Buying Beauty Products online is very popular with female executives who are very busy during the day. They have some brands that they buy regularly, they know what they want, and have very little time to go shopping. Sometimes, they are looking for special products that they do not find in their usual shop. Online beauty shops are a solution to their problem because they offer all types of products: from lipstick and makeup to bath oils and aromatherapy products. With the increasing demand for such products, selling beauty products online is a great business opportunity.

Required Skills

Health Knowledge and Beauty Products.

Cost to start this Business

The cost to set up and manage this type of business varies from 1000 € to 100000 €, depending on the quantity of products you want to inventory. Initially, you will have to pay for the design, development and hosting of your website, and for setting up your merchant site. All additional costs are related to the online and offline promotion of your business, as well as the purchase and maintenance of your inventory.

Number of employees needed to start

This business can easily be started by one person. This activity can also start with being started on a part-time basis.

International potential

This online business has a strong international potential, as its products may be of interest to consumers around the world.

Important information about this business

You will have to be very competitive on the prices of these products, which are usually available online or locally. Keep in mind that when buying online in your virtual store, the customer will have to pay the postage and order preparation in addition to the cost of the product. If you specialize in niche or hard-to-find products, this question will arise less.

Online Marketing Techniques

Step 1
Develop an online banner advertising campaign strategy for related health and beauty websites.

2nd step
Participate in health and beauty-related newsgroups, discussion forums, and mailing lists with an intelligently designed signature file.

Step 3
Offering beauty and health tips on your site would be a great way to encourage people to visit your site regularly. For example, you could consider setting up a “council of the day” that would be published automatically each day.

Step 4
Ask your visitors if they would like to be notified by e-mail when you add new products to your website.

Step 5
Participate in newsletters related to beauty, health and hair care, as well as newsletters that have the same target market as you (women executives very busy with their work and teenagers). Your participation may be in the form of banner ads, a story or article, sponsorship, or a prize to win in a contest.

You can also partner with Instagram influencers.

Additional income

In addition to selling beauty products, you can also sell accessories such as makeup cases, hand towels, handbags, and so on. By offering these products, you not only bring added value to your online beauty store, but you also have the potential to generate additional revenue for your business. Gift certificates and gift baskets can also provide an additional source of income.

Training in the Professions of well-being and Beauty

Are you interested in the professions of aesthetics, cosmetics, hairdressing and well-being? A distance education will prepare you for the BTS, Bac Pro, CAP and you will train directly to practice the trade you want to do in the area of Beauty and well-being.
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