5 Health Tips to Choose Your Sunglasses | Guide – in Your Travel Bag, Beach, Pool or Hiking, There is One Element That Should Not Be Overlooked: Sunglasses. If Everyone Dreams of a Style That Has Style for a Summer While Elegance

In winter as in summer, in the city as at the beach, the sun and it’s ultraviolet (UV), can insidiously attack our eyes. Here are some tips to preserve your sight and face the dangers of the sun in all circumstances. From the city to the mountains, whether you stroll, hike whether you are simply lying on the sand, at any time, the UV radiates, even on cloudy days. The risk is the sunburn of the eye, very painful, which requires to stay in the dark for several days. And at the wheel, even if, this time, these spokes do not cross the windshield, glare can be a risky situation. Contrary to popular belief, the color of the eyes does not affect the sensitivity to the sun. It is a receptivity specific to each one.

Avoid gadgets glasses

Before cracking for a pretty model, you have to look at the quality of protection. This quality of filtering must be guaranteed by the CE marking which ensures that the glasses will not let more than 5% of the UVB pass. It’s best to avoid buying your glasses off traditional distribution channels, such as beach shops or street vendors, as this European regulation can easily be bypassed. Moreover, it is advisable to choose them with an enveloping form including the contours of the eye to the temples to avoid the passage of UV. The model will depend on the type of activities practiced: sports, urban or sunbathing at the beach. The choice is wide to put the eye full while combining fashion and health.

Do not rely on the shade of the glass

All kinds of glasses can filter UV, even transparent, thanks to their material or suitable treatment. Dark glasses of poor quality may even be more harmful because the pupil-less dazzled would expand further and leave the door open to the sun’s harmful rays. The lenses must, therefore, filter 100% UV. For this, the optician will steer towards an index 3 for a significant amount of sunshine and index 4 for intense sunshine. For the mountain, do not hesitate to adopt category 4.

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What color for glasses?

Gray reduces light intensity and unifies colors without distorting them. This is the ideal shade recommended for farsighted people. Myopics will be more comfortable with brown that reduces glare and improves contrasts. Green provides a good view of contrasts and respects colors. It is suitable for lens wearers and farsighted people. Yellow and orange reduce glare but greatly enhance contrasts. Ideal for those with low vision.

A pair for each activity

Recent advances have been made by manufacturers to allow everyone to find the appropriate glasses for his business, professional, leisure or sports. For example, polarizing lenses filter sunlight and light reflected by water, snow, car windows, all smooth and shiny surfaces. It is the ideal option for the practice of water sports or drivers. Very comfortable, the photochromic lenses adjust to the brightness. Their hue will become lighter in a dark environment, then darker when exposed to ultraviolet light. This type of glass can be recommended for mountain bikers, for example, who quickly alternate between shaded and bright areas.

Do not forget the children

Children are more sensitive to UV radiation until they are about 12 years old because their crystalline lens is still transparent. Yet only 54% of parents have glasses worn by their children on the street, according to the AsnaV (National Association for Vision Enhancement). There is now a very wide range of sunglasses for all ages, with frames adapted to the particular morphology of toddlers. A cord or an elastic will allow good maintenance so that they can wear them on the end of the nose all day and from the youngest age.

How to Choose the Sunglasses for the Whole Family

The beach, the pool, long hours of hiking in the mountains … the holidays are announced and you can imagine the program that awaits you with a common point, the sun. And there, the drama, you do not put any more hand on your sunglasses. Before you rush into the shop or the market to buy the first pair that comes to hand, know that you should not do anything to avoid the most practical or bet on aesthetics.
“Before you buy, always ask yourself what to do and where you will need it,” says Patrice Camacho, health director at Krys. “The more you’re going to be exposed to the sun, the more you need UV-Blocking Glasses in Pakistan and the reflection of light, whether you’re in the mountains, in the country or at sea, it’s not the same… ” So we asked him how to choose his solar mounts for the summer.
First, there are some basic rules when choosing your glasses:

  • Check that they comply with the European “EC” standard. It can be engraved on the branches. It ensures the quality of the solar filter.
  • The degree of protection (classified from 0 to 4) must also be indicated on the attached notice or enclosed in the box.
  • UV400 or 100% UV standards must be specified. They certify that no UVB and less than 0.5% of UVA rays pass through the lenses.

    Choose your mount

    Several criteria must be taken into account in your choice of sunglasses and especially glasses. Difficult to scratch and comfortable, the mineral tends to disappear because it is heavy and not very resistant to shocks. It is now preferred organic glass, lightweight and resistant but more fragile to scratches. It stops almost all UV rays. Polycarbonate has the favors of the moment because it includes a lot of quality (lightness, strength, fineness, 100% UV protection). But this often has a cost.

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    It’s not because your glasses are dark that they stop the passage of UV rays. This is the role of tinted glasses that filter some of the light and improve the comfort of vision in the sun. You can crack for colored glasses or mirrors but always check the Sunglasses Price in Pakistan. Among all the treatments that your lenses can receive, this is the most useful for sunglasses. You can also opt for an anti-fingerprint treatment that lets water slip on the lenses in addition to avoiding dust or finger marks. Photochromic lenses darken according to light intensity and adapt accordingly. It is the ultimate for frequent passages from shadow to light, but it is not without repercussion on the final price.

    Solar according to your destination

    “The more you will be exposed to the sun and the reverberations, the more you will have to have a glass that will filter the visible light and stop the ultraviolet”, explains Patrice Camacho. The holidays at the sea like the one in the mountains in winter have the same problems of reflection of the light on the water and the snow, but also of direct light with a burst of strong sunshine and a high rate of reverberation on the sand. Even without snow, the mountain remains a strong zone because of one gains about 10% of UV every 1000 meters.
    There are five levels of protection for glasses in the classroom from 0 to 4. For your holidays in the sun, glasses in class 0 to 2 will be of no use to you. Class 3 provides optimum protection for the summer if you choose to go to the beach or the countryside nice sunny.
    In the mountains, you need glasses with a strong shade ( class 4 ) that will let 5 to 8% of the light. The best is to opt also for glasses that will cover your face well, slightly curved models that will let less light on the sides. The eye is protected from glare, harmful effects such as UV which may cause ophthalmia, accelerated aging of the lens and cataract development or affect the retina in the longer term, with irreversible effects on the eye.

    Also, choose according to the activity

    There are also variations of models depending on your sporting approach:

  • If you plan to go trekking or hiking, you need a frame that is both light and strong that holds well, that does not hurt you in case of a fall and that resists shocks. Solar with polycarbonate lenses may be the right solution. They are thin, light and strong, 10 times more resistant than conventional organic glasses, but especially offer 100% UV protection.
  • If you go to the seaside for water activities, you will need fewer protections, but nevertheless sufficient to not be blinded by the reflection of the light on the water, especially if you drive by the sea. terms of hue, a class 3 will suffice with a polarizing lens that maximizes the view by removing a lot of rays reflected by water, road or sand. You gain in quality of perception and glare.

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