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How to choose the right bra

Wearing a bra that is not suitable for you for a long time will slowly feel more and more comfortable. Do you know why? It’s because your chest has changed your Bra and you don’t know it. A few years ago, Jia Ling’s sister said in the old movie “Breakfast Bra”. When the time has passed, many of the girls still don’t have the right Bra that belongs to you. Your chest can temporarily move to your Bra, but it’s accumulated over time. It will hurt her. Below Xiaomei will teach the girls to pick the one that belongs to you, the best Bra!

1. How big is your chest?

The bra is too big or too small to be too big, it is easy to cause chest deformation, too small to press the chest, and even cause the bra fiber to block the breast. A lot of sisters reported that after wearing the bra, they will find that the shoulder strap always arches or slides down. The reason is that your Bra is not suitable! Want to know how big your chest is? Xiaomei takes you together! First of all, you must learn to measure your upper and lower bust, and the so-called cup is the difference between the upper bust and the lower bust. The larger the difference between the two, the larger the cup. Generally, the English letter AH is used to indicate the cup level. Bras can be labeled with numbers: 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105. Put the label and the cup together and you get your bra size.

2. What type of bra is yours?

Full cup bra: It can accommodate all the breasts in the cup, with the effect of support and lifting concentration, is the most functional cup. Suitable for people with full breasts and soft flesh.1/2 cup bra: Conducive to matching clothing, and can remove the shoulder strap, become strapless underwear, suitable for off-shoulder clothes, although the performance is weak, the lifting effect is quite good, the chest petite will look after wearing More plump.3/4 cup bra: Compared with the first two, this model has the best concentration effect, can highlight the cleavage, the side body effect is more obvious, suitable for anybody


3. What is your chest long?

Different types of Bra need to wear different types of Bra. Only by reading your chest type can you find the best friend who is best for you.

4. Have you learned to wear a Bra ?

Even if you bought the right Bra with satisfaction, many of the girls will still have the horrible arm and the swimming ring that can’t bear to look directly because of the wrong way of dressing. Want to avoid this misunderstanding? Come and follow Xiaomei to learn how to wear Bra correctly!


How to classify bras

The bra is a female item that protects the breast and beautifies the breast. It is generally composed of a buckle, a shoulder strap, an adjustment buckle, a wire under the bra, a stuffing, and the like.

(1) Bras are classified according to their shape design

1, strapless bra

Most of them use steel rings to support the chest , which is easy to wear with off-the-shoulder and wide-neck sexy clothes;

2, magic bra

Pads are placed on the inside of the cup to enhance and support the chest, which can represent the chest and deep cleavage ;

3, seamless bra

The surface of the cup is seamlessly treated, and the thick cotton pad is sewn. The soil platform under the chest is also seamlessly processed, which is suitable for tight clothing;

4, front buckle bra

The hook is mounted on the front of the bra, which is generally easy to wear and has some concentrated effects;

5, long beam bra

It is a standard bra, and the soil at the lower end of the cup is longer, which can concentrate the fat and excess fat on the back of the abdomen to the chest;

6, strapless long bra

You can adjust the fat of the abdomen and waist to express your curves. Now it is used to match sexy clothes, such as evening dresses;

7, casual bra

Generally used to wear clothing or casual wear at home;

(2) According to the degree of bra wrapping

1, full cover bra

Full-face bra, which can accommodate all the breasts in the cup, has the effect of support and lifting concentration, and is the most functional cup. Suitable for any size, suitable for people with full breasts and soft flesh.

2, 3/4 cup bra

The 3/4 cup bra is the best in the three bras. If you want the cleavage to appear clearly, you must choose a 3/4 cup to highlight the curve of the breast. Anybody shape is suitable.

3, 1/2 cup bra

1/2 cup bra is good for matching clothes. This kind of bra can usually remove the shoulder strap and become strapless underwear. It is suitable for off-shoulder clothes. Although the function is weak, the lifting effect is quite good. It will look fuller when worn.

How to size the bra

The bra model is made up of two parts: the size of the bra and the size of the cup. The so-called female bust refers to the length of the female nipple around the chest. The size of the bra refers to the female’s lower bust, the length of the week around the female root. The cup size refers to the difference between the female’s bust and the lower bust. Suppose a woman has a chest circumference of 85 cm and a lower bust of 70 cm. The cup size is 85 cm – 70 cm = 15 cm. The cup is generally represented by uppercase English letters such as a, b, c, etc., each level is 2.5cm, aa is 7.5cm minimum, a is 10cm, b is 12.5cm, c is 15cm, d is 17.5cm, and e is 20cm. Even if it is a special size (see the size comparison table for details). Like the woman mentioned above, the bust is 85cm, the lower bust is 70cm, and the cup size is 15cm, which is c. Therefore, the bra model she is suitable for is 70c. As long as it is a product that meets the international bra logo standard, it is used to distinguish the model. The first step: Measuring your own under the bust sagging breasts should push up the breasts to the normal position measurement. Available labels are: 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105. Generally, it is an integral multiple of five. Correct, the tolerance is plus or minus 2.5cm. If there is an error, you need to try on two bras of similar size. Step 2: Determine the cup of the bra (refer to the bra cup size specification table). ABCD after the number, the chest is big or small. Chest circumference refers to the amount of chest circumference you subtract from your lower bust. The allowable error is plus or minus 1.25cm. If your chest circumference is 13cm, it is the B cup. The third step: the lower bust plus cup code example: your lower chest circumference is 79, that is 80, your upper chest circumference is 92, the two numbers are reduced by 13cm, then B cup, put two Put it together, congratulations, the bra you should wear is 80B.


There are five advantages to wearing a bra

1, a bra can play a role in supporting and supporting the breast, is conducive to the blood circulation of the breast, for the material, not only can increase the amount of milk, but also avoid milk stagnation and get mastitis.

2. The bra protects the nipple from abrasions and pain.

3. Protect your breasts and avoid sagging.

4. Reduce the vibration of the breast during exercise and running.

5, winter can prevent cold wind from getting into the skin and get cold.

It can be seen that the benefits of wearing a bra are many, not just for the beauty of the body. Every woman starts from the time when her breasts are basically set during puberty. In addition to not sleeping when she is sleeping in bed, she should develop the habit of wearing a bra every day. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, or postpartum breastfeeding, we must wear it every day. This will not only help the body, but also the health and breast care.

How to choose the right bra

1. How to choose a bra for flat, diffuse and spilled chest?

There are many reasons for the overflow of the chest and the spread of the chest. In addition to the natural spill, some are because the bra is not worn for a long time. If many women think that winter clothes are thick, it doesn’t matter if they don’t wear them. There is no supporting point, causing the chest to swim freely, thus forming a chest overflow.

3/4 cup bra can concentrate your chest

Choose a concentrated bra, which is a 3/4 cup bra that will concentrate your chest. Set off a straight curve. But remember, you can’t think that winter can be avoided, so you will lose all your efforts.

2, how to choose a bra full of breasts

For Ms. Fengman, it is best not to choose the bra with the inner pad and the underwear with the pressure lining. The strong girdle is not conducive to the shaping of the body, but it gives a heavy sense of creation. It should be believed that your plumpness is natural, and it is easy to add fat, but it is not beautiful. However, the bra puller on the side ribs of the body should have a reinforcing function. Because the pull frame is strengthened, the breast can be adjusted to be firm and straight.

Bras are best to choose deep cups and 3/4, 4/4 type, wide shoulder straps, plus wire support

Bras are best to choose deep cups and 3/4, 4/4 type, wide shoulder straps, plus wire support, which is conducive to breast shape. 1/2 cups can not support the full breasts, it is easy to appear breasts overflowing, loose, tired, very difficult to see.

3, natural chest petite how to choose a bra?

The chest is petite and congenital, but it can be compensated with a functional bra. Usually, pay attention to whether it is properly worn. Don’t think that your chest is too small, you can wear a bra or a tight bra. You must know that you don’t wear a bra. The consequences will be flat, too small bra will be more depressed, should wear a slightly larger bra, first let the blood circulation of the chest, strengthen its activities, so that it can develop to the right position and space (if you have such a healthy chest improvement If you remember, remember to change the bra.)

Choose breast style, massage bra

For petite women, there are many breast-lifting styles on the market for you to choose from. For example, there are message-type woven bras that promote micro-elements of blood circulation. They have a certain effect on the chest, and you can also choose a styling cup. Bras, they are more suitable for women with small breasts. How to face a colorful bra, I hope that the majority of women can use bold eyes, carefully select and try on, remember, we must try it carefully, because the correct choice not only makes the bra become your second skin. Can create your charm.

4, how to choose a bra for the sagging breast?

It is better to wear a stretchable sports bra. Do not wear a bra when doing intense exercise, it is easy to make the chest curve out of shape. When you exercise, you will feel that the bra is a burden. This is because the flexibility of the bra fabric cannot withstand the vibrational forces caused by intense physical movement.

Choose a sports-designed bra

Bras for sports design generally use high-tech materials that absorb sweat, so it is suitable for women who like sports.


How to properly wear the bra
The first step: when wearing a bra, the upper body should be tilted forward, and the double gloves should be buckled into the shoulder strap.

Step 2: Gradually tighten the shoulder strap and tighten the shoulder strap until you insert it into the shoulder strap with one finger. It feels a little tight and OK. Use a tightened shoulder strap to lift the breast, making the chest look firm, and the breast is lifted to the middle of your elbow to shoulder.

Step 3: The body leans forward 45 degrees, so that the breasts are naturally drooping, then gently put the excess fat along the ribs and the breasts into the cup by hand, and gather them as far as possible to the chest. This will not only avoid the accumulation of fat between the two ribs and the abdomen but also make the breasts look fuller and rounder.

Step 4: Adjust the buckle at the back slightly, taking the most comfortable feeling, and finally flatten the sides of the bra.

Bra of different cups is suitable for you with different chest types. With different costumes, you also need to choose a Bra with different cups. Choosing the magic bra that suits you can make you the most beautiful scenery in his eyes.


4 misunderstandings of wearing a bra

Misunderstanding 1: Only change the body without changing the cup

The 34B type lady needed a larger bra and bought a pair of 36B bras; because the big breasts woman couldn’t find the H-cup bra, she bought a pair of 42D bras to meet the needs of the cup type. Need a big cup type, but choose a bra with a bigger body… Many women become fat when the bust grows and often don’t realize that the cup of the breast is getting bigger. This may be because the body is too large, the bra can not bring you enough support, and the breasts droop for a long time.

Myth 2: A pair of bras wear for two years

It’s good to be willing to pay a big price for a “best peer bra”, but even a good bra should be updated in time according to your body shape. Generally speaking, the life of a bra should not exceed two years. In addition, be careful not to wash with the machine during cleaning to ensure that the bra is not deformed. When drying, you should also squeeze the water first, so as not to cause the shoulder strap to be too long.

Myth 3: The chest is small, don’t wear a bra

Whether you are A cup’s Taiping princess or D cup’s proud Boba, the breast is an organ with fat as its main component. Anything that causes tremors means that the suspensory ligaments have to withstand the weight of the breast every few seconds. Therefore, the bra is a must for every woman’s wardrobe. Breast enlargement during pregnancy should pay more attention to body changes and update your brain time.

Myth 4: Wear a bra while sleeping

When you sleep, your physical activity is reduced and your blood circulation is slowed down. Therefore, in principle, it is best not to have anything to bind your body. However, for women with larger breasts (such as C cups and above), not wearing a bust may not be able to fall asleep. This is because the weight of the chest is biased to the underarm when sleeping, so this type of female should wear a full-bottle or vest-style bust that is free of steel wire and soft and breathable when sleeping.


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