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This topic has been waiting for a long time. Most of the beautiful underwear needs to be Haitao and the price is high. The underwear is not suitable for the use of underwear. In fact, we don’t have to envy the overseas brands. Now Taobao has a lot of good-looking and easy-to-wear underwear to buy. Before starting Amway, I hope that the girls can measure their own bust according to the method on the map. Do not use the old method of standing and measuring once, or rely on visual inspection. The measured sizes are inaccurate, and natural underwear is not. fit.

Measure 2 times of the lower circumference, take the average, 3 times the upper circumference, take the average value, then subtract the lower circumference from the upper circumference, and calculate the cup according to the comparison table.
I must measure it myself. Before I knew that I was G, I always wear the D Cup. The underwear concept I admire, health first, the second value, material third (hi new and tired, not too durable).A girl who wears a thick cup of underwear for a long time should have experience. When she puts on her underwear, she becomes a masculine breast. After she takes off her underwear, her chest profile is particularly scattered, and the meat is loosened and will definitely be scattered.
There is no need to wear such a multi-breasted buckle, and there is no use for the use of the breast. The cause of the vice milk is that the steel ring is small, and the high side ratio is useless. Wearing a vest can not be recovered.

Don’t touch the micro-business underwear. The one is thicker than a sponge, which is equivalent to wearing a bacterial culture dish.

Little chest girls don’t have to pursue big, you don’t know, how many big breasts and sisters envy you can wear such underwear.

Big breasts sisters don’t have to worry about picking up good-looking underwear. Big code aunt, the brand below will have underwear for you. Inside and outside – comfortable without steel ring price: 159~399 Shop: new underwear flagship stores underwear concept is ” respecting the female body feelings” , so there is no gathering underwear that “respects the needs of men’s eyeballs.”All aspects of comfort, fabrics are cool and breathable, underwear is no steel ring, this is an advantage but also has limitations, the main non-steel ring will inevitably sacrifice part of the supporting force.

It gives me the feeling of being like a free plus in skincare products, safe and comfortable, simple and textured, but not functional . Rimless underwear is suitable for the chest type. There is no small chest girl who has been abused by the thick cup underwear. It is recommended to wear the underwear with the steel ring to restore the chest shape
It’s home’s rimless underwear is optimized for the supporting force on the plate structure, but there is always a gap between it and the steel ring. Although it also has big breasted underwear with a maximum of E, it is only suitable for the chest type. Flat disc type wear, another chest type can not support, but you can consider buying it as a home underwear

It is also small chest underwear, but the type is more than inside and outside, there are steel rings and no steel rings, the age is positioned above 25 years old, so the style is relatively mature, but it is different from the old-fashioned sexy sex of the mall counter. More suitable for young white-collar wear.

It is home specializing in big cup underwear, D ~ K Cup, recently made small chest underwear of some of the A ~ D. I bought a fit in the house, I don’t want to change to another house, count on sleeping underwear, I bought eight pieces of milk candy underwear. Although it is made for the big breasts, the style is not aunt, nor is it a character, but a fresh girl, it is too difficult to buy good underwear on the big breast.

The toffee pie is the best one to classify the chest type in underwear design. Chest previous disc easily empty cup, underwire chest pressure; spindle chest burst milk or easily noticeable sagging; even heart-shaped chest-high chest stamp and so problems can be solved, a design style will be more, depending on the version breast shape, all chest The type can find the right underwear here.

I don’t know my breast shape, ask customer service, from online customer service to the offline beauty private activities, and in the column of knowing, are helping girls to establish the correct underwear concept, find a fit underwear, this is not only for the big breasted girls, but it also benefits all-female groups. Large breasts can be selected to choose the chest and lace single layer, pro-test effective.

I am a spindle type, and the requirements for supporting forces are relatively high. This single layer of lace is the best I have to support in the single layer of the big cup.

A very cost-effective one, I generally recommend it to the student party recommended underwear, the size is complete, the style is good-looking, the quality is decent, the most important is cheap. This style may be sold to hundreds of other stores, but it only needs 69
Very small and fresh underwear, very suitable for young girls, the first thing it does is mold cup underwear, mold cup underwear is high temperature pressing one-time underwear, which is sponge underwear. The upper limit of the lower limit of the underwear is high, the cheap mold cup underwear is easy to be hard and yellow, and the steel ring is deformed. The advantage of the home is in the material, the fabric is skin-friendly, the sponge is soft and close, and the memory steel ring is not deformed

And it’s hard to get a model cup underwear for a small chest. It’s actually a thin cup, not a thick sponge, so I often recommend it to a small chest girl. I want to be soft and comfortable, but I need a steel ring. I can choose it. The mold cup underwear of the home.

Mold cup underwear has higher requirements for chest-type fit. If you don’t fit, you may empty the cup or pull out two corners under the armpit. Fortunately, they also have single-layer underwear, and the value is very high

To Yan to win the value of the family, the style is very much biased style of Japanese girls, but the price of your side, for rich girls. The biggest one is to the F cup, but the style is very small, or AD

Its sales champion is not daily underwear, but a tube top, wearing a skirt with an off-shoulder in the summer, the biggest in the store to D, the purchase can buy E, it is a big cup of the tube support is better.

It is mid-to-high-end sexy underwear. It is not suitable for daily wear. It is suitable for making a winning shirt or a private room, as well as a suit for underwear + underwear + garter. Just look at the picture and plant grass.
Each brand is a priority health consideration, selected with comfort and health as the first priority while taking into account the value and texture, but different brands may have a different emphasis. I hope that when the girls choose underwear, they should also take the fit as the first choice. It is not necessarily good to wear, and it may not be suitable for them. Good underwear is to wear good-looking, and it is equally good to take off your underwear. More about the dry goods of underwear, you can see the past experience of life, the introduction is more


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