Beginners in Makeup: Basic Techniques and Essential Products

We live in a wonderful era where fashion and beauty are omnipresent!

We are always one click away from the new makeup collections, our Instagram thread is flooded with beauty looks perfectly realized, the blogs propose us 1001 trends to follow … and it is sometimes easy to get lost.

If you start to be interested in makeup or if you do not have much time (or interest) to devote to your beauty routine, but still want to learn more, here is what I propose here :

simple tips and techniques;
unavoidable and affordable products;
ways to enhance your eyes, your face and your lips in a few brushstrokes!
Because we can have a mega luxury make-up kit, if we do not know when and how to use its products, it’s useless.

Simple tips and techniques for applying makeup
Let’s start with the basics: simple techniques that will make you look like a pro in no time!

Fix the concealer

Many girls hate wearing concealer because it “cracks under the folds of the eyes”. The infallible trick: fix the product with a free or translucent powder. Be sure to shake your brush before applying it to avoid getting too much product.
If the word “contouring” scares you because you have seen tutorials where you apply 50 layers of make-up cream, reassure yourself: I propose here to simply dig the shadows of your face with a bronze.

To do this, draw a 3 on each side of your face, starting from the top of the forehead to the outside, returning to the temple and starting outward to return to the hollow of the cheek.

Said like that it’s a little confusing, but take a look at this:
The bronzing powder is applied in the shape of 3 and the white areas are where you want light: concealer under the eyes, then we add a touch of illumination on the cheeks bone.
Successful line of liquid eyeliner
Okay, it’s (very) often a game of chance. Make me a line of eyeliner can take me 1 minute as it can ruin my preparation time and make me start 5 times.

That said, my thing for pretty much always having a line of symmetrical eyeliner without a mess is to apply it with the eye ajar. In this way, I do not stretch my eyelid (and I will not cause premature wrinkling), so my eye and line are not distorted.

It allows me to have a preview of the final result even before it is dry. In addition, I always start with a finer line, then I exaggerate afterwards, because it’s easier to add than to remove.
Put black pencil inside the lining of the upper eyelid
A long phrase in French to describe a simple term in English: tighlining.

Making a black pencil line inside the lining of the upper eyelid will give the impression that your eyelashes are longer and thicker. In short, it will give a professional look to your eye makeup.

In the image above, the left eye has no pencil, while the right yes!

Fill and place eyebrows
A step long ignored, that can make all the difference. If you are in a hurry and want a neat and sophisticated look, well-defined eyebrows and a scarlet mouth are enough, even if you do not have mascara!

To fill your eyebrows, there are several tools. If I’m in a hurry, I take either a pencil of the shade of my eyebrows or a gel product with a brush.

The important thing is to follow the natural line of your eyebrow by going with a light hand and brush with an eyebrow comb between each stroke of brush / pencil. We fix it all with a translucent gel with eyebrows.
By the way, if you doubt that you need an eyebrow gel, you can mimic the result with lip balm or hair spray applied with an eyebrow brush. This is not done for that, but it will tell you whether or not you like the result!
Define your gaze
I hate those who snub the eye shadow. We are far from the big frosted blue applied to the eyebrows of the 90s! Eyeshadow allows you to define your eyes, open your eyes and intensify your look.

If you start playing with a palette of basic colors, I suggest you try a simple technique that works every time:
Apply a basic color all over your eyelid to your eyebrow arch. Then, choose a color a little darker that you put on your eyelid and you blur in the hollow of your eye.

In closing, if you want to intensify the whole thing, you choose a shade even darker than the second, which you will apply in the outer corner to the inner hollow of your eye.

Whether you choose warm colors, cold or neutral, it works!
It’s not just to save; it’s also a great way to experiment and find combinations that you like!

For example, you can use your blush as an eye shadow to make you a hot smokey. A shimmering eye shadow 2 shades lighter than your skin can also serve as an illuminator for the top of your cheeks.

If you do not have a transition color for your eye makeup, your tanning powder can do the trick and add depth to your eyes when applied in the hollow of your eye.

Same scenario for eye pencils, which can be used as lip pencils when applied under a lipstick, to make it darker.

The basic products of the makeup bag

Of course, it depends on your budget, the time you have to get ready in the morning and what you prefer!

I propose you anyway some essentials to have on hand to begin to have fun with makeup:

A foundation or a BB cream
Translucent powder
A blush
A bronzing powder
A palette of neutral eye shadows (it can be a quartet, a duet or a more elaborate palette with different colors and textures)
A black mascara
A pencil with dark brown or black eyes
A red lipstick and a nude
An illumination
For the illumination, I know it’s only been popular for a very short time, but … it’s so great! I ordered several from elf cosmetics and gave them to a number of my friends and sister. Result: they feel fabulous every time their face captures the light and they can not live without it!


Favorite products
As for my favorite products, I have already prepared a list of my favorites at the pharmacy.

However, here are some of my favorites these days:

1. Lash Paradise Voluminous mascara from L’Oreal
Without dethroning my classic Voluminous, I understand the buzz about this product. It’s also a copy of Benefit’s amazing Better Than Sex mascara.

Available at the pharmacy at a cost of $ 10
2. The Aqua XL Ink Eyeliner black from Make Up For Ever

The duration of this product on our eyelids makes us forget its high price. It’s my favorite in the high-end category!

Available at $ 30 at Sephora
3. Fixing Mist Insta Fix & Go by Rimmel London
It’s been a long time since I was looking for a makeup fixative at “pharmacy” price, that is to say under the $ 10 mark. This one works well, allowed me to take a nap makeup without my contouring moves and in addition, it feels really good!

Available at a cost of $ 10 in pharmacy

4. Sephora’s “Strawberry Kissed” liquid lipstick
It’s probably the hue of lipstick that has earned me the most compliments. Halfway between soft red and dark pink, it’s the perfect color to rock the glittering lipstick, without making too much of a statement.

Available at $ 18 at Sephora

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