5 reasons why nobody buys on your e-commerce site

The management of an online shop sometimes comes under the police investigation. Indeed, many entrepreneurs have to solve the following riddle at one point or another of their e-commerce activity: “Why nobody buys on my site?”

If you can not reach your sales goals, there are surely good reasons for that. And to succeed, you can not afford to stay in limbo. Let’s be honest, if your customers do not buy your products, your business is not viable and they are headed for failure. online shopping in Pakistan
Fortunately, you do not have to be Inspector Derrick to solve this problem. Tarik de Clicboutic will give you below 5 hypotheses to explore in priority. Spend time studying them one by one, under a new look, as if you were examining them under a magnifying glass. In this way, you are sure to find out why your potential customers are not buying on your site.

Reason # 1: Lack of Traffic
Even Inspector Gadget (who is not the smartest in his field) is able to identify this problem. If no one comes to your site, you have no way to make sales. On the other hand, understanding why no one visits your site is not always obvious.

The SEO of your site is surely for something. If you do not appear in the top results on the most relevant search terms for your site, no one will ever find your online store in Google.

If you start, your top priority is to optimize the content on your site’s pages to help Google provide links to your shop for people looking for your products.

Once your site’s content is optimized, you’ll need to get external links to your online store. Do not get sidetracked and focus on the most effective strategies for building these links to your site and ignore obsolete and potentially harmful techniques for your search rankings.

Reason # 2: Poor Design and Identity
If, on the contrary, you have used the best tactics to drive buyers to your online store. That your rankings in Google have finally taken off, that you have offered some of your products to a celebrity and that one tweet on his part was enough to frenzy the traffic counters of your site … It would be really stupid to spoil this huge opportunity because of a rough and amateur design.

When building your brand, a concept and a memorable value proposition are essential to prevent your shop from blending into the background. Visitors to your site will form an opinion about your company and your offer in 0.2 seconds (in English). They must immediately understand what makes you different or better than your competitors.

Here are two sites that offer the same products:

On this online store, the logo clearly shows why they exist and why I should order on their site.

In addition, you will not convince anyone to buy on your site if you just be a pale copy of another brand they know and with whom they already have an emotional relationship. Your branding should not stop at your logo and slogan.

A nice shop is not enough
It goes without saying that your online store should be as elegant as possible. You have no excuse to justify the ugliness of your e-commerce site, especially when hosted e-commerce solutions allow you to create a beautiful online store in minutes.

If you have a limited budget, invest in studio photographs, this is the best service you can render at your shop and it will not cost you more than a few tens of euros for fifty photos. If you want to compete with established online stores, you can not afford to overlook professional quality photos. Recall that e-commerce sells above all his photos!

That being said, when it comes to the design of a site, the proverb “the habit does not make the monk” has never been so well founded. The design is also how it works. If visitors to your site can not immediately identify which products you are selling and what are the benefits of ordering at home, they will disappear as quickly as they came.

Determining which design elements impact the sales of a site is sometimes very complicated. Customer behavior can be illogical and counterintuitive. Fortunately, there are many ways to understand the actions of your visitors when they arrive at your online store.

In the same way as forensics, you need to be able to coldly collect information and numbers that analyze the behavior of your customers. If you have not done so already, you should at least integrate Google Analytics with your site and set up e-commerce tracking.

Reason # 3: Poverty of the Catalog and Descriptions
Your products are a big part of your brand. So, you’ll have a head start on the thousands of other online stores if you are able to offer original and unique products, especially if they are not found on sites like Amazon and CDiscount (against which you do not probably not the weight).

Do yourself a favor and take the time to regularly update the descriptions of your products. Use an engaging writing style and learn to talk about the benefits to the customers of your products – rather than building a list of features.


When I spend my money (and I’m sure it concerns you too), I am almost always influenced by my emotions even though I take great care to justify my purchases rationally.

Remember this friend who explained that his new Mercedes was above all an ecological investment and a guarantee of reliability thanks to the quality of its engine when he simply wanted a luxury car that reflects its social status.

If you were to sell this Mercedes on your site, do not limit yourself to the features you can find on the manufacturer’s website:

Cylinder capacity: 2987 cm3
Power: 252 horses at 3600 pm
Fuel: Diesel
Consumption: 5.6 Liter / 100 km
Also, present the emotional benefits for your friend:

Dynamic driving for lovers of strong driving sensations
Outside: a sporty and sophisticated silhouette, inside: a VIP lounge
A whole range of entertainment, comfort and safety equipment
If you do not have the time or skills (you can not do everything or be good everywhere): hire a professional web editor for your texts. A good copy is very effective in convincing your potential customers to click on the “Buy” button.
Remember to put yours into it by involving yourself, do not copy others, differentiate yourself.

Reason # 4: An Order Process and Opaque Shipping Costs
Does the price of your products remain the same between the moment when your visitors add them to their shopping cart and the validation step of the order? Nobody likes to be fooled by hidden costs, especially if we thought we were doing a good job. According to a Forrester study, nearly a quarter of the abandoned baskets are caused by surprise shipping costs.

The best way to deal with this problem is to announce clearly how much your store charges for delivery from the homepage. Ideally, your delivery is free or fixed price. If this is not the case, create a link to your shipping terms page in your site’s header.

This customer Clicboutic has understood and clearly lists its rates and conditions of delivery.

Many online stores now offer free international delivery and incorporate the additional cost that this represents at the price of their products. To calculate from what order amount free shipping is profitable for you, this simple formula should help you.

Reason # 5: Visitors to Your Site Do not Trust You
All these efforts are useless if your potential customers have doubts about the seriousness of your business. Providing your customers’ card collection via a secure payment solution is, of course, essential and highlighting trusted labels or security seals like Verisign tend to reassure your customers and encourage them to buy on your site.

Other elements to reassure customers: your contact information (email address, physical address and phone number) and clear links from the home page to your terms, conditions of return and your guarantees.

Finally, publishing your customers ‘reviews and comments, linking to your official social media accounts, and if you have the opportunity to post reviews, will increase your prospects’ confidence in your business. Online Store.

You have fulfilled your role as a private detective and compiled a complete file to know how to increase the sales of your e-commerce site? Once you are ready to make these changes, you will need to be consistent, methodical and persevere in your improvements.

You may have to make a lot of adjustments before you can attract people to your online store and turn them into customers. You may feel that this is a lot of work, but your success depends on it. You will more easily find a loyal customer who easily fills his basket and returns regularly to order on your online store.

Case closed.
What do you think? What other tracks did you follow when your site was not performing and which proved to be relevant?

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