Back to School: Our Advice for Choosing a Child’s School Bag | Your Child is Well Equipped to Go to School! | How to Choose Your School Bag for Kindergarten?

Back to school will arrive faster than expected, you know! Here you are wondering about the best choice for your child. Whether in elementary school in Lahore, middle school or high school, the eternal question of schoolbag comes up every year. Of course, your child will have a say! The schoolbag must first please him, but we must not forget his back health. So how do you choose the best children’s schoolbag?

Which children’s school bag for primary school?

Until entering college, favor the classic schoolbags in Pakistan. Generally, elementary school kids use the same things every day. Books, notebooks, and binders will be easier to store in a satchel than in a backpack. On the other hand, as soon as your child gets older and changes supplies every day, you can opt for a backpack, if he wishes.

The schoolbag on wheels for a practical start to the school year

Does your child take the bus or go to school on foot? The wheeled satchel is very practical! Rather than carrying several pounds on his back, he will be able to roll the bag over concrete, in the corridors and to the bottom of the bus.

The schoolbag on wheels is also the ideal choice if your child is sensitive to the back or if he has to carry the additional business with him: sports clothing, meals, supplies for extra-curricular activities…

The backpack to please

Difficult to say no to his dear blond head! If he wants a backpack for the modern side and looks “big”, you have the right to give in. Nevertheless, warning him that the weight of business can quickly become annoying during the day, especially if he has fairly long transport times. Make him aware of how to organize his bag and try to direct it towards a backpack with two compartments, more practical.

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Finally, if your teen tends to have back pain, choose a school bag with wide straps and help him adjust it correctly before the start of the school year.

The size of the child’s schoolbag: an important point

Schoolbag on wheels, backpack or traditional schoolbag, choose the size best suited to your child.


For the very first start of the school year for your little one, opt for a 32 cm satchel or an XS backpack, perfectly suited to its small size. You can choose a 35 cm if your child is tall for his age or when entering the big section.

The primary

From CP to CE2, prefer Classic School Bags or 38 cm wheels, adapted to your child’s morphology.

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From CM1 to CM2, School Bags Price in Pakistan are still relevant. On the other hand, the level of the schoolbag, prefer 41 cm. You can also opt for a trolley, which combines the elegance of the backpack and the practicality of the schoolbag on wheels. And if your child wants a backpack, then head to size L: these school bags include 2 compartments, very useful for storing with ease the various school supplies.

Middle School

Your child has grown up well and college is often the period of the first backpacks. Choose size L, with two compartments, for a better distribution of things and weight.

The high school

From the end of middle school to high school, your child can choose between an M backpack with a single compartment, or keep his L if he prefers to organize his things better.

Flirtatious girls may ask you for a tote bag or handbag. Difficult to refuse them these models which immediately make them more adult!

Boy side, the most dynamic of them will also want a bag that can be carried in the hand, an accessory that wants to be sporty and trendy.

Colorful, plain or patterned? Back to school trends!

2019 is a colorful year! You may have noticed, but the stores offer clothing with vitamin colors: yellow, red, green, mauve … Trendy colors and perfect for children and adolescents.

Which is good, because La Cartablerie is full of school bags and backpacks in shimmering colors!

For example, your daughter will surely adore this Royal Palace of Jacadi satchel with her peas on a bright red background. Available in 35, 38 and 41 cm, it is perfect for back to school in elementary school.

And what about this yellow Down bag backpack by Schott that will appeal to the hippest teenagers? A perfect backpack from the end of middle school to high school!

On the college side, Miss Freegun backpacks, with their blue and pink flowers, will make back to school more sparkling! For better support and more storage, we recommend the two-compartment version.

If your child wants a more sober school bag, which matches his style more, you will also find school bags with timeless elegance and sleek design. For example, offer him this gray and black Kaporal Commando bag, available in children’s school bags, backpacks or school bags on wheels.

In all cases, your child will have the final say. So, do not hesitate to browse the La Cartablerie site with your daughter and/or your son to allow him to assert himself with a bag adapted to his style!

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