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Which headphones to choose?
Usage is the main criterion that should guide the purchase of your helmet. Indeed, not all have the same technical characteristics and therefore do not meet the same needs. We take stock.

Nomadic helmets
Technological device in vogue par excellence, the nomadic helmet partially covers the ears (supra-aural) or entirely (circum-aural). As their name suggests, these helmets are mainly used outdoors.

Do you listen to music in transport or in a noisy environment? A helmet with good sound insulation is essential. Better still, you can opt for a headset with the technology “active noise reduction”. The principle ? A microphone picks up external noise and then the headphones create a sound of opposite phase. The noise is simply canceled. Inspired by a technology used for the helmets of the pilots of line, it is very effective and assures you a flawless insulation.

Do you like playing sports in music? Choose in this case, a lightweight helmet, resistant to shocks and especially moisture and perspiration.

On the design side, nomadic helmets have become fashionable objects in their own right. Of all the forms, declined in all the colors, they identify you to a group or to a musical style. You will necessarily find headphones in your ears!

Sedentary helmets
Headphones: These headphones are used by music lovers and moviegoers looking for high quality, faithful and powerful sound. Imposing, their port is however not unpleasant with a hoop and padded speakers. The most advanced models even mimic the effects of Home Cinema speakers for total immersion.

These helmets also have a cable of a long length (3m in general) to be able to move in your interior without problem. Know that there are wireless models for total freedom of movement.

Headphones with microphone: solution favored by gamers, they also offer excellent sound reproduction. The presence of a microphone allows you to chat with other players during online games. The high-end models have sound spatialization technology (binaural headphones) to detect opponents around you in the game!

Sedentary headsets can also be equipped with a remote control and offer basic functions such as volume control and playback.

Headphones with or without wire?
The wired headphones connect most often via a jack (6.35mm) or mini-Jack (3.5mm). Some models dedicated to video games are connected by USB. The wired connection ensures fidelity and high quality sound.

On the wireless side, the most common solution is Bluetooth. Universal, this protocol allows you to pair your headset with most smartphones, tablets and even PCs via a Bluetooth USB key. More practical than to be burdened with a cable, the Bluetooth headsets still have the disadvantage of offering a lower quality audio.

Open or closed helmet?
Closed helmets are “waterproof” helmets. That is, only the air between the speakers and your ears is used to produce the sound. Main advantage: perfect insulation. You are no longer disturbed by the surrounding noise and you do not disturb your car neighbors with your music. The counterpart, the sound will be more “smothered”. This type of headphones is therefore suitable for musical styles for which the bass are very present.

Open helmets have mesh speakers on their outer faces. The sound is more “ventilated” because the air can flow freely. Only downside, less acoustic insulation. That’s why these helmets are used more indoors.

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