Thousands and thousands of people shop online ordinary, spending of loads of billions of dollars. The variety of online shopping websites and stores are similarly stunning, so you can get a wide range of shops to choose from, however you may still face a fraud e-shop or website.

Even if online businesses and payment institutions are implementing more and more effective protection mechanisms, you still have some basic precautions to take to avoid falling on a fake site or that your bank data (number credit card, secret code …) become the target of cybercriminals.

To save you cyber criminals from steeling credit card details, bank accounts information’s or log-in credentials, We gives you these suggestions to secure purchasing:

1.Look for the Details of the Seller

E-mail, home office mailing address, phone number, registration number in your country. Check if the contact details are reliable. Check the reviews of other customers whether they are satisfied or not.

2.Control the Reputation of the company

Whether on the site itself or on forums, it is easy to check the quality of online services via comments and ratings (ratings) made by other users about quality of products and their services.

3.Examine the general conditions of sale (mode of payment, mode of delivery, time of delivery, Return & Refund policy .)

The general conditions of sale (delivery, return, refund …) or the quality of customer service may not be similar to those you know when you make your purchases in the trade of “street”. Before you purchase online, confirm the below:

  • If the shipping and return charges are clearly mentioned.
  • If you buy online , what will be mode of payment (Advance, through debit/credit card, cash on delivery or any other)
  • If you can track your parcel, from purchase to delivery.
  • If the transportation channel clearly mentioned
  • If you have a warranty on the delivered products.
  • The conditions for returning the product if it is defective or does not meet your expectations.

4.Protection of Your Privacy?

Privacy is very necessary for customer point of view. Before going to shopping online, check that the company is transparent about the processing of your data. Most of the trusted e-shops also have a quality label such as, for example, the BeCommerce label, the Belgian association of companies, in Pakistan active in distance selling, via the internet and all other forms of electronic commerce.

5.Check if the payment method is secure

Make sure the proposed payment method is secure. The most common security protocol is known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a system that establishes a secure (encrypted) communication channel between your computer, smartphone or tablet and the merchant site. After an authentication step (with a card reader, for example), it decrypts the client data and divides it into unusable information by anyone who intercepts it. Cash on Delivery COD is also secure payment method and customers in Pakistan normally want to use COD method.

6.What are the clues that prove that you are entering a secure page or website?

  • Your browser should inform you (it depends on the settings you have defined), by displaying a padlock for example.
  • The address in the bar should go from http to hhtps (S for secure)

7.Online shopping insurance

Most credit cards and other insurance companies offer delivery insurance with online purchases. This insurance can intervene when the product:

  • Is not delivered.
  • Delivered but damaged.
  • Does not match the description made online.

8.Be careful  of emails or calls asking for your bank details

This may be an attempt at fraud, known as phishing for:

  • you extract confidential information such as your password, your secret code, the number of your bank card or identity card.
  • make payments from your account using “stolen” information.

Pkbazaar will never contact you to ask for your codes, passwords, account numbers. is trusted online shopping website in Pakistan that deals with quality in both products and services.

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