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Five beauty gestures to make in his bath
Here are five beauty gestures that you can achieve in the heat of your bathtub to come out clean and fresh like a new one!
If you’re lucky enough to have a bath at home, give yourself a moment of relaxation with Whitney Houston’s ever-winning whitening mousse combo.

In addition to taking the time to clear your head, why not take the opportunity to perform some beauty gestures while staying coiled in the moisture of your bathroom?
branded bath and beauty
Make a mask for the face
The disadvantage with face masks is that they often have to be left between ten and twenty minutes to have any effect on the quality of the skin. That’s good because it’s exactly the recommended time for a really relaxing bath! Just before entering your bathtub, apply a mask adapted to your skin type on your face perfectly cleansed and cleansed.

Spine with a Wet & Dry Epilator
Are you tired of jumping to the ceiling as soon as you draw your epilator? Well know that if your device works underwater (thank you to check!), Online shopping in Pakistan  You would use it in your bath. Indeed, hot water facilitates micro-circulation and stimulates the production of anti-pain substances that reduce the sensitivity of the skin.

I do not promise that your hair removal sessions will become really fun, but at least you’ll stop pouting every five minutes.

Take care of your feet
Despite the fact that they are very busy, feet are often part of the forgotten beauty routines.

Even if we often talk about their smell, the horn is their only real aesthetic concern: the skin, which feels assaulted (1 kilometer on foot, it wears, it wears …), thickens and hardens to create a natural sole under the arch and all around the foot.

To avoid finding yourself with Frodon’s pretty little feet, you can enjoy your bath to delicately clean your soles with a pumice stone or a specific exfoliating product.

Indeed, there is nothing more effective than hot water to soften the horn and allow you to dice it more easily. Once out of the bath, Online shopping in Lahore you can use a cream based on urea to soften the skin, or put on socks Baby Foot paper that will peel your skin, including horn.

Because life is well done, you can take care of your skin live from your bathtub, and sometimes even without having to get out of the water!

As Queen Cleopatra once did, you can add water to your whole milk bath and a few spoons of honey to soften and nourish your skin. If it is particularly dry and uncomfortable, you can opt for a bath oil, richer and enveloping, which will soothe instantly and the effects will last beyond the time spent in your bath.

If you feel like standing in your bathtub for thirty seconds (I know, it’s cold!), You can spread a moisturizing rinse before quickly back into the hot water.

I can already hear you: “A rinse-off moisturizer? But what is this diabolical invention? “: It is a milk, cream or oil to apply to wet skin and, as the name suggests, to rinse. No need to wait until the product penetrates the skin, Online shopping in Karachi you can sit directly in your bath.

Relax with aromatherapy
In addition to taking care of your body, you can enjoy your bath to ease your mind with aromatherapy, this gentle medicine that treats small physical and mental ailments through the powers of essential oils.


For a water with relaxing virtues, you can count on the essential oil of lavender. Since the oil does not mix with water, it must be diluted in a neutral base (for example: unscented organic liquid soap) before it can benefit from its benefits.

It’s up to you to choose your essential oil according to your state of mind! There are dozens and you will find necessarily one adapted to your needs. Chamomile, for example, is known for its sedative properties, while grapefruit stimulates the body and mind.

And what do you do when you’re in your bath?

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