Is there still need to remember the importance of a pair of shoes for a man Sale in Pakistan?

They are the ones who set the tone of an outfit: a bad choice can quickly spoil your look, yet so well thought out. This is especially true in winter.

For those who still ask the question, there are many shoes adapted to the cold and rain … And, conversely, other models that you will avoid when the mercury drops.

The “seasonality” of a pair has nothing to do with the trend: the style of the shoes, depending on whether one is in a cold weather or during the beautiful days, will often be different. We will not talk about fashion or trend, we will focus on more consistent aspects.

Let’s go !

If some models can be worn all year, in parallel, it is good to have some jokers out in case of cold, snow or rain.

In winter, the cold and humidity will clearly put your shoes and feet to the test, more than the rest of the year. It is therefore essential to favor robust models.

It’s time to bring out your best boots! Let’s look at the most practical in this season: the fight boots.

Impossible to wear in summer, they reappear at mid-season and in winter. You will be able to please you with this massive and rustic style, referring to an imaginary adventurer / adventurer.

Impossible to wear in summer, they reappear at mid-season and in winter. You will be able to please you with this massive and rustic style, referring to an imaginary adventurer / adventurer.

With that in mind, remember that high shoes will be your best friends. The ankles are particularly exposed to drafts when you walk, even more when you are sitting. If you are the type to take small coffee on the terrace in the sun – even in winter – high shoes will prove to be the unstoppable asset. It would be a shame to deprive oneself …

Finally, as for the fight boots, dare the shoes more imposing, especially with regard to soles. Whether sneakers, boots or brogues, thick layers of leather or, better, gum, will always be welcome in winter.

It is also an opportunity to build a winter wardrobe with more work wear inspirations, a little “rustic”. Far from your more summer outfits – linen shirt, short shorts and sneakers – we put here a thick raw jeans, a lumberjack shirt or a pretty mesh, and a lined jacket or a wool coat.

Thus, in cold weather, combat boots or high sneakers will be perfect to dress your outfits

Some models are banned in winter, for reasons more practical than aesthetic.

I draw your attention, however, to a recurring question: that of canvas shoes. Every year, as the cold sets in, I meet many people 1 who risk wearing jeans rolled over the ankle with tennis / runnings canvas or, worse, mesh fabric.

The canvas (at least cotton) has a low insulating power. It will especially absorb moisture from the outside, nothing worse to have your feet soaked and frozen.

It is also better to avoid too fragile shoes, made from fine leathers, crafted 2, in nubuck … While some can protect from the cold, we note that on the other hand, they do not appreciate the water at all.

Worse, the snow becomes extremely messy when it melts. The perforations can blacken, the patinas degrade by forming halos and the suede leathers in light tones, to stain almost irremediably.
No one would wear heavy wool sweaters in the summer. But in winter, what a pleasure to come out of his big stitches. Same principle for shoes.

To begin this overview of topics, I would like to talk about wool, which we see more and more in the making of shoes. Waterproof, they can take advantage of its thermo regulatory qualities without taking water.

In terms of style, I find that it brings a real plus, between the nobility of the material and the rusticity of the texture.

This goes for the outside, but also for the inside of the shoe: some wool liners have strong insulation and warm-up properties. Also remember that winter is the season of leather “fur”.

I obviously think of the sheep returned, with smooth skin or velvet on the outside and fur on the inside. I myself have a pair and it’s a real pleasure … We almost hesitate to wear them even in the cold so they keep you warm.Leather is also very present in winter: without being as insulating as woolen skin, they still guarantee a minimum comfort and a very appreciable robustness. Quality level, as usual, made sure to have a leather of regular appearance, soft and pleasant to the touch.

As for woolen skins, I would tend to advise you to avoid synthetic: it is certainly cheaper, but to have worn, it can quickly become unpleasant when you are indoors. The fact that synthetic is made of plastic makes it not breathable.

It has happened to me to have the feeling of putting the feet in a pressure cooker while passing from a very cold outside to a heated inside. MONTAGE, FUNCTION OF THE ISOLATION OF A SHOE
I will distinguish two major types of montages: sewn and glued.

The irrepressible Norwegian sewn
More complex to realize, but undeniably more noble and especially more robust, sewn arrangements often win our preference. Especially in winter, the robustness is more than welcome.

It will even be an opportunity to test montages that can only be worn in this season, such as the Norwegian sewn – his name is already a sign … even if it was invented in Italy.

It has two levels of seams visible on the outside of the sole. It is so massive to the eye. It is also characterized by the presence of a midsole in addition to the welt. The shoes made from this method are completely waterproof, and the strength of the assembly is remarkable.

Perfect for a mountable trek or snow-covered asphalt….

There are glued montages of very good quality, but the manufacture is often less robust than on the sewn fixtures.

The use of plastics / rubber is interesting for their insulating power against water. However, the assembly may be weakened to the slightest drop that gets introduced. If you have a good pair of sneakers glued, the first years, you will not encounter any problems. But at the smallest flaw or folds of ease, you may have problems infiltration.

At the level of thermal insulation, the thickness of some soles can be interesting, even if these materials do not keep warm base.

Let’s move on to daily maintenance …

It is important to regularly maintain your shoes, especially in winter. About twice a month for a pair worn regularly.

What if we walk in a puddle, in the melted snow and our shoes are dirty?

We let it dry before pampering our shoes.

Emphasize particularly the cleaning with the milk: it is very important to remove all that could remain of dirt and salt 4.

Be sure to let dry and cream, even if you take a break to make sure the leather reacts well and regains color.

There too, you can wax if you wish.

Instead of just brushing and scrubbing the leather with a brass brush, I advise you to use a suede gum in case of stains, then a velvet leather cleaner type Omnidaim Saphir brand. 5

Imagine now that you have accidentally walked in a deep puddle or an ace of the steering wheel soggy your shoes.
When returning home, lay them on their side, always far from a big source of heat.

It will normally take several hours to evacuate all the moisture. It is also possible to stuff them with newspaper to speed up the process. Once dry, the shoes will have to undergo a small maintenance in the rules, not forgetting to insist, again, on the cleaning and feeding.
There, it is likely that the source of the problem is not entirely due to adverse weather conditions.

You will insist on feeding the leather, even if you repeat the operation two or three times over several days without wearing shoes in the meantime, to let the cream infiltrate all layers of leather …

It’s time to take out your most sturdy and bulky shoes. We prefer the models – boots or sneakers – because they better protect the ankles of the cold.

Of course, it is not forbidden to keep your usual shoes For sale in Karachi . Beware, however, of too fine or too fragile materials: winter is the ideal season to enjoy hot materials, such as tweed or sheep returned.

Whatever the chosen material, a good maintenance will be essential to preserve your favorite shoes: it is an unavoidable step on which it will not be necessary to skimp.

And even in case of accident, there is (almost) always way to catch up!

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