“The best salespeople are idealists, who think that their product will really change the customer’s life!”

The early stage is his thing! After Groupon and My Doctor, Henri de Lorgeril, Oyst’s new Head of Sales, gives us his strategic vision to shake up the way of doing e-commerce.

Oyst is the French start-up founded in 2016 by Julien Foussard, who is embarking on a revolution: buying in 1-click! The idea, already developed by Amazon 20 years ago has fallen into the public domain since 20 September 2017. After 18 months of R & D, the solution is now launched in France!

Henri, can you pit Oyst?

Historically, the way you buy online has not changed in 20 years: you follow a shopping tunnel in 7 long and arduous steps. Between the moment the item is put in the basket and the end of the purchase, 70% of the customers give up.

With 1-click purchase: double the conversion rate of merchant sites by eliminating basket abandonment. For this, we install on the e-commerce site a solution that will pool, with the consent of the user, the information recorded during its first online purchase. Then, from one site to another, the user can continue to buy online with one click, without recreating an account, or fill in any information.

What were the difficulties encountered?

When I joined Oyst, the product was finished but the way to integrate the solution on the sites was not yet. It was necessary both to improve our techno, and at the same time to have ground returns. The first months, we could sell without being able to conclude, because the time that the solution integrates on the site of the customer, one could simply lose the customer. Since then we have gained 10 years of experience in 6 months!


Moreover, even if we know that 1-click is the meaning of history, as every time we sell a product of a new generation, we can confront the fear of novelty. The French like references, but the one-click was a virgin land! Fortunately all of this is behind us now.

What was your strategy in response?

We sell a marketing product that has great technical implications. Now, I do not want my Sales to become Techs, and conversely Techs are Salesmen; only the whole thing has to walk together!

Therefore, we created for the last 3 months our own organization in POD.

Translation: 4 fully autonomous start-ups have been set up within the start-up. These are specialized teams by programming language and market size.

Here, Tech & Sales are sitting side by side: SDR (Sales Development Reps) who takes appointments BizDev that close, until Technical Manager who ensures integration. If a problem is raised, the whole team can react simultaneously. This is the scrum and agile methodology revisited! As a result, our Sales became quite technical, and the Techs got into the game of selling.

What is the positioning of Oyst?

Today we have two focus: the middle market which is clearly our sweet spot with 6 to 7 e-merchants signed per day, then the Top 100 e-commerce, which accounts for 1% of sites for 85% of transaction volumes. If at first we tested our ability to connect our techno to small sites to learn, now we segment our market directly to sites for which we know that the integration time will be fast and well. The goal is to exceed one million one-click transactions by January 2019.

To achieve these goals, what kind of BizDev are you looking for Oyst?

I need idealists. The best salespeople are idealists who think that their product will really change the customer’s life! We bring such a revolution, with a product that has no comparable. We are the generation that does everything in 1-click: listen to music on Spotify, order his Uber, date on Tinder, shop on Amazon ect. Ease is the key, all that is not easy is stupid, and you must know how to bring this facility in the e-commerce course

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