The Bracelet Tracker can be your personal “coach”, your Digital watch “friend” or just a fashionable digital device. Read and find out why the connected bracelet could be beneficial for your daily life!

Activity recognition

It can be much easier to track your progress if you can find out what type of activity has the most impact or, in other words, what kind of activities can help you burn your calories more efficiently.

Therefore, it can be very useful for your bracelet to have an activity recognition system.

Keep track of your progress

The connected bracelet motivates you. You wonder why? Because it feels good to see your progress and how much better you have come.

A good fitness tracker will track your progress – calories; not; distance tracker and heart rate monitor. In addition, you will see an overview of your progress over the last week or month. In addition, it will vibrate and inform you when your goals are achieved.

Measure your sleep quality

One of the biggest and greatest benefits of fitness equipment is that not only can they record what you do while awake, but also during the night – your sleep. The quality of your sleep is one of the most important indicators of your level of health and fitness.

Make sure the one you choose analyzes your sleep. You should know, that a qualitative bracelet should be able to gather information and give you a glimpse of your deep sleep + the percentage of your overall sleep.

Your communication manager

Nowadays, the companies that make bracelets try to make our life easier. Not only can you measure your sleep or track your progress in health and fitness, but you can also answer calls, text messages, and view notifications from social platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. So you will not miss anything and will be in the right place at the right time.

Financially friendly

You know, how expensive it is to hire a personal trainer. Now you can simply buy a fitness tracker, which can help you reach your personal goals and offer you a lot more than that (count calories, not, distance, sleep measurement, etc.). We think your wallet will be yours. .

Daily accessory

One of the best benefits of connected bracelets is that most companies have really thought about their design. You can use them not only as your “personal fitness trainer”, which can help you achieve your fitness goals but also as a fashionable bracelet.

The design of these Trackers are elegant and classic, which means that you can combine your bracelet with any outfit you want to wear. But most importantly, it’s still the basic function – see the time.

Follow the progress of your loved ones
In most applications, you can make friends. Just send a friend request to your colleagues. Parents; brothers and sisters and friends and see their progress. This allows you to take care of your loved ones and motivate them.



here are 4 disadvantages of smartband.


You must take into account that most fitness trackers are not 100% accurate. And that you must fill in the length of your steps to be as accurate as possible


You must load them so that they can work properly. Imagine, you go out to jog and suddenly, your Smart Band has no battery. So, if you forget to load it, you will not be able to use it during your workout.


We have already spoken to you about the precision of steps. The same thing is about calories. If your fitness tracker can not count all steps accurately, your calories will not be counted correctly. This is a big disappointment if you want to lose weight since your calories will be counted approx.


It could also be a psychological disadvantage. Imagine, if your friend has walked twice as much as you, that can demotivate you. And sometimes this kind of negative feelings can lead to discouragement and prevent us from training.

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