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The mother who was the mother of the first time saw that the baby clothes only felt that the pieces were cute, but the baby in the baby’s time grew very fast, and the strategy of buying the baby clothes should not be delayed or used. Several experiences with my mother may provide some practical help.

Zhang Meng (daughter 1 year and 2 months)

Buying clothes for your baby requires a developmental vision, because the baby is born very fast, and the changes in the first few months can be described as “everyday” – the little clothes at birth, can not be worn until two or three months old. . Therefore, prepare clothes for your baby in advance, don’t stick to a size, clothes within 3 months and 6 months, buy three or four sets of large and small sizes, and have more underwear, which can guarantee replacement. The baby should be slightly looser for the child to stretch the small arms and calves. Adding clothes before the baby is born, you may wish to imagine the baby’s head bigger, and consider the baby’s age and season. If the baby is born in September, buy spring and autumn clothes and choose to be less than 3 months or more than 7 months. Size, within 3 months of the selection of monk collar open underwear and coveralls, clothes for more than 7 months are best to separate the upper and lower body; cotton clothing size is suitable for 4-6 months, style and within 3 months Similarly, buy cotton outerwear can be considered about 1 year old. If you buy summer clothes in advance, it is better to choose more than one year old. But if the baby was born in April, the choice of clothing will be rearranged. In this way, you can basically avoid buying summer or winter clothes, and wait until that month to wear them. The clothes are not big or small, so that small clothes can come in handy.

Min Qing (daughter 1 year and 5 months)

From the four or five months of pregnancy, I fell in love with baby clothes, the inner standard is naturally high: must be pure cotton, work well, good style, baby is comfortable and beautiful. As a result, compared to the past, those products of the brand were rejected by me. I became a frequent visitor to Li Yingfang, Mickey, Goodbaby, Car, Baby Rabbit, Piglet Banna, and Babu Bean. I couldn’t move at first sight. After returning home, I found that the small clothes bought under the impulse are exquisite and beautiful, but the price is also very expensive. Each piece is about one or two hundred pieces. But obviously knowing that it is “not worthwhile”, but often can not resist the temptation, then the daughter burst into a bubble, the yellow mark above is difficult to wash off, can not wear a few times, the clothes will be gone. With such a “learning”, I am more cautious in buying things, keeping in mind: “Shopping has a clear purpose and is practical.” Shortly after my daughter was born, I stumbled upon the discounted brand name. The price was similar to the children’s clothing of the miscellaneous brand, but the quality was guaranteed. If you wear it, how to wash it will not be deformed. If you buy it a little bigger, it will not be a problem to wear two seasons. It is like a bib, the strap and the leg can be long. It is adjusted with the change of the baby’s height. Cost-effective, it is a good idea to have the money to buy a “half-year leisure.” Of course, this must be optimistic about the clothing that the baby really needs, and the business is “arrogant”, and the shot will be shot.

One thing you can’t ignore is to buy discounted clothes. Don’t buy clothes that you can never wear, or wear them once or twice a year because they are cheap and good-looking. For example, a short top, the baby is beautiful, but it exposes the baby’s small belly, it is easy to catch cold, and the utilization rate is extremely low.

Huang Lizhen (son 10 months)

Preparing clothes for your baby is a must for safety and comfort. Clothing styles should be appropriate, especially underwear should not have large buttons, zippers, buckles, pins and the like to prevent damage to the baby’s skin or swallow the stomach. Although the small decorations such as buckles and pins are good-looking, the hidden dangers are also great. Therefore, expectant mothers can not only pay attention to the visual satisfaction of the moment, but ignore the damage that may be caused to the baby. You can use a cloth belt instead of a button to choose clothes, but be careful not to get your underwear strap to prevent your baby from being hurt. In contrast, it is better to wear a jumpsuit for a baby within 6 months.

More than 7 months old baby begins to learn to climb, learn to stand, move, clothes should be as loose as possible. At this time, the baby should wear a pair of trousers to protect the stomach from cold. There are several factors that must be “inspected” when buying bib pants: the waistband should not be too long, the hip pants should be simple and loose, and the width of the strap should be 3-4 cm; the baby around 1 year old should wear the open pants; the waist elastic should be Suitable for waist circumference, avoiding over-tightening or corsets. Because this will affect the baby’s lung capacity and thoracic and lung growth and development, and the chest deformed baby is prone to respiratory diseases. Therefore, do not let the clothes bind the baby’s growth. I once bought some suitable clothes for my baby, even those that can tightly wrap my body, and the results were shelved. For the baby, comfort is fashion.

Lin Yueran (son 8 months)

There are a lot of small sweaters on the market that look good. I bought a few pieces before my son was born. Later, I found that the sweaters are not soft enough. The hairy ones also stimulate the skin and have never been worn by children. I think winter baby is still wearing a thin cotton coat, cashmere trousers or three warm clothes. If you wear a sweater for your baby, sew the lining at the neckline and cuffs.

Buying socks for your baby should also take a little thought. Generally speaking, it is more cost-effective to buy a straight type because it does not have a heel. When the baby’s feet grow up, there is no trouble with the heel of the socks in the baby’s feet. You can also buy some socks of the same color and the same brand. If one is broken, it is easy to pair with other socks of the same color.

Tip A: Baby clothes, simple, warm and soft

· Style: The style is wide, convenient, firm and light. Newborn babies should wear sleeves of flannel or slanted blouses, which can generally be made into a monk. Wrapped in a velvet or cotton crepe. In addition to wearing a pair of short blouses, infants of more than two months can also wear a sleeping baggage to keep the baby free. Infants after five or six months, in addition to wearing a blouse, can also wear jumpsuits, skirts, vests, etc., wear a hat cloak or vest. After 10 months, you can wear full pants.

· Fabric: The fabric of baby clothing should be soft, warm, easy, washable, and can be made of cotton, flannel, cotton knit.

·Color: It is good for natural, white and light colors.

Tip B: Deal with stains on your baby’s clothes

1. Milk traces can be washed first with cold water and then with enzyme wash detergent.

2, watermelon juice, tomatoes or strawberries, etc. on the clothes, you can soak with soda for a period of time, then rub your hands until the stains are removed, then wash according to the normal method.

3, the egg yolk got on the clothes, you can soak the clothes in cold water, do not stir, after an hour, you can wash according to the normal method.

4, spit milk or vomiting food to stain the clothes, you can wipe off the vomiting , and then wash with enzyme wash detergent.

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