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The electric razor is the essential tool if you are an active man who likes to take care of his style every day. You always look well maintained, but you know you do not have room in your schedule for shaving, aftershave and hot towel? Would you prefer to press a button, shave, be cool and get out of your bathroom with the same result? So the electric razor is probably for you!

However, finding the best model can be very difficult, the price range for this type of razor is very wide, and the features quite different from one model to another. So we decided to create a guide as complete as possible to help you find the model that will fit best to your face but also to your habits.

The TOP 3 most popular electric razors of the moment

How to choose an electric razor?

The different types of electric razors

There are two types of electric razors: razors with razors and razors with rotating heads. We are not going to open the debate on “what is the best” because they are both equally effective, and it will boil down to your personal preference.

Anyway with either type, you will get a result up to your expectations, clean shaven and clean skin. Only the technology differs but it will not be a decisive element in your choice.

Without returning (for the moment) in detail, a razor grid has 2 to 3 grids protecting the blades. When the razor is in function, the hairs enter the holes of the grids and the blades make a movement back and forth, which come to cut them.

In contrast, an electric razor with rotating heads is equipped with 3 round and floating heads. Do you remember when you were a child when your mom told you not to put your fingers in the fan? Very good, we find exactly the same principle of operation. Under each head, a blade turns and cuts the hair. To image this principle, it’s a bit like shaving with three mini lawn mowers.

We have integrated the following two videos to show you the working principle of both types of electric razors.

The “racks” electric razor is very often associated with the brand Braun, the specialist in small household appliances but that we know best for its shaving and hair removal products.

We must not put aside competitors like Panasonic and the rising value specialized in this sector: Remington.

The razor grill is removable and independent of the structure. So you can replace it easily when it is worn. It adjusts to the contours of the face according to the force that you will apply on your device.

The technology used at Braun is the Senso Flex. It provides a fairly subtle grid flexibility.This technology, also adopted by competitors, incorporates a pivoting head that presents the grid against the surface to shave optimally.

The grid system allows a quick and efficient shave with few passes. The skin will not be irritated.

In short, each Electric Shaver has its own qualities and we invite you to consult our various tests and opinions.

While browsing the shelves of supermarkets or those of home appliance stores, you have probably noticed that the historic brand Philips has the near-monopoly in this market.

For information, Philips has the majority of technology patents that its competitors also use. What differentiates Philips from its competitors is design and it goes without saying that competitors are fierce.

We talked about Braun for the grid version, and Braun was able to expand its product range with Philips technologies.

What do these different technologies offer?

Let’s start with the Lift & Cut system that will, before cutting the hair, straighten them. In other words, your hair is sucked to be cut. Result, a passage of less to achieve to get a baby’s skin.

Now let’s take a look at the double blades that, combined with the Lift & Cut, provide a drastically fast shave and a close-shave feel close to the manual razor.

Result: You gain in efficiency and speed and the risk of irritation is almost nil.

Do you like beautiful cars? Do you like riding on snow safely? Do you like the new “4motion” technologies from Mercedes or “Quattro” from Audi? So imagine each morning shave that way!

Your electric shaver with rotating heads works the same way thanks to Philips. The three rotating heads are independent and their rotation speed automatically adapts to the force you apply as you move on your face. Grid razors also use this principle by having the blades split into three parts.

The latest subtlety from Philips is called “Arcitec” which offers a greater shaving surface thanks to its concentric blades. Another time saving, skin preservation against irritation and also a guarantee of longevity of your razor.

Most electric razors have the IP-55 standard, which means they are waterproof. They allow you to shave quietly in the shower and save precious time each morning.

The benefits of using an electric razor

You do not have a minute to yourself. It’s indisputable: shaving with an electric razor is much faster than shaving. A classic manual shave, of course, gives you a much cleaner shave, but if you’re not looking for the softness of a baby’s skin, and you do not want to spend too much time shaving, the electric is definitely the choice that will save you precious minutes.
You are lazy. He will be your best ally. Take it, press the “ON” button, put it on your face and you’re done! If for you shaving is a chore, you are the ideal candidate to join the group of users of electric razors. A little tip for the “super lazy”, you should also think about investing in a good trimmer for nose hairs.
But you also care about quality. Investing in a quality electric shaver will give you very good results. On the one hand, he will do his job and on the other hand, if you are looking for a particular look, he will do it without any difficulty and without putting the quality aside. Honestly, the only difference between an electric razor and a safety razor or a razor-shaver is the sharpness of the shave and the experience. If these two criteria are not your priority, then it’s time to choose the electric shaver you need.
You do not want to buy blades anymore. If you decide to shave with a conventional manual razor, you will probably replace the blades every five to six shaves. An electric shave requires very little maintenance. Most manufacturers advocate a blade change once a year. So you can calculate the savings that this represents.

Comparison of the best models of 2018 according to user reviews

Top of the range: For a shave very close and fast!

We start the year 2018 in style with the Braun Series 9 9296cc electric shaver! It’s hard to believe that with the other top-of-the-range models that already exist at Braun, the German brand could succeed in offering us a new model that performs as well. The 9296cc first offers a neat design and very well finished, all in quality materials and you will find that it has lost a few grams on the scale, that you feel quickly to grip in comparison with old models.

This electric razor is equipped with the latest technologies patented by Braun and offers an unprecedented shaving experience. The cut is clear, fast and those who have a beard quite difficult to shave in normal time will be pleasantly surprised. We really appreciate the SyncroSonic technology which carries out a check of the density of the hairs 160 times per minute, resulting in the automatic adaptation of the power of cut to the beard of the user. Add to that the 40000 cutting actions per minute and you get smooth, smooth skin effortlessly.

The autonomy is more than correct with 50 minutes of wireless use and, in case of battery failure, mains use is possible. On the maintenance side, you will have at your disposal the Clean & Renew charging and automatic cleaning station, which was already known thanks to the other models. In short, if you are looking for the best electric shaver, the Braun Series 9 9296cc is a serious candidate to consider!

The best models we tested in 2017

High-end models

Perhaps one of the best models on the market today, the Braun Series 9 9090cc, this unusual electric shaver, has not stopped impressing us throughout its technical data sheet. Innovative technologies galore, a grip among the best on the market today, a neat and innovative design … Everything is there to make this electric shaver Rolls Royce shaving devices. This gem of technology is likely to make you capsize the heart from the first use.

The most comfortable razor in the world according to tests carried out by a specialized agency, more than 40,000 shares of cross-cuts in less than a minute for a record number of hairs removed at the same time, four separate and individual cutting elements for shave all the hair even in the most difficult contours, a fully waterproof model to allow shaving in the shower, a Clean & Charge station that allows a full and automatic cleaning of the device while reloading …

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Obviously, it would be much too long to describe all the features of this model of electric shaver that, it seems strongly, supplants all others by its quality of design and its exceptional performance.

Philips S9031 / 13 Series 9000

Coming from the new 9000 series of high-end Philips devices since the beginning of 2015, the Philips S9031 / 13 has been equipped with the latest technological innovations of the brand. We can only appreciate his duality: indeed, in addition to ensuring a perfect shave on dry skin or not, he assumes the role of trimmer with precision beard to perfect finishes.

With three multi-directional heads and “ContourDetect” technology, they will easily adapt to the different contours of your face, eliminating 20% more hair than conventional Electric Shavers of lower ranges. In terms of battery life, the battery should be charged one hour for 50 minutes of use or, thanks to its fast charging function, three minutes will be enough for you to shave urgently.

Braun Series 9 9040s

The Braun Series 9 9040s electric shaver is the perfect illustration of how functionality and design can be combined in a product for everyday use. This is by far the best electric razor Braun has created since the famous flagship model of the German brand, the Series 7 790cc-4, its high-end predecessor.

The Braun Series 9 9040s is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology patented by the manufacturer. Of a formidable efficiency and precision, close shave is finally accessible thanks to this little jewelry. Add to this a retractable precision mower and you get an electric shaver that you can not do without after trying it!

Panasonic ES-LV95

With this powerful model with ergonomic design, Panasonic proves once again its supremacy in the field of high quality electric shavers. With no less than five 30 ° tilting blades, two LiftFoil grids to attack coated hair and a 14,000 rpm motor, even the heaviest barbs will not stand up. Its built-in density sensor allows the razor to automatically adjust the power according to the thickness of the hair encountered.

Delivered with a self-cleaning base, it will take one hour of recharging for 45 minutes of autonomy. Like most devices of this type, it is equipped with Wet & Dry technology and shaving can be performed on both dry skin and wet skin. Despite a slightly noisy engine, the performance of Panasonic ES-LV81 electric shaver is amazing.

Models with excellent value for money

Philips offers a real return to fundamentals with its electric shaver model, the Philips S5510 / 45 Series 5000. A discreet model, innovative in design compared to anything the brand has been able to offer so far, but which is not lacking no surprise with many new features. Presentation of an interesting model, from the outset positioned mid-range but which will not fail to seduce a very large number of people, regulars of the electric shaver to people wishing to discover the shaving with the help of a device of this type.

The electric shaver Philips S5510 / 45 offers a very interesting feature that is currently found on very few other models. Indeed, thanks to a system of shaving head or shoe clip, it will be quite possible to go from a classic shaving head to a precision mower or even a mower for ears and nose. A very interesting option for users looking for an efficient model as Philips knows how to do but also a versatile model ready to meet the expectations for multiple uses.

As far as the other features of this device are concerned, the Philips Séries 5000 S5510 / 45 is attractive in many respects, including its brand-new Turbo + technology, which gives the device up to 20% faster than it can propose the other models of electric shaver. For the rest, we find the expertise of Philips and its fundamentals: a model washable under water, a very good autonomy for a rather short charging time, the ability to access all the contours of the face …
The Braun 7 series shaver has been for many years one of the best high-end electric shavers on the market. Most specialized forums are of this opinion. We also think that if there had not been the arrival of the “Series 9”, it would always be at the top of the rankings, all comparisons made with competitors. This razor keeps all its promises. It will offer you a shave of excellent quality.

Braun likes to boast of its new patented technology called “Pulsonic”. This means that the blades vibrate quickly, really fast and up to 10,000 vibrations per minute. This results in an ultra smooth shave with very few passes. This extremely high vibration number makes it possible to aspirate and start cutting the hairs that are close to the grid. It is 100% waterproof and great novelty, is equipped with a smart LCD screen that tells you at any time the battery level and the level of cleanliness of the blades. The laziest will welcome the Clean & Renew system, which allows you to clean, dry, and lubricate while waiting for your next use.

Braun WaterFlex WF2S

With its sleeker handle than the other models of the brand, this Braun WaterFlex WF2S electric shaver for men is already a model on the sidelines of all that Braun has been able to offer us so far. We leave the range of “Series” which made us discover many high quality models, and this to find the WF2S more than surprising with its touch of originality. Presentation of this model that could quite stand out as a reference in the already well-supplied range of Braun electric shavers.

The Braun WaterFlex WF2S surprises with its slender handle and sporty look. Indeed, the German manufacturer of electrical appliances for the body care fully assumes to have researched this sportiness inherent in the WF2S. And for that, no better flagship than Sebastian Vettel, the Formula 1 driver, present at the global launch of the electric shaver.

In addition to the sporty appearance of the device, this electric shaver whose grip is the number one advantage, we find all that could make the success of Braun electric shavers. A high-quality shaving foil to respect the skin during the entire shaving period, the possibility of using the appliance in the shower thanks to its waterproofness, a recharge time of about an hour for a period of use on 45 minutes battery.

The cheapest models

Braun Series 1 190s-1
Braun has always accustomed us to high quality, well made devices that can meet all the needs and expectations of the moment. The Braun Series 1 190s-1 electric shaver is no exception to the rule, although we could have expected a little better than a model, certainly entry-level, but still perfectible as a whole.

Let’s get right to the heart of the subject: this electric shaver is not exceptional, it does not offer incredible features at the forefront of technology. However, the Braun Series 1 190s-1 provides the minimum service and perfectly embodies the classic electric shaver, for those who do not want a model too sophisticated with features that are never used.

A floating grid for a smooth shave even on the least accessible contours, a protective cover for this grille, a narrow shaving head, a SmartFoil grid technology, a fully washable razor with water … Features and features This electric shaver is not legion but they offer a good overview of everything that can be expected of a low-cost electric shaver.

The Braun “Series 1” shaver range is perfect for demanding beginners. An ergonomic design and an extra-wide shaving head give you an effective shave.
Braun Series 3 3020s
A sleeker model than its predecessors, an improved grip that will put an end to a lot of criticism against older models, the Braun 3 Series 3020s electric shaver is surprising in many ways. Matt black with a much more streamlined body than before, this model is likely to prevail in the field of mid-range electric shavers.

From the outset, what attracts attention when we look at this Braun electric shaver, it is the technologies that the manufacturer has incorporated into a device with a very neat design. The recent MicroComb technology for a close shave while maintaining incomparable comfort and perfect glide throughout the operation. This same technology allows more blade opening to shave the maximum amount of hair in record time. A real plus if we compare with what can be done in the market today.

In addition, this electric shaver Braun Series 3 3020s also impresses with its tightness that allows you to shave directly in the shower, its small LED to indicate the remaining battery level but also its speed of recharge. Count no more than one hour to fully charge this electric shaver.
Philips AquaTouch AT750 / 20
The Philips “Series 9000” brought the electric shaver into the era of perfection and advanced technology. We all have in memory at least one of the models in the range, an incredible electric shaver of technology and quality. With the Philips AT750 / 20 AquaTouch, the Dutch company offers us a real return to fundamentals, an upgrade of its old models to make quality devices, easy to use and close to the expectations of all users.

85 grams with the battery, a 40-minute battery life for a somewhat longer complete charging time, a quality rotary shaving head incorporating blades that do not benefit from the best technologies of the brand but still respond. The device is compact, easy to handle and use. Obviously, this is an entry-level device that can meet the expectations of people who are not yet used to using an electric shaver.

Panasonic ES-SL41-S503
Its slim design is worth an ergonomic grip and a harmonious shave. The battery has unfortunately been sacrificed: the electric shaver Panasonic ES-SL41-S503 offers only thirty minutes of autonomy, which is a shame given its small size that would make you want to take it everywhere.

In terms of technical features, the three hidden blades protected by curved grids will take care to cut all the hair, not to mention the mini-mower, convenient for the legs and other finishes. Although the duration of the battery could be a drag on its purchase, this razor performs well and at a very affordable price.

We invite you to consult the user reviews to get an idea about the quality of cutting, its grip but also its effectiveness in difficult places. You risk being quite surprised for a razor at less than 40 euros.

The best models for sensitive skin

Braun Series 5 5090cc-5
A shiny black body with some touches of red and gray sidereal, LEDs to indicate, for example, the battery level or the charging time … The Braun 5090cc-5 seems to be straight out of a science movie -fiction as it impresses with its outstanding aesthetics. However, this electric shaver seduced by many other aspects.

Shaving has never been easier than with the Braun Series 5 5090cc-5! Fully pivoting shaving heads, optimized cutting elements for a simple shave that does not damage your skin and respects it throughout the use of the device. From the outset, these few features make the latest from Braun a model of electric shaver that supplants all others and this by the presence of a large number of specificities and technologies at the forefront of modernity.

And if we add other elements such as an ultra-fast charging time (allow 5 minutes of loading for a shave or a total autonomy of 45 minutes for a full charging time of 1 hour), a central mower that benefits of one of the latest technologies from Braun that implements the “Ultra Active Lift” system to lift the hair and cut in one movement, if we add all this, the Braun Series 5 5090cc-5 is needed as a reference.

Do not forget also that the shaver comes with its charging station and automatic cleaning that will allow you to maintain the device without worrying. Drop it on the station and it will take care of the rest.
Braun CoolTec CT5cc
Announced as a revolution in the electric shaver market, this waterproof model has the particularity of integrating a cooling technology (CoolTec) to relieve and soothe the skin during shaving. The effect is immediate and the feeling of freshness very pleasant.

It is the electric shaver for sensitive skin par excellence. The shaving head is composed of a triple shaving system, each blade being independent to omit any contour of the face.

Braun has also integrated the SensoBlade system to capture coated hair and regardless of their direction of growth. Its triple action cut system perfectly matches the contours of the face for a precise and effective shave, even on difficult areas.

On the cleaning side, the CoolTec CT5cc has a self-cleaning base that will simultaneously clean the shaving head and reload it. The quick charge feature also allows you to perform an express shave by getting 10 minutes of battery life after only 5 minutes of charging.
Braun Series 3 340s-4
All men are often looking for the perfect shaver. You too ? The Braun 340s-4 shaver is then without a doubt designed for you. Three main features will immediately make you want to buy it. Which ones? First of all its FreeFloat ™ Triple Action system but also the speed of the engine that has been improved and to conclude, its new SensoFoil ™ grid. This razor gives you a better performance for the three-day beards but it also allows you to have a super soft shave for the skin.

With individual floating heads, the Braun 340s-4 fully adapts to your face and can cut both short and long hairs, all in one pass. Thanks to its double grid and its integrated central mower, the shaver acts successively to shave closer and closer while keeping a great security for your skin. Its central mower also makes it possible to raise the coated hairs in order to be able to shave them without any problem.

In addition, this electric shaver is obviously rechargeable and gives you an autonomy of forty-five minutes for an hour of charging. If you are in a hurry, a five-minute charge allows you to perform a quick shave.

Models for light traveling

Braun M90
The man that you are will find a real beauty accessory with this razor model intelligently designed by Braun engineers. Indeed, the M90 provides a close shave and comfortable while being extremely compact.

With its black and silver colors, its design has seduced us but it is primarily a lightweight device, pleasant to handle and easily found in a travel kit. It is very practical with a shaving head completely washable with water and a swivel protection hood. As for safety, the Braun M90 is also nice. Indeed, the device is equipped with an automatic lock. This facilitates its transport without risk of accidental ignition.

It is also effective for neutralizing long hairs that short. With an autonomy of one hour, it leaves the time to the user to perfect his look any time and any place. In addition, to increase comfort, the shaving foil is floating. Therefore, she perfectly follows the curves of the face. This razor benefits from SmartFoil technology which guarantees a high-performance action on coated hair. Operating with two AA batteries, the device is very light and can not worry about the power supply of the country in which you are.

As for its price, it is just as small as its size … We let you discover it for yourself!

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