Which e cigarette to choose for beginners?

Now that we know which models to avoid, which electronic cigarette to choose to start?

The Electronic cigarette sale in Pakistan  Pod format is certainly the easiest to use. The Koddo pod nano is the perfect illustration. Fully plug and play, this electronic cigarette  at PKBAZAAR offers excellent rendering and simplified use thanks to its pre-filled cartridges. It will be perfect for small smokers looking for simplicity. The disadvantage with this type of electronic cigarette for sale in Lahore model is the still limited choice in eliquide flavor.
It is best to start to favor rechargeable Electronic cigarette models at PKMARTS. The rechargeable electronic cigarette is a simple access device consisting of a clearomizer which is a reservoir in which the vaporization system is located (self-filling the tank with e-liquid) and a battery allowing heat and spray the eliquide.

The use of a clearomizer provides a “hit” (sensation in the throat) close to that of an ordinary cigarette. The clearomizer accepts a large number of eliquid and its reservoir generally greater than 2 ml ensures a good autonomy. The latest generation clearomizers are equipped with an airflow ring to adjust the flow of air to the inspiration and a simplified e-liquid filling system.

The battery of the Electronic cigarette for sale in Karachi is, for its part, much more autonomous and powerful than the cigalikes to reproduce the feelings of the cigarette and to deliver more effectively nicotine for a long time. It is equipped with a passtrough function to vape all along the load. Charge time is now much shorter even for box-size batteries. The latter has spread widely to the detriment of tube formats and it is no longer rare to find it in the hands of vapers. This craze is explained by the long battery life, fast recharging and increased power. Boxes have gained in compactness and comfort of use and are recommended for heavy smokers.
3. What criteria to consider in order to know which electronic cigarette with free home delivery to choose
When one wants to know which electronic cigarette to choose for the first time, the choice may at first sight be complex. Given the large number of electronic cigarette in Islamabad  models on the market, the smoker wishing to go to the vape to quit smoking may be a little lost at the time of choice.

Here is a quick electronic cigarette guide to help you.

The electronic cigarette that best fits your needs is the one that will be self-sufficient enough to hold a full day without being recharged, easy to use and that will give you the feeling of smoking with a real sensation in the throat (the hit) while you bringing the pleasure of steaming and enjoying the taste of eliquid.

To find which electronic e-cigarette to choose from our models you must take into account your former smoking behavior and target your motivations.

1. Your cigarette consumption:

Occasional smoker: You smoke less than a dozen cigarettes a day, most often at parties to accompany your drink but you do not really feel addictive.
Moderate smoker: you smoke regularly between 10 and 20 cigarettes a day, you always have a pack of cigarettes on hand, you are dependent but you can spend a few hours.
Untiring smoker: You regularly smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day. You have a cigarette in your mouth all day and the idea of not having one is not possible for you.
You do not smoke, we strongly discourage the use of the electronic cigarette.
2. Your goal:

Replace the cigarette completely with the electronic cigarette and keep the pleasure of the gesture and the sensations:
– the settings are not your thing you want the simplest material possible

– The settings do not bother you and you are ready to do this to improve the rendering and discover different styles of vape.

Stop completely, the electronic cigarette is only a transition, you have already decreased your cigarette consumption, the electronic cigarette is a help in difficult times.
Decrease your cigarette consumption.
Test to see on a tight budget.

4. Choosing your eiquide and nicotine for your electronic cigarette
Vape an eliquide that you like with a dosage of nicotine corresponding to your needs is essential to facilitate your transition from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Therefore, choosing your eliquide is just as important as choosing your electronic cigarette. A good dosage of nicotine is necessary to overcome the sensations of lack due to stopping smoking.The rate of nicotine depends not only on your dependence but also on the type of equipment used. The more efficient your e-cigarette is, the more nicotine you will need for each aspiration.To find out how to choose your eliquide, we invite you to consult our e-guide.

5. Tips for starting the electronic cigarette
To get started you have to choose an electronic cigarette kit that will allow you to vapote a full day without recharging.
A good dosage of your nicotine eiquide is necessary to overcome the sensations of lack due to stopping smoking.
Do not expect to find the taste of the real cigarette, the sensations are comparable but the pleasure will become greater if you find your eliquide all day (eiquide that one vape regularly) correctly dosed in nicotine.
The way to take a puff is different. In contrast to the generally short and intense aspirations of a cigarette, the aspirations must be longer (3 to 4 seconds) and milder with an electronic cigarette. For the duration of the puff you must stay pressed the battery activation button.
It is advisable to always have several replacement resistors. This is the consumable part of the electronic cigarette that needs to be changed regularly. When resistance is at the end of life, the sensations and the amount of vapor diminish.
When installing a new resistor it is necessary to wait a few minutes after filling your eliquide tank before pressing the battery button and using your electronic cigarette, at the risk of having a burnt taste.
Do not feel guilty if you feel like you’re going to be vaping for the first few days as a result of less effective e-cigarettes delivering nicotine.
Be careful not to lower your nicotine rate too fast at the risk of suffering from lack.
Pleasure is a crucial element in the vape, feel free to test several e-liquids and change regularly.

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