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If you are an experienced fighter, then you probably know what you want from the gloves and what they should be. What can a beginner who buys the first pair do, or a person who just wants to make a great gift and does not know what to make of? In our catalog of boxing gloves, more than 600 models are presented, let’s look at a couple of basic nuances of choice, which are worth paying attention to.

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As much as possible to choose gloves for yourself, you can answer the following questions:

Decide what weight (size) will be optimal.
Decide on a price category.
Find out how and why you plan to use the equipment.
Which size is right for me?
Olympic boxing uses 10 and 12-ounce gloves. The number of ounces is the weight of the glove itself: 10 ounces = 283.5 grams, 12 ounces = 340.2 grams. The weight of the glove also determines its size – the more ounces in the glove itself, the greater the volume for the fist inside.

We recommend choosing gloves in accordance with AIBA requirements: up to 69 kg use gloves of at least 10 ounces, more than 12 ounces and heavier. It is believed that the heavier the item, the more severe the blow, but this does not apply to box gloves, as the heavier the glove, the more difficult it is for an athlete to develop a higher impact speed, which mainly affects his power. For this reason, if you want to reduce the likelihood of injury, choose heavier gloves. We recommend buying sparring gloves 12 ounces or heavier. Moreover, if it hangs on the arm, the density must be achieved with a longer or thicker bandage.


Why gloves with other scales ?!

Gloves for 6, 8 ounces are used by children from 4 to 8-10 years.
8 ounces are often used for taekwondo.
Also, 8 ounces can be suitable for girls instead of ordinary shell gloves.
14, 16, 18, 20 ounces are very common in the West, where it is believed that training sparring should be held with gloves at least 14 ounces to reduce the likelihood of injury.
They can be sewn like professional patterns (full fist twist, comfortable fit, the fastest and toughest blow). We recommend such gloves exclusively for professional fights, as well as preparatory work for them. There are also training patterns that provide for maximum fist protection, an incomplete reversal, and injury reduction. Gloves for amateur boxing competitions are made using anti-knockout systems that reduce injuries and are aimed at both maximum fist protection and injury reduction to the opponent. These gloves usually have international or national licenses.

Everything is simple here – genuine leather gloves usually last much longer than substitute gloves and have a number of other positive features. At the same time, they will be more expensive than analogs from various substitutes.

Why buy gloves
For sparring – we recommend taking either softer gloves or universal gloves, but in a larger size. Softness is achieved through the use of another filling – solid-cast form (IMF foam with gel or analogs – is used in almost all imported and expensive gloves). On the other hand, they are in most cases not very good for a heavy bag, since the filler can break rather quickly.

For a bag
either cue-balls are used, which can be viewed in our projectile gloves section, or ordinary boxing gloves, but with a tougher filler.
Universal gloves are suitable for both sparring and bags. They are filled with a crumb of polyurethane foam, which does not break on the projectile (almost all domestic gloves). They can also be used for sparring, but we recommend taking them one size larger.


Our recommendations
In most cases, we recommend training gloves. They are perfect for sparring with partners, working with bags and pears, with a trainer on his feet, etc. In this category, the largest assortment, both by manufacturers and by material, color scheme, price, weight. Training models are usually a little oversized than the others; it is easier and easier to carry out defensive tricks in them. Such gloves are available with Velcro, which allows the athlete to remove and put them on their own, as well as to adjust the fixation on the arm.

When choosing equipment for boxing, do not forget about boxing bandages and caps. These elements are included in the mandatory list of ammunition, which any boxer must possess. Bandages will significantly extend the service of your gloves and also keep the knuckles. Mouthguards are required to protect your teeth.

If you still have questions or wishes, please contact us by chat or by phone, we will always try to advise you on all issues and select only the best models that meet all the requirements.

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