Who says winter, bad weather, rain, snow, ice, cold, … So many reasons to want to have your feet warm while being of course stylish and comfortable, just not to end up with a big boo, a foot or a broken leg … I propose to you this week 5 pairs of shoes for the winter, essential of your shoe closet.

A personal anecdote: I’ve never fallen so much as being pregnant! Fortunately for me and my little bits, it was small falls not very bad (except for my poor back), but I thought it was very important to wear the right shoes in winter and not to make the same mistakes . For example, do not wear your pretty boots 100% leather, including outer soles, without having them peeled at your shoemaker before wearing them. This in order not to slip on wet and cold soil. No one will take me back anymore, that’s for sure!

Here are the 5 pairs of shoes that are essential for me to spend the winter warm, stylish and comfortable. You are of course not obliged to have the 5 models but I advise you to choose in priority in these 5 models for your winter shoes.

1) Furry boots
Furry boots have the advantage of keeping you warm, while being comfortable and even stylish, at least if you choose the right models! It is important to be warm, but to maintain elegance and femininity. No need to look like a trapper straight from the cold … This is a controversial model, but they have some potential if you associate them with good outfits.

I propose below models that are both really hot, and that will allow you to stay comfortable while being also off-road: it is essential against the slippery and cold soils of these winter months. Opt for a pair whose sole is qualitative and anti slip. Not to mention the interior comfort also thanks to quality materials that will not make you sweat and keep your feet dry and well protected. I’ve already offered some models that meet these requirements in a previous article on ‘How to wear fur boots?’ . Feel free to discover it or rediscover it, it is full of good advice.

For the little anecdote, I walked the streets of New York a few years ago in stuffed boots. It was January, it was very cold, very cold. We walked from morning to evening for 6 days non stop. I have never been cold and never hurt my feet! My companion could not say as much … And you know that when you have your feet warm, the rest of the body is warm too.
I wear the Bocage model below. They are comfortable and practical, in addition to being fine, elegant and stylish with bi-material leather, colored laces and hooks, inner fur. Nice details that make the difference on this kind of shoes sale in Pakistan. And best of all, I had no pain or cold feet, even after walking the whole day or so.

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2) The high sneakers
High sneakers are also a good option in winter, at least when it is not too cold and you do not have to face many inches of snow, of course. A sneaker is a sneaker, but their practical side remains interesting.

Opt for a model with a majority of leather, with a high upper to keep you warmer and if possible laces to support your foot and your ankle. Sneakers have the advantage of being versatile, giving you style and comfort to walk the city or walk in the countryside, always when the weather is dry.
You can opt for a black color that you can easily match and that will not get dirty too fast or choose a little more fancy with a golden or leopard example.
If you want to find inspiration, I suggest you read my article on ‘How to wear sneakers?’.
3) Low boots with medium heels
Low boots are for me a model of shoes For sale in Karachi that every woman should have in her dressing. Both stylish and very feminine, they do not cut your leg if you are rather small and also go very well to the biggest of us. I refer you to my article on the different morphologies to know how to wear them according to your silhouette. Or you can read my article on how to wear them everyday with cool looks.

They have the advantage of being suitable for different outfits, whether you are rather trendy long or rather trendy short: jeans, pants tailor or cigarette, sweater dress, short dress, short skirt, pencil skirt, … The list is long outfits that will be quite adequate with a low boots.

For the winter season, opt for a model with small or medium heels history not to break your face. If it’s dry, you can choose a model in smooth leather or suede leather (suede, nubuck). If it is rather humid, opt for a smooth leather and never forget your waterproofing. Feel free to re-read my article on how to properly maintain your shoes according to different types of leather.
You can choose them laced or zipper; or both ! Burgundy, camel, brown, beige and black colors will easily match your winter outfits.
4) The boots
At first glance rather booties, the boots have the great advantage of bringing you comfort while being stylish and feminine. Just associate them with good outfits and choose the right models.
For example, prefer a pair with floral tips and top stitching with a slight heel of 3 cm instead of being completely flat. You will see that they will dress your feet with elegance.
If you need inspiration, I told you about it in a previous article on ‘How to wear ankle boots?’.
You can wear them with feminine outfits to break their masculine side: a short leather skirt, a sweater dress, slim jeans well adjusted and well cut.
A little trick to bring a touch of style while being warm: wear them with a big pair of socks that you leave visible on your ankle.

 5) The flat high boots
Tall boots will keep your legs warm during the winter months. To avoid slips and discomfort in everyday life, prefer flat or small heels. Keep high heels for your evenings and some occasions for which you know you will not have to walk too much.
They can also be worn with a lot of outfits and even with jeans if you choose well adjusted.
The colors camel, brown and black remain safe for the winter.
I also propose different looks in a previous article on ‘How to wear boots? .
I hope this article will have you more and will have given you some good ideas for choosing your pairs of shoes Online Shopping in Pakistan for the winter. And you, what pairs of shoes do you wear when it’s cold? Feel free to leave me a comment just below this article!

See you soon for more tips and do not forget to be fabulous with your shoes!

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