How to get free shipping for online shopping

These 8 tips and tricks will help you get free shipping almost every time you shop online. According to research, 70% of Americans, 40% of French shop online.

Online shopping is great. It’s convenient, it saves you time, it’s often cheaper and you can often find things online that you will not find in store.

But, the big caveat with online shopping is the cost of shipping.

I am a fan of Amazon, and before Prime, I had to pay a lot for shipping costs. But not everyone is a primary member and Amazon is not the only place we buy online.

Whether you’re shopping on eBay, Target, Walmart, Forever 21, IKEA or any other online store, shipping costs can increase, especially if you shop online often and can significantly reduce your budget.

So what can you do?

Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid paying shipping costs.

We have compiled a list of simple ways to get free shipping.

So, if you are wondering how to get free shipping, check out the tips below.

1. Find a conversation box

Nowadays, many online stores offer live customer service through a chat box. This box is usually located in the lower corner of the page.

You have probably noticed it on many sites that you have visited.

But, did you know that this little box can help you get shipping costs waived?

It is true.

Start the discussion with the customer service representative, then simply ask them if there is a way to get free shipping for your purchase.

Often, they give you a code to use.

It does not always work, but you’d be surprised how often that happens.

Many brands simply want to close their sales – even if it means offering a discount.

2. Purchase a minimum quantity of products for free shipping

Stores that offer completely free shipping as standard, without you having to be in some kind of loyalty program are rare.

But, there are tons of sites out there that give you free shipping if you reach a minimum spending threshold.

So, if you need to buy a few items anyway, then buy them all in the same store in order to reach the free shipping threshold.

While you might find the idea of having to buy more to spend less on shipping a bit counter-intuitive – it’s actually a good idea in some cases.

For example, say the shipping cost is $ 5.99. And, to qualify for free shipping, you must spend $ 25, but you only spent $ 23 – so you add a pair of $ 2 socks to the order. You get free shipping, and the cost of the socks was lower than the shipping cost – so you saved $ 3.99.

Many stores, nowadays, offer free shipping after spending a certain amount – so a quick Google search will help you

Department stores that offer free shipping after spending $ X

Here are some stores that provide this offer to get you started:

Target: If you spend more than $ 25 at Target, you get free standard delivery. This applies to all orders. Target sells a very diverse selection of products – so it’s quite easy to meet the minimum spending limit.

DSW Shoes: At DSW Shoes, you get free shipping on all orders over $ 35. And because most of the store’s shoes cost more than that, it’s very easy to reach the free delivery threshold. Exchanges and returns are also free!

Home Depot: The Home Depot offers free delivery to your home for orders over $ 45.

Hallmark: Hallmark is another store where you can enjoy free shipping. All you need to do is spend $ 50 or more and you will be eligible for free shipping.

Amazon: Amazon offers free shipping when you spend more than $ 49. But, the order must include eligible items. So, make sure you only add items to your cart that are eligible.

If you do not know what to add to your order to receive free shipping or if you can not find eligible items, do not worry. You can use a tool to find the items for you.

There are a few tools that search for products on Amazon that allow you to reach the free shipping threshold.

One of the best is PkBazaar.PK

Here’s how it works:

Enter the amount you must spend to qualify for free shipping – this is how you are getting closer to Amazon’s $ 49 free shipping threshold.
Dial enter and it comes with a list of products in the price range that you have to spend that are eligible for free shipping.
This tool saves you a lot of time searching through products to reach the free shipping threshold.

There are a few other websites that offer a similar service, including:


4. Join Amazon Prime

If you order Amazon stuff every month, or even every week, then you should definitely become an Amazon Prime Member.

You have access to things like unlimited:

Streaming movies and TV shows via Prime Video.
Access more than a million songs through Prime Music.
Secure Photo Storage with Prime Photos.
But, best of all, you also have access to a number of free shipping options:

Two-day shipping on eligible items to addresses in France
Same day delivery in eligible postal codes.
Two-hour delivery or scheduled delivery on more than 10,000 items with Prime Now. Plus free shipping in local stores. (Available only in eligible postal codes)
Delivery within 1 hour to restaurants with Prime now in eligible postcodes
You do not have to reach a minimum spending threshold to get this free shipping either.

And, as a primary member, delivery is free on most items – just look for the Prime logo with a check mark next to it. This means that the item is eligible for free shipping.

Amazon Prime costs $ 99 a year or $ 10.99 a month.

Now, you might think that it’s not exactly free shipping when you have to pay to be a core member.

But, if you shop frequently on the platform, you will save much more than the monthly cost of the subscription.

For example, the average shipping cost of the seller for items in several categories, such as electronics, kitchen and housewares, and the toy and baby is $ 4.49.

So, even if you only order three items a month, you save the shipping cost you pay on your monthly subscription and you save $ 2.48 more.

Amazon is offering a free 30 day trial of Prime. So you can try it for free to see how much you are saving on shipping.


Another service that works the same way as Amazon Prime is

As a member, you get free, unlimited two-day shipping to hundreds of stores and thousands of brands.

If you do not do a lot of your online shopping at Amazon, then Pkmarts.comis a great alternative – as it offers free shipping for a wide variety of different stores.

Here are just a few examples:

Niemen Marcus
Ralph Lauren
And, the website always adds new retailers.

Here’s how it works:

You shop at a participating store and select eligible items.
Finally, choose the option at checkout and get a free 2-day delivery.
If you do not like the item you ordered, you can also return it for free with
Items you find on and in the mobile app are usually still eligible. But, if you shop at one of its participating stores, look for items bearing the logo on the product page.

Also, keep in mind that for some stores, you will need to reach a minimum purchase amount in order to receive benefits.

Like Amazon Prime, Pkmarts.comoffers a free 30-day trial – so you can try the site and see if it’s right for you.

6. Try Pkbazaar.PK

With Pkbazaar.PK you get access to coupons and free shipping from more than 1,000 retailers – you also get other benefits, such as price protection and extended warranty services.

The free shipping offered by Pkbazaar.PK differs from other similar services like Amazon Prime and Pkbazaar.PK.

With this site, you get a free discount – rather than making a free delivery.

Here’s how it works:

Visit the homepage of the site and find the retailer you want to shop with. You can enter the name of your desired retailer in the search bar. Or you can visit one of the sections of the site, like “The most popular brands” and select a retailer there.

You can also click on “View all retailers” to see the complete list of participating stores.

Once you have chosen a store, click on the “Visit Store” button on the retailer’s page.

Purchase your items as you normally would, but make sure to use the same window that was opened when you clicked the “Visit Store” button.

Then, click on the “Discount” button to see the site’s discount center – and complete and submit a rebate form.

Send the

site documentation, as proof of purchase – this may include receipts, packing slips or an order confirmation.

Then you can request a discount of up to $ 10 on shipping costs.
With the site, you also benefit from other benefits, such as the return on your purchases and coupons.

It costs $ 12.97 to become a member of Pkbazaar.PK But, you can get a free trial of the site.

There are some important things to keep in mind if you plan to become a member of Pkbazaar.PK.

First of all, always make sure that you make your purchase through the same browser window that opens when you click the “Visit Store” button – otherwise, you will not be eligible for a shipping discount.

Second, you can only claim $ 500 in shipping discount for each year of membership – so be sure to do the math to see if membership is worth it.

7. Visit Pkbazaar.PK

Another service that offers free shipping is Pkbazaar.PK.

This website provides thousands of free shipping codes and coupons. All you have to do is visit the homepage, and you’ll see tons of coupons and discount codes – some of them for free shipping.

The site also has a section “Stores with free delivery”. In this section, you can search the alphabetical list of stores on the site.

Then, when you find your desired retailer, you can see what shipping discounts are currently offered with this store.

You can also sign up to receive email alerts when a brand has new coupons.

Overall, it’s an easy-to-use site. And while you may not always find a coupon for the store you shop for, it’s always best to take a look anyway.

8. Visit Pkbazaar

Pkbazaar is another site similar to Pkbazaar. This site also offers coupons for free shipping.

On the site you can search from hundreds of online retailers, and find coupons for free shipping.

And, there are hundreds of others. Ideally, the site lists retailers whose coupons it has on the homepage. So, make a quick scroll and see if there is a retailer that interests you.

Tip: If you’re looking for a specific merchant, use your browser’s Find feature – press CTRL + F and the search window will appear. Then enter the name of the retailer you want to buy, and press Enter. If the retailer is on the site, the Find feature will highlight it.

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