valgus, depressed fingers, and valgus feet, so it is important for mothers to choose a pair of comfortable baby shoes for their baby. Nowadays, baby shoes on the market can be described as diverse, so what are the baby shoes brands?

1. Youan Brand: Youan is a chain business enterprise specializing in infant and young children’s shoes. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to “providing more care for the baby and providing safer, more comfortable and healthy products for the baby”. “The youngest and most dynamic health leading brand in China’s baby industry”.

2, small blue sheep brand: small blue sheep baby shoes is a long-established children’s shoes expert in North America, in the quality, hand, design of the shoes are the industry leader, choose environmentally friendly non-toxic materials to protect the baby’s tender feet in all directions Care for the delicate skin of the baby and is known as the “shoes that can be eaten” due to its environmental friendliness.

3. Ugly Brand: Ugly Ugly Baby Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Shenzhen. It is a Chinese and American company that provides leading trends for infants and toddlers aged 0-6, and international quality infant and childcare and life care products. Joint venture.

Baby shoes brand list

When the baby is born, 70% of the foot bones are cartilage, the ligaments are loose and the muscles are weak. The calcification is gradually completed until the age of 15 years old. The baby is easily affected by the baby shoes that are inappropriate or lack of protection during the growing period. Severe can lead to abnormal development. Therefore, it is self-evident to choose the right baby shoes for the baby. There are many brands of baby shoes. Let’s take a look at the baby shoes brand list.

1. Leke Friends Union: Leke Union is designed and developed for the growth of foot bones in all ages. The design and research and development focus makes it easy to move, easy to twist and move freely when wearing shoes. The design uses material science and ergonomics to make the toe tilt scientific and reasonable. The sole type is also based on the baby’s foot. The shape is made and soft, non-slip and wear-resistant.

2, happy baby brand: happy baby unique ergonomic design, very comfortable and soft; selected high-quality materials, with deodorant and antibacterial function; the world’s latest popular design style, fashionable and novel; choose the best outsole, with superior resistance Grinding and anti-slip effect; the product characteristics of Futai series products ensure that the products meet the requirements of different age groups of different attributes.

3, bubble card: bubble force will extend the childlike interest to the baby shoes, with professional design, combined with fashion elements to create a new brand of comfortable, healthy and fun baby shoes, accompanying the baby’s healthy and happy growth.

Classification of baby shoes
Baby shoes, as the name implies, are shoes for babies, usually those worn by babies from 12 months to 36 months old. Because the baby’s skin is tender, pay special attention to soft, light and breathable when choosing baby shoes. Comfortable and suitable for the healthy growth of the feet. There are certain skills in the purchase of baby shoes, so what are the classifications of baby shoes? Mothers only know how to better buy baby shoes.

Baby shoes are mainly divided into pre-step baby shoes and toddler baby shoes. The criteria for choosing pre-step baby shoes and toddler baby shoes will be different for the different developmental stages of the baby’s footsteps. First, the standard for choosing baby shoes before walking is that the baby usually learns to walk slowly when he is about one year old. If you don’t go out before the toddler, you don’t have to wear shoes for your baby or wear a shoe cover or half for your baby. Soft-soled shoes; Secondly, the standard for choosing toddler baby shoes is that the baby who is learning to walk is more beneficial to let the baby master the balance of the body if the bare feet are not wearing shoes, and can also exercise the baby’s arch, of course, not wearing The condition of the shoes is in a warmer room and the floor is clean and not chilly.

Baby shoe size
Mothers are particularly particular when it comes to buying baby shoes for their babies, such as not wearing hard-soled baby shoes with very thick shoes, and baby shoes with poor ventilation. Infants are vulnerable to injury during the growing season, and baby foot development problems should also be taken seriously. If the baby is not suitable for wearing baby shoes, it will bring some harm, so choose a pair of comfortable baby shoes and have a pair of healthy feet. So, do you know what the size of baby shoes is?

Since each baby’s foot length is different at different stages, it is necessary to choose baby shoes according to the baby’s specific conditions. In general, 0-1-year-old baby feet are 110-130mm, 1-2 years old baby feet are 130-150mm, 2-3 years old baby feet are 150-170mm, 3-4 years old baby feet The length is 170-180mm, the length of the baby of 4-5 years old is 180-190mm, the length of the baby of 5-6 years old is 190-200mm, and the length of the baby of 6 years old is more than 200mm.

Baby shoes purchase considerations
With the development of the economy, people’s consumer demand continues to increase, and the demand for shoes and clothing is no longer singular, especially the baby shoe market is more concerned. Nowadays, there is a precious treasure in the family. Young fathers and mothers always have all the desires for him. When you see beautiful baby shoes, you will want to buy them, even when the baby is not born. Buy the first pair of shoes. So what are the precautions for baby shoes purchase?

1. The toddler’s baby shoes are preferred to be soft-soled shoes instead of hard-soled shoes. The baby who just learned to walk needs to touch the ground and the ground more closely to feel the softness and inclination of the ground. Learn the toes’ coordination activities during the reflection process to maintain the balance of the body.

2, when the baby tries shoes, pay attention to let the baby put on the shoes and stand on the ground, let the baby’s toes top to the front of the shoes, usually a finger that can reach into the adult behind, and pay attention to the timing Measure the size of your foot to know if your baby needs to change shoes.

3, the choice of baby shoes high-quality soft sheepskin is the first choice, soft leather followed, plastic and synthetic leather is best to give up. Because the plastic and synthetic leather are poorly breathable, the baby will feel stuffy when wearing it. The upper should be soft and smooth, without decorations to prevent the baby from being caught when walking.


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