A number of steps can be put in place easily to boost your sales. Here are six quick tips to help you increase your online sales.

Marked by an increase of nearly 14% in the first quarter of 2018, with a total of 20 billion euros of sales only on the French market, the e-commerce sector is now particularly dynamic. As a result, e-merchants are always more numerous and the competition pushes everyone to constant optimization to stand out.

One of the key elements of webmarketing is the analysis of statistics related to user practices on your site. It is a relevant way to determine the effectiveness of your decisions, so you can quickly react and optimize your pages. It is important to know the habits of Internet users in your online store: their origin, the pages they plebiscite and those they leave.

The statistics will be valuable to make your site more efficient. To do this, consider performing regular split tests (or A / B tests) by offering several successive versions of your sales pages.

The quality of your online sales site of course has a major impact on your sales. No need to spend a fortune on this: an e-shop must be primarily functional to attract potential customers. A site with particularly long loading times will be shunned by Internet users and less well referenced by search engines.

It is possible to simply check your loading speed with a tool like Google Page Speed Insights. In addition, mobile browsing is now an important element to take into account: in 2016, 25% of online sales were made from a mobile. Responsive design, which aims to make consulting a site comfortable from any mobile device, is able to increase your sales significantly.

Too often, the impact of efficient logistics in an e-commerce activity is underestimated. This is a critical sector that has a strong impact on the image and reputation of your company. Online shoppers are becoming increasingly demanding in this area right now: according to a Forrester Research report, nearly half of the unfinalized baskets are due to high shipping costs.

You will be able to generate more sales by offering the shipping costs to your customers, or by decreasing them via several delivery methods. By integrating logistics into your business strategy, you will be able to more easily convince new customers, who will then order for a larger amount.

E-merchants know it, SEO is a crucial area to hope to pull out of the game compared to the competition. Despite the visual attractiveness of your site and the quality of your products, if your online store does not drain enough users on a daily basis, it will be impossible to see your sales take off.

For this, your SEO (or SEO) largely depends on the quality of your editorial content. This is an effective way to generate qualified traffic that can ensure a high conversion rate.

If it is important to bring users to your site, it is also essential to achieve customer loyalty from their first purchase. Several simple initiatives are needed for this purpose. A regular newsletter will allow you to communicate about your products. A sponsorship program is a good idea to attract new buyers.

Giving importance to your customers, for example by integrating their comments into your product sheets, is also an interesting step. Several marketing actions (one-off promotions, benefits after a certain number of purchases, etc.) are to be put in place throughout the year to reward your regular customers.

By conducting effective advertising campaigns, it will be much easier for you to attract new prospects. However, it’s not always easy to know how to do this type of search or social campaigns. It can be interesting to go through a specialist provider in this sector, to optimize your campaigns according to your target.

A service like SteerFox, thanks to its intelligent advertising tool, allows you to automate the different stages of creation and management of your advertising campaigns according to a given objective. Your campaigns will then be more efficient, ensuring better visibility for your online store and an optimized return on investment. You will be able to target prospects similar to those who frequent your site, a useful method to generate qualified traffic on your site, and thus increase your sales without having to perform these time-consuming tasks.

No matter what products or services you offer, increasing your online sales requires an increased organization in all areas of your business. All that is needed is a few targeted actions to permanently improve the ergonomics of your site, the referencing of your pages, your logistics, your advertising campaigns as well as the loyalty of your customers. Taking a step back at least an hour a week to think about these issues is the best way to find the right solutions that will make your online store perform better in the long run.

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