Best mobile headphone,headset Products for sale in Pakistan

The best wireless headphones and headphones for mobile phones
Looking for headphones or a wireless headset to use with your phone? After giving you the list of the essential criteria to choose your Bluetooth wireless headset, we present our selection of the best wireless headphones and earphones for mobile phones for sale in Pakistan.

Our selection of wireless in-ear headphones for mobile phones
With a budget of € 100, you can afford the RHA MA650 Wireless mobile phone headphones. With a neat finish, these headphones include 8 pairs of silicone eartips for everyone to find the right one. They are comfortable (both maintenance level and sound, with good sound insulation) and they have a good autonomy (up to 12 hours reading and 30 days standby) and a very good price / quality ratio .

You are athletic ? The Bose SoundSport Wireless Wireless In-Ear Headphones, priced at € 150, will fit you like a glove: very comfortable, with good support and good connectivity. The rendering of the sound is typical of Bose (if you do not know, test them before) and the autonomy does not exceed 6 hours. Note: With these wireless headphones for mobile phone, you will not be cut off from the world (at the same time, it is better to hear the surrounding noise when playing sports outdoors) and the latency (200 ms) s’ will be annoying if you want to watch a movie.

For 200 €, the Sony WI-1000X wireless headphones, with a rigid neckband, are very comfortable, effective in the reduction of active noise and with good audio quality, but again, the latency is unpleasant when we watch a video. They have an autonomy of 10 hours maximum.

Finally, if external noise isolation is an important consideration for you and the budget is not a problem, you need the Bose QuietControl 30 wireless headphones for sale in Karachi: they offer unparalleled noise reduction good sound, with 10 hours of autonomy. They are comfortable, hold in place and they allow a multipoint Bluetooth connection, all for about 300 €. The latency reaches 280 ms, but it is compensated automatically with some compatible applications, like Youtube.

The best wireless headsets for mobile phones for sale in Lahore
If you prefer a true wireless headset at an affordable price rather than headphones, take a look at the new Plantronics circum-aural headset, the BackBeat Go 600. Lightweight and comfortable thanks to its memory foam headphones, this headset wireless for mobile phone offers a good sound, a total immersion and up to 18h of listening for a price of about 100 €.

By adding a few tens of euros, you can afford another Plantronics headset: the BackBeat Pro 2. This wireless headset has many advantages: good ergonomics, excellent sound quality, passive isolation noise fairly effective (the reduction active noise is, for its part, rather limited) and a great autonomy (up to 24 hours listening). It is available at € 249.99 on the Plantronics website but you can find it from € 180 on other shopping sites, which gives it one of the best value for money on the market.

Your budget reaches 300 €? The Sony WH-1000XM2 will delight you! This circum-aural wireless headset offers excellent comfort, sublime sound, a high-quality and customizable active noise reduction system and a 30-hour listening time. Initially offered for € 379, this wireless headset for mobile phone is now available for around € 300.

And if you are willing to offer a high-end wireless headset, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II is a must. This wireless headset for mobile phones is considered the best Bluetooth headset on the market: with a sound of excellent quality and active noise reduction performance, it will appeal to music lovers. Compact and solid, it does not forget to offer a very good comfort, a good autonomy (up to 20 hours of listening) and to be simple of use. Bluetooth and NFC compatible, it can connect to multiple devices simultaneously and, essential to the eyes of geeks, it integrates Google Assistant. But this high level of quality at a price: about 380 €.

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