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Baby Boys Suit Jackets 

On December 30, 1984, at the Akron General Medical Center in Ohio, a baby boy with a 30-year-old face from birth was born; 39 months later, another shy baby boy was also here. Hospital birth. Until 27 years later, the two boys finally stood on the battlefield of the NBA Finals. . .

Cough ~ good to tell the truth, we are not tigers. As the target champion, although LeBron is old, Curry is very cute, but in the matter of wearing clothes, they are considered to be examples of NBA players.

Basketball players wearing suits are actually more troublesome than ordinary people: because the proportion of the body is too large and too long, according to the traditional suit, the waist circumference of the waist and pants will be placed very large and looks very loose.

Looking back at the mature LeBron and Curry, they began to choose Slim Fit Italian suits with lighter and lighter colors when they were wearing suits. Instead of heavy shoulder pads, they put the muscles of their shoulders and arms close to each other; the strong waistline makes their entire suit look fat.Pkbazaar.Pk

If you look at the details, you will find that LeBron will choose a large-scale gun-necked collar with a strong sense of drama in order to make himself look more aggressive. Curry will choose to make a narrow flattering in order to highlight his own dexterity and clarity. collar. You obviously can feel the difference in external personal style

So, what kind of guidance is it for LeBron and Curry to move from the indiscriminately dressed boy to the decent champion road? Aside from the fashion aura around the stars, there are only three problems that boys must wear to be dressed :

You must wear a well-dressed clothes ;

❷ Color matching should be scientific ;

The texture of the enamel fabric should be outstanding .

Whether you like formal dress or sports and leisure, tall and tall, or thin and chunky, these three are the basics of dressing. What other styles, styles, basic models, all before you have mastered the basic rules, are all nonsense.

The so-called shoulder line is the stitching of the sleeves and shoulders of the top. The standard of fit is that this line just falls on your shoulder joint, and the arm can move up and down freely. Generally speaking, as long as the position of the shoulder line is appropriate, the size of the top will not be too outrageous.

Under the premise that the shoulder line is basically accurate, you can have some small adjustment options. For example, if the shoulder line moves up slightly, it can be strong and strong; This is the truth.

The right collar of the shirt is also the key to fit. Generally, they won’t buy too loose, but it is not suitable to buy too tightly. It is better to insert a finger with the buckle.

The hem of a suit and a similar long coat should cover the entire hip. It will look too long if it is too long or too short; the hem of the short jacket should just exceed the waistline . Compared to the next LeBron and the outside of Wade, you feel under the

You see, although Curry wears a suit in the draft than LeBron’s fit, the apricot vertical stripe western assembled violet tie is really very rustic.

Color matching is a higher-level skill than fitting, and you need a little common sense of color combination. At this time, there is a hundred killer must learn: color wheel!

The color wheel is actually made up of a round wheel with 12 common colors. The brightness of each color of the round wheel increases the purity, and the outward is the standard color. So, do you know what it is for?

The adjacent color matching is the three color intervals adjacent to the color wheel, or the different gradients of the same color inward. They basically do not make mistakes when they match each other.

You can see Curry as an advertising styling for the American clothing e-commerce Express. You can feel the transition of this match in contrast to the interval between the blue, sky blue and lake blue in the color wheel.

Look at the high-gray brown hat and the high-gray yellow sweater, and then consider his skin color, which is a standard example of adjacent color matching.

The contrast color matching corresponds to the color wheel diagram above, and you can see that there are three methods of complementary color matching, Y color picking, and equilateral triangle color picking . The advantage of contrasting color matching is to make your clothes look brighter and your personality will be more prominent.

LeBron’s upper body is dominated by a dark navy blue sweater with a red arm band on the arm, and the pants and boots are yellow. This is the most typical match of the Y-color contrast.

Similarly, you can use only two of the three colors to form a corresponding match. Let’s take a look at this photo taken by Curry for GQ.

Curry’s body is matched with a Y-shaped color in the color wheel. The navy blue is the theme of a suit suit, with a bright yellow shirt and a high-profile polka-dot bow tie to brighten. The blue and yellow contrast color itself is consistent with the color of the Golden State Warriors team uniform, and there are some metaphors.

If you pay attention to it, you can find out that no matter which color is used in the color wheel, in addition to the above several matching rules, it is crucial to have a basic color as the main body and occupy the main visual area of the body ( Usually the upper body jacket), on this basis to do other color combinations .

In addition, in addition to the color wheel, there are three safe colors of black and white ash. They can be used together to each other, or they can be seamlessly integrated into the combination of other colors to become a transition. Adding black and white ash to the color wheel combination is an effective technique for improving your taste

In addition to wearing clothes, for the boys, according to the color wheel to learn the color of the mix can become a cow B sparkling life skills. Small things like when you open a website, any evaluation of whether it is pleasing to the eye, big things like how to choose the color of the paint when the home decoration is reasonable. Even if you go out and praise a sister’s paper, you have more theoretical basis to brag.

Among the three basic skills of boys’ dress, dressing fits can make you look spiritual; color matching is reasonable to reflect your aesthetic; and the highest level of fabrics in the three techniques is your wisdom and taste.

You can think of fabrics as both “soft” and “hard”. “soft” texture, such as flannel clothing, cotton and linen clothes, soft sweaters and thin wool ties, these qualities are easy to think of “soft” texture; “hard” texture Strong, such as a very scratchy suit and shirt, shiny shoes, belts, metal watches and accessories.

“Hard” items can make you look more spiritual and more up-to-date, but it will inevitably appear dull; “soft” items will make you look warm, but sometimes it will seem too casual. So how to make the fabric “soft” and “hard” texture match harmonious, it is a test of your wisdom.

Let’s not talk about the harmony of color combinations. Wade is based on a woolly flat collar suit and a very scratchy cotton shirt. The tie is soft with silk to enhance the texture. Metal watches, belt buckles and earrings add luster. The best color is the chest. Silk scarves make all the seriousness of the whole body interesting.

Similarly, the thin cashmere sweater in the picture below also made a transition between the thick suit and the shirt, making Wade’s entire match stereo and not monotonous.

You see, if it is based on “hard” material, you can make the “soft” material with stronger gloss enhance the overall taste, such as soft tie and silk scarf; if it is a soft sweater or cotton jacket “Material-based, then you can use leather shoes, metal glasses, watches and other “hard” items to improve the quality of the material.

The harmony between “soft” and “hard” is actually the word “gloss” . Have you found out smart?

Ok, I just wanted to talk about the dressing of LeBron and Curry, and I accidentally said too much groceries. . . Anyway, you know that no one can wear clothes from the beginning, and no one can suddenly jump from the rookie to the superstar who dominates the finals. Anyone has this process. When the children’s shoes can integrate the three laws of dressing, they will soon find that their taste in many aspects has leapt to another level.

You think you are young, you are personality, you like tide cards, like devil nuts, what evisu, what clot, npc… no problem, you don’t know how to wear a young one. However, please listen to me: the actual cost of a product is its price divided by the number of uses. So please develop the habit of building a wardrobe as soon as possible, from the basic models, easy to match the purchase.
I used to like the tide brand, go out and just visit the small it, or novo, two percent or something, online shopping is also going to yoho. However, the clothes that I bought are basically tired of wearing less than one season. Moreover, the quality of most street fashion cards is really bad. After the next time, the water directly becomes 50% new, and the price/performance ratio is not flattering.

2. Everyone said to Uniqlo to say that Uniqlo looks good. I can only say that our tastes are too different…

The Next
England High Street brand has its own dress line, and the person who has done the best in terms of layout, tailoring and fabrics is considered to be Next.
And Next’s casual wear is also my favorite style.
The downside is that this brand is particularly embarrassing. In addition to the black clearance of the world, there are few discounts and no student discounts.
Fred Perry’s
classic wheat ears are familiar in the country because they are stationed in small ones. The basic Polo and sweater are good, others are not recommended.
In addition, H&M, Forever 21, and ZARA are also good. There are also many domestic physical stores, so I won’t introduce them.
Second, the British luxury
Ted Baker
had an answer before mentioning Ted Baker, this brand belongs to the British style, which is very boring, is a style I like very much. However, the price of Ted Baker is really not close to the people. Ted Baker is here between Gucci and Hugo Boss! A shirt is more than 100 pounds!

Austin Reed
is the official dress of England, because it is more expensive and there are not many opportunities to wear formal clothes. I have not bought it personally, but every time I pass the physical store, I am very
In particular, Carhartt itself is very American style, and it is difficult to control.
Its Carhratt WIP series is a relatively young street tooling style, more suitable for domestic men.
Highly recommended tooling jackets and down jackets, quality workmanship, warm and durable, than Dickies do not know where to go. There are small sellers in China, but there are very few goods, often broken code, it is recommended to Haitao or purchasing
Fourth, the tide brand & other
although just spit the tide brand, but some of the tide brand carefully Taotao can still find good goods, but also limited to buy at the discount, the price is too low to buy.
1. it (izzue, 5cm, aape, chocoolate, fingercroxx….)
2. Recommend a Hong Kong street brand two percent . Before Angela Baby endorsed, the original price is expensive, but it is often discounted. Taobao also sells, but there are more women, only a few stores in men’s clothing are selling. But the advantage is that you can hardly see fakes.
3. Bauhaus and its Tough , leather quality is good, others are not recommended.
4. Azul , the Japanese women’s brand Moussy’s deck, street casual style, personal feeling that this brand from the store decoration to the clothing design are imitating All Saints, but the price is much more close to the AS.

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