Basic Makeup kit Products and Tips


Makeup, mascara, concealer, eyebrow pencil … Here is an overview of the beauty products to include in your makeup kit, and some tips for a successful beauty.

Branded Makeup In Pakistan, Makeup Prices In Pakistan

Branded Basic Makeup In Pakistan, Basic Makeup Prices In Pakistan

First of all, to understand how to make up well, you have to determine what effect you want. Note that light tones give volume, dark tones give depth, pearly textures reflect light, while matte textures make a more natural makeup and blur the appearance of wrinkles.

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The foundation unifies the complexion and enhances its radiance. Choose the hue closest to your complexion. It is suggested to test it on the jaw. Blend well from the center of the face to the root of the hair, as well as to the jaw to avoid any demarcation.


The concealer conceals dark circles and imperfections (redness, pimples and scars). Choose a tone paler than your skin, similar to that of your foundation. Apply a very small amount (so as not to accentuate the wrinkles) using a brush or with the tip of the ring finger, the finger that exerts the least pressure.


The powder sets the foundation, absorbs excess sebum and gives a peach skin effect. Apply first with a light pressure puff to ensure long-lasting makeup, then brush the excess down with a large brush to avoid making the down more apparent. Imported Products for sale in Pakistan


The eye shadow models and intensifies the look. Here is a basic technique: apply a light shade (champagne, pale beige, cream) on the entire eyelid, to the brow bone, a medium shade on the entire eyelid and a dark shade in the crease of the eye . Attention: if you choose pearlescent shades, know that they accentuate wrinkles!


The trollers define the shape of the eyes and intensify the look. First, prune the pencil before applying for a neat and successful effect. Then shade the upper eyelashes with a dark pencil line, taking care not to leave space between the line and the edge of the eyelashes. Then blend the outer corner with a cotton swab for a smokey hugging effect.

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The black mascara defines the look and makes it more sparkling, more mysterious, deeper. Those with lighter hair can turn to brown mascara, which is softer and gives a more natural effect. Apply the mascara from the root to the tip of the eyelashes, making slight movements of zigzags with the brush. For a more intense effect, apply a second coat.


The eyebrow pencil corrects an imperfect or incomplete line and fills the gaps with a sparse eyebrow. It can also intensify the eyebrow tint for a more refined style. To apply it, be sure to work with a sharp point. Then draw small fine lines to mimic the appearance of the hair. Go subtly, because an awkwardly drawn eyebrow or too much accented eyebrow can give a severe or failed effect.

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The blush gives good looks, model and accentuates the cheekbones. Apply with a large brush on the roundness of the cheek, then blend outward from the face following the juvenile bone.

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The lip pencil defines or corrects the shape of the lips. So that it slides easily and that the lips are very smooth, apply a little lip balm beforehand. With a well-cut pencil, draw the outline of the lips starting from the commissures towards the center. To prolong the red, slightly color the entire surface of the lips with the pencil. Online Shopping in Pakistan

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The lipstick instantly gives radiance to the face. Neutral shades lend themselves to natural makeup. They are also an ideal complement to stronger eye makeup. Conversely, if you choose a dazzling shade, we will turn to a minimalist and natural eye makeup. To prolong the duration of your red and define the lips, use the brush application.

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