The 6 Most sold Products on the Internet Is it Possible to Enter these Markets?

80% of online businesses go out of business in the first two years.

Inexperience or lack of knowledge often partly explains why a new business fails to take off.

However, a new trade may eventually consolidate when the starting conditions were the same or worse.

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Why ?

Again, many factors come into play. Today, we are talking about one of them: the choice of the product.

The choice of a cheap niche market can make it possible to run a business, despite technical shortcomings or lack of experience.

If you add the right amount of effort and tools, you have the right end.

In order to give you a boost, we thought to give you ideas of products to sell. We explored the web and created the list of the best selling products online.

Be open-minded and analyze whether your business idea could fit into one of these areas.

And now, let’s come to the point.

Why is it important to know which products are the most sold on the Internet?
If you are about to create an online store, keep the following thing in mind: there must be a demand for your products.

Spending your money on an online store does not make sense if nobody buys your products.

Truth of La Palice? Not sure. The web review will show you that for many online stores, one has to wonder how the idea of selling these products came to them. 😉

In addition, another parameter must be taken into account: Internet sales have nothing to do with physical selling.

Physical sale ≠ Online sale

The fact that a product is highly demanded in physical stores does not mean that it will also be the case on the Internet (and vice versa).

To avoid making mistakes when choosing the sector and the public of your online store, we present the six best-selling products on the Internet. The demand is assured but, let’s not hide the face … the competition too.

1. Fashion items

Curiously, fashion is the sector that sells the most, in almost every country.

Although it is a delicate product and sizes may vary from one brand to another, fashion is on the throne of online sales.

The increase in demand in this sector of e-commerce is mainly due to improvements in terms of product returns.

Before, few people would buy a T-shirt, pants or jacket without the certainty that the garment would go. Today, returns are free in almost every store. It is possible to try clothes at home, without queuing and with the possibility of returning them if they are not suitable.

Fashion sells a lot … but is it worth it to launch into this sector?

Read the following carefully.

Advantages and disadvantages of creating an e-commerce in the fashion sector
Do not get carried away by your first impulse.

When you have an idea, try to detach yourself from the emotion it generates and analyze it from the outside. Who will I sell to? How will I reach my clients?


Very generalist: the term “fashion” is generic. Several types of fashion are hiding behind this word. If you disperse, it is failure assured.
Saturated market: If the most popular online items are fashion items, you should expect to face tough competition.
Technical difficulty: do you know about patterns, materials and suppliers, or does your relationship with fashion boil down to reading Vogue in the doctor’s waiting room? Although it is a very popular product online, you will need lots of knowledge …
Risk of returns: the online shopping is used to being able to return the purchased product without having to give explanations – or almost. The big online fashion stores are working that way, and that’s an additional challenge for an e-commerce that is starting.
But the picture is not all black. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this popular sector on the Internet.

Many purchases: clothes and fashion in general are the most popular products because people are no longer afraid to buy them on the Internet. There are other areas where buyers are more recalcitrant, but not this one.
Technology makes it easy: With the video and photo tools available on the market, you’ll be able to see your items in an optimal way. ” As if you were there “.
The sector is in motion: new products and new trends to explore are constantly coming out. This is a positive factor for a content marketing strategy.
Some tips before moving to the next product of the list of the best-selling articles on the Internet:

Specialize to the maximum: do not create an additional clothing store, look for a style, choose a particular dress, or even a model of a single brand. And be the best in this niche.
Start by drop shipping or affiliation: if you do not want to invest in a stock, opt for one of these two options. They allow to have a shop without investing in equipment. If you are thinking of opening a shop like this, read this post on the sale without stock or this one detailing what is drop-shipping.
Let’s leave the world of fashion now to explore the second most-purchased product online.

2. Travel and experiences

If there is one sector that has adapted well to the online shopping revolution, it is tourism.

When does your last line date to buy a plane ticket, book accommodation, or any other travel related service? It’s been a long time, right?

In addition, the plethora of price comparators makes the rates ever more competitive. It’s over when we went to travel agency. Now we organize our trips from our sofa, on our computer.

Thinking of starting an e-commerce related to travel and tourism?

Travel is so good. Not true ?

If you rush to the newsstand when the latest issue of Traveler comes out and the shelves in your living room are full of Lonely Planet guides, chances are you’ll love the trips.

This is a positive point, but do not lose sight of the prospect: love travel does not necessarily mean love to sell products related to tourism.

Plus, while everyone buys online in this sector, some giants have been grabbing most of the pie for years.

Surpassing them in terms of SEO positioning, content creation or customer service is impossible, but all is not lost.

Specialization is the gateway to the tourism sector

Companies like Booking or Tripadvisor cover all micro-niches in the sector, but they are too horizontal, they run too many hares at a time.

Vertical trade would, for example, only attack hotels with pools in a particular city. The information is much more complete and specific than that of a mega-site. The customer is grateful and Google too.

Tip: If you want to know more about SEO for online stores, read this article.

3. Technological products

It is amazing that the technical products do not culminate in first place, right?

The guarantee is one of the reasons that can slow down the purchase.

Buying a technological product in a physical establishment gives more confidence because in case of malfunction, the shop will be there to repair the product.

We like to know that in case of a problem, a “real” person will take care of us.

An online store does not have this confidence a priori. She must win it.

In the Spanish market, for example, BQ has earned an excellent reputation thanks to its good guarantee. Customers know that if their product has a defect, they will get a repair or substitution within two days.

Our advice to start in this sector
Unless you’re calling Steve Jobs, being a creative genius and starting your business in a Silicon Valley garage, we do not recommend creating your e-commerce technology with your own product.

The positive point of this third sector is that there is a large supply and that technology is advancing rapidly.

This situation is ideal for a content marketing strategy based on analysis of market news.

The disadvantage, again, is the existence of very strong blogs and websites managing a large volume of commerce and publishing reports and comparisons between products.

As few people are able to create technology products, the way to optimize your website in this case is based on advertising and affiliation.

Affiliation consists of analyzing the products of others to then redirect to an external sales page, in exchange for a commission. Read this article if you would like to know more about affiliate marketing.

Again, specialization is the key.

If you specialize in Samsung tablets of more than “X” euros instead of addressing all products on the market, you can reduce your competition and authority for this theme in particular.

4. Sale of used products

Although eBay is no longer what it used to be, second-hand sales remain a top on the Internet. In the physical shops, it is not so easy to find a product in good condition at half price.

In addition, all kinds of used products are available: electronic products, clothes, tickets for events, books, vehicles, etc.

In addition, the demand for second-hand goods has increased for the middle-upper income segment.

Buying already used items is no longer associated with economic necessity. It can also be a question of style and preference for quality products compared to those made in China.

Technology has greatly contributed to this transformation.

LeBonCoin has seen the development of competing applications, such as “Confidence People” (top-notch version of LeBonCoin, where you only enter through cooptation) or “I want 1 thing”.

In France, the occasional sale is rarely taxed (it is however in certain particular cases, when the sale is greater than 5000 € and only for certain types of products). In Spain, a comment by the Minister of the Economy caused a stir in the sector. He announced that sales between individuals should be subject to tax.

Remember: the second hand market is booming and the products sold are among the most purchased online.

5. Music and books

Another type of products that would have been seen above in the list. However, if you consider the amount of illegal downloads (both music and books), coming in fifth is already good.

The drop in prices, as a result of the reduction in distribution costs, now makes it possible to buy 1-pound books and to buy the songs of an album individually.

In addition, the trend is ebook, and it would not be surprising that the books back in the rankings in the coming years.

Since the moment the sector came to the fore, water has flowed under the bridges. We had a revolution, especially in the purchase of music online.

If books and CDs remain among the top selling products, it’s thanks to the arrival of new players like iTunes, Spotify or Amazon and its Kindle.

6. Online courses and training
E-learning is fashionable and it feels.

Many platforms of online courses have emerged, such as Video2Brain (recently acquired by LinkedIn) or Udemy. Specific training on specific topics seems to be gaining ground compared to a more general training (University or Master).

As we find ourselves in a situation where finding a job is more and more difficult, it is normal for online training to become more and more popular.

One of the major evolutions is that the users have less apprehension towards a training which does not propose or does not depend on a diploma.

We explain ourselves.

Perhaps we have seen too many students holding a Master’s degree and who did not know enough about the professional world …

For years, the empire of titles has dominated the world of training. Luckily, users are forming more and more online.

This is non-standard training and we are convinced that she has a bright future ahead of her. In addition, the bar is not high at the entrance. Positive, no?

Continue reading.

Do you plan to offer online training?
The democratization of the transmission of knowledge, as some call it, is just beginning.

One of the risks is precisely the weak entry barrier. All it takes is a website, a few videos and comments, and almost everyone can start offering online training.

Does this ensure quality?

Hard to know in advance.

The risk with the proliferation of questionable quality courses is that people end up wary.

However, if your offer is of quality, the market will recognize it.

If you intend to sell courses online, you must redouble your efforts on these points:

A good strategy of Inbound Marketing.
A powerful editorial line.
Get subscribers.
An email marketing strategy that strengthens your brand and builds trust.
Conclusions: Should you open an online store for any of these products?
The answer may seem obvious. If there is such a request, everything suggests that yes. The problem is that this great demand is accompanied by … great competition.

Think of the number of:

Fashion stores
Travel comparators.
Technology shops.
Music shops and / or books.
Training portals.
And there are always more. If you want to triumph in one of these sectors, there are not thirty-six solutions: you must differentiate yourself and specialize.

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Entering a mature and generalist market as those we have seen is not within the reach of the first comer:


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