How To 3D Moon Lamp Save And Uses, Rechargeable 3D Printing Moon Lamp 16 Colors in Pakistan


What is a moon lamp?

It’s the hottest trend when it comes to sleeping and decorating your haven. It makes you have the best dreams even when you’re wide awake. Remember the days when we all decorated our bedroom walls and ceilings with those stick-on, glow-in-the-dark stars? When we turned the lights off, it’s like we had the whole universe around us. Now, it’s even better because it’s 3D.

Moon lamps are made with the latest 3D Printing Technology and satellite data of the moon. Most companies who make 3D Printed Moon Lamps even use the latest data from NASA itself. This is to ensure the authenticity and realistic outcome of the product. Along with this high-technology process, moon lamps are also created using Polylactic Acid (PLA) which is biodegradable, making the lamp environmentally friendly, odorless, and non-toxic. This is one of the great things about having a 3D Printed Moon Lamp as a night light for children. They can safely play with the moon lamp.

What’s even more amazing about these 3D Printed Moon Lamps is how magical and breathtaking they look, especially when lit. Most moon lamps nowadays use LED bulbs making it energy efficient. Another great feature that most moon lamps are equipped with are touch-control settings. You turn on a general switch button and then you’re free to adjust the brightness (and even color) of your lamp.

A lot of moon lamps also have at least 2 different color settings, usually a warm light and a cool white. Some feature more than that, extending the range to 16 different RGB colors. Now, that is magical, isn’t it?

But choosing the perfect moon lamp can be quite a head-scratcher. There’s a lot of factors to think about especially since the really high-quality ones can be quite expensive. Not to worry though, because this article will be able to help you determine the right moon lamp for you.

Quality is always the best reason to invest in a product. But since most sellers offer product returns, it’s not much of a bother for now. Truly, the most important factor to consider first before choosing a moon lamp would be the features it has. As mentioned earlier, a lot of 3D printed moon lamps now come equipped with amazing functions. There’s touch control, adjustable brightness, and multiple color settings to name a few.

Thinking about what you want out of your moon lamp will help you single out the best product that has the most potential

So ask yourself: “What do I want to have?”

That’s right. Want. Sometimes, having something that you want gives you a sense of fulfillment as well as satisfaction. Let’s say you’re eyeing a nice looking lamp and shade that would go well with your living room or bedroom. One of the things you would surely consider is if it would match with your decor. You will take into factor the color, the shape, the style or theme so that you would be able to proudly display the lamp. Other times, matching is not the answer. It’s mix and matching. For example, it wouldn’t hurt if you add a touch of the eclectic element in your modern living room.

A decorative item or two that’s an odd piece out is usually what we call a Conversational Piece. It’s something that can generate a conversation simply because it’s a stand-out. This stand-out conversational piece of furniture or decoration can be in many shapes and forms. Normally, it would be in the form of a table centerpiece or a lamp.

If you do decide, however, to take your piece up a notch, you might want to stay away from items that are too provocative. You need to draw a line between unconventional and plain suggestive. Go for unique pieces that would get people’s attention, something that would make them want to talk about for many minutes. Better, if they keep on talking about it even days after seeing it, and making them want to get one for themselves.Today, that perfectly outstanding piece would be a moon lamp.

Where to get the perfect moon lamp

With continuous popularity and success of online shopping, it’s no surprise that it’s the best place to find the perfect moon lamp. First, let’s talk about why shopping for your moon lamp online is the way to go.

1. It’s easy.
Everyone who has a working smartphone and Internet service can do it with a few clicks and taps.

2. It’s convenient.
There’s no need to go out of your way to find the nearest shopping mall or boutique just for a single item.

3. Freebies.
Free shipping, free return policies, as well as other various freebies are usually available when you buy online.

4. A variety of choices.
In a store, you would be wasting perhaps an hour or so just going through aisles and aisles searching for one thing. With online shopping, however, it takes minutes to swipe from product page to product page. And if that’s not enough, let’s make it even more simple for you.

Want to see a moon lamp in action?
Having a look at these beautiful Moon Lamps on picture is one thing, but how do they look in real life? Are they really as cool as they look?


GreenClick LED Luna Moon Lamp

The first of the many beautiful Moon Lamps that we have in store for you today is this LED Moon Lamp from the company GreenClickGlobal. It’s a 3D Printing Moon Lamp they call “Luna”, which is just so fitting and lovely. The company claims that their 3D Luna Lamp brings the moon in your room, and when you see the photos, I’m sure you’ll easily agree.

The Luna Lamp is made by innovative 3D printing technology. It’s carefully stacked, layer by layer, to achieve the real appearance of the moon. It’s 5.1” in diameter, so it’s not that big, but you could hold it in your hands and that’s just really, really cool. When it comes to its decorative purposes, there’s no need to worry. You can easily put it anywhere!

The Luna Moon Lamp comes with a wooden base, a 4-foot string and a small hook so you can hang it above your bed, by the window curtains or simply place it on top of your desk. The bulb is LED and the power is 0.5 watts, but the battery capacity is out of this world. It has 1200 mAh, which is bigger than most lamps out there.

It comes with a rechargeable battery as well as a USB cable for an additional option for charging. Charging time can range between 4 to 5 hours and that will give you between 8 to 30 hours of use, depending of course on how you use it. It also has a smart charging design that shows a green light in the bottom telling you that the power is lower than 10%. A red light will be on when you are charging the lamp, and once its full, the red light will turn off. It’s also safe to use while charging.


The Luna Lamp was designed brilliantly to offer you two modes of use:

You can switch the white button to AUTO mode, making it completely “touch-controlled”. By touching the Luna Lamp, you can easily adjust its brightness to 100% bright, 50% bright, and off cycling. This auto mode can also sense and adjust the light by itself.
When you switch the white button to ON, it will be on color changing mode. All you have to do next is to click the black button and the light will change color. It can go from white to warm yellow, to light yellow cycling. If you want to adjust the brightness, press the black button again.
Now isn’t that amazing? It’s the perfect night light with white and warm yellow lighting colors and it’s very versatile. The Luna Lamp can also serve as a great gift for kids to adults since it is non-toxic, odorless and environmentally-friendly since it’s made of PVC + ABS material.

This Luna Moon Lamp is definitely both beautiful and of great quality. GreenClickGlobal ships internationally and also offers a 12-month limited warranty for all their lamps so hurry and enjoy having the moon all to yourself.


AED 3D Printing Moon Lamp 4

Just when you thought it was impossible for things to get better, here we are with Moon Lamp    number 2. When it comes to decorating or picking out a lamp, it’s easy to confuse yourself over what you really want. Sure, small and delicate things are great for minimalism, but sometimes you just have to go big. If you agree with that, then look no further.

AED’s 7.3” Large Moon Light used 3D printing manufacturing technology to replicate the moon’s surface. The construction of the lamp even used satellite data sourced from NASA itself. You get an unbelievable 360-degree light beam because of its spherical shape, giving you a simulated moonlight as if you were out on the woods. It’s like a real moon you can touch, hold, and display in your home.

Just when you thought it was impossible for things to get better, here we are with Moon Lamp number 2. When it comes to decorating or picking out a lamp, it’s easy to confuse yourself over what you really want. Sure, small and delicate things are great for minimalism, but sometimes you just have to go big. If you agree with that, then look no further.

AED’s 7.3” Large Moon Light used 3D printing manufacturing technology to replicate the moon’s surface. The construction of the lamp even used satellite data sourced from NASA itself. You get an unbelievable 360-degree light beam because of its spherical shape, giving you a simulated moonlight as if you were out on the woods. It’s like a real moon you can touch, hold, and display in your home.


This large Moon Light is equipped with a Touch Sensor Switch and Dimmable Brightness that has 2 LED light colors: cool white and warm light. Controlling the lamp’s Touch Sensor is quite easy to use. With just a short touch on the lamp’s metal switch, you can turn it on, choose to turn the cool white light and warm white light on, and eventually turn it off.

Once the AED Large Moon Light lamp is simply turned on, you can effortlessly adjust its brightness with a long touch. You can select your brightness level preference by releasing the touch. If you choose to go back to the previous brightness adjustment, just give the switch another long touch.

This moon lamp is so brilliant because it has a memory function that saves the last brightness setting that you used. Talk about a smart lamp!

The AED 3D Moon Lamp has a battery capacity of 500 mAh and you can charge it using the 1 meter (almost 4 feet) USB cable that it comes with. Charging time for this Moon Lamp can last between 2 to 3 hours and lights up in red to signify that it’s full. Although you cannot use it while it’s charging, you still get to know whether it’s ready for using due to that red light.

You can use the Moon Lamp for around 8 to 12 hours, depending on the brightness that you choose to set it to. Choosing full brightness all the time would mean you have less unplugged time, but setting it in low brightness definitely means a longer moonlight glow.


urchasing the AED Large Moon Light gives you a complete package of the Moon Night Light, 1 USB Charging Cable that’s about 4 feet in length, 1 Wooden Mount which you can use when you prefer to place your lamp on a flat surface, and 1 User Manual to help you learn how to properly use your very own Moon Lamp.

Night Lights are always a great choice for gifts, especially since you could give it to both kids and adults, men and women alike. It’s a great decorative piece that’s functional and smart at the same time. When you order from AED, your 3D Printing Moon Lamp will come in an elegant gift box that is suitable for all occasions.

                        7AMZLIFE 3D Printing Moon Light

Lamps and shades come in all forms and sizes nowadays. It’s a great way to add just a hint of brightness and light in your room. You could set it on your bedside table or maybe as a decorative piece for your vanity. Online 3d moon lamp in Lahore

Here’s the deal:
Most lamps would come in either one or two light settings only. And those that do come in a wide spectrum of colors do not usually have fantastic designs. Now, where’s the fun in that?

It’s a good thing that AMZLIFE recently released their newest design for their 3D Printing Moon Light. Not only do you get a beautifully designed lamp that’s great as it is, you also get to enjoy various colors!


This lamp is here to offer you a fantastic array of colors with sleek and innovative design. It measures 5.9” in diameter and has an awesome 3D animation and design. The design itself was based on the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data which will surely bring the outer space to your private space.

The AMZLIFE Moon Lamp is printed using 3D technology which allows it to attain the exact look of a glowing moon. It’s made from a renewable resource called Polylactic Acid (PLA) which is biodegradable, making the lamp environmentally friendly, odorless, and non-toxic.

The AMZLIFE Moon Lamp is designed to look magical, but still easy to use. You can adjust its captivating colors through a simple tap control. And yes, you can tap the Moon Light Lamp anywhere in order to this.

There are 4 different color settings: White, Yellow, Pink, and then there’s a Self-Changing Color option or what they also call a “Breathing Light”. With the AMZLIFE Moon Lamp’s simple tap control, you can easily choose a color setting that is best suited for you or maybe just for your current mood.

To change the color, you only need to TAP it ONCE.
To opt for the Breathing Light mode, quickly TAP it TWICE.
To choose a brightness setting, TAP TWICE AGAIN.For simply turning it ON or OFF, the switch is at the bottom of the lamp.
When it comes its charging abilities, here’s something really neat: You can use it while it’s charging! And that means a lot to gadget users. AMZLIFE will provide you with a micro USB cord for charging it directly, but you can also choose to simply charge the lithium battery that it comes with in the package.

The 3D Moon Lamp’s charging time can last between 2 to 3 hours. When fully-charged, the light from the Moon Lamp will last up to 8 hours at full brightness and up to 20 hours on a lower brightness setting



When you buy the AMZLIFE 3D Printing Moon Lamp, you will get the Moon Lamp, 1 micro USB Charging Cable, 1 Wooden Stand, 1 Sling, and the User’s Manual. Go on and experience that galaxy how you’ve always imagined and get your moon lamp now.

CPLA Lighting 3D Moon Lam 10

Night lights are wonderful to have in one’s household. It can even be a nice gift to anyone, since it’s such a universal product. With the countless night lights available in the market today, it may be a chore to go out and pick one.

Sure, the simple night light bulbs are okay. You plug it in on your wall socket and it’s a done deal. You turn off your bedroom lights and you’re left with that tiny, basic night light. It’s boring and so 1990s.

It’s 2018 people!

Every little thing today should be hip and trending. You got your latest sneakers and your fashion is so on-point, but how about your home and bedroom accessories?

Well, we’ve got you covered!


CPLA Lighting brings you their LED 3D Printing Moon Lamp. It’s a Lighting Night Light with amazing features such as adjustable settings and realistic design. Through the most advanced 3D Printing manufacturing technology, CPLA was able to produce their Moon Lamp with such authenticity that it’s almost like you have your very own moon inside your home. The CPLA 3D Printing Moon Lamp brilliantly captured the beauty and texture of the moon through the newest astronomical data, ensuring every customer the satisfaction of having the real deal.

When you buy the CPLA Lighting Night Light, you will get the Moon Lamp itself, 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 Wooden Mount, as well as a User’s Instruction.

Let’s get into the details.
CPLA’s 3D Printing Moon Lamp has a battery capacity of 250 mAh and with the use of its USB Charging Cable, you can instantly recharge the night light for about 3 hours.

Working time for this moon lamp is around 4 to 20 hours, depending on how long or often you use it and which brightness setting you normally go for. That being said, it can easily be not a big deal, since you can use it while it’s charging.


Adjusting the CPLA Moon Lamp is so convenient and easy to use since they have designed it with Touch Control Brightness, which you can simply activate by turning the switch button. Once that switch button is on, you can go on and be mesmerized by the lamp’s touch control function.

With a short touch, you can switch the light color mode. Tap it once to activate the moon lamp on COOL WHITE MODE and then tap twice to go for the WARM YELLOW glow. Your next (third) tap would turn it off. Using a longer touch on the moon lamp while it’s turned on and at any color mode would allow you to adjust the brightness. CPLA recommends that you adjust and witness these settings in a dark room.

CPLA’s goal is to provide their customers the best experience with their quality products, so here are a few tips and tricks to ensure just that:

  • Keep your 3D Moon Lamp clean and away from grease, water or any other liquid.

  • Do not allow your Moon Lamp to be in conditions above 50-degrees Celsius.

  • Handle your lighting night light with care and avoid any sudden drop or shock.

In addition, CPLA is willing to give a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase if you are not completely satisfied, because they just want to make you happy. Now, that is Pkbazaar

LOGOTRATE 16 Colors RGB Moon Lamp

What’s more breathtaking than a crisp evening out in the woods with the moon glowing upon you. That’s an amazing picture, isn’t it?

Now imagine being able to bring that scene inside your house.

Thanks to LOGROTATE GLOBAL’s Moon Lamp, you can have your picturesque night out right inside your home. LOGROTATE’s 3D Print LED Moon Lamp is one the most amazing night lights you could ever have. It has even been rated as this year’s Favorite Valentine Gift and got the Number 1 spot in New Releases in Nursery Night Lights in Pkbazaar

It comes in 16 colors, it has Touch Control and even has a remote! If that doesn’t intrigue you into learning more about this beautiful product, then there are no more words to say.



The LOGROTATE 3D Print Moon Lamp is a 5.9 inch (15cm) model made with 3D printing technology. Everything used to create the lamp is FDA approved, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, making it safe to use even by kids. The company made sure that it has a very realistic full moon shape, while still making sure that it is durable and not easy to break.

This moon lamp also has the surface of the moon spot on, making it very authentic and charming at the same time. It has a whopping 16-color setting that can take your nights from magical and dreamy to colorful and enchanting. The LOGROTATE 3D Print Moon Lamp allows you to play with the colors by letting it flash or fade from one color to another. It’s seriously a dreamer’s delight!

This moon lamp comes with a Remote Control and is equipped with a Touch Control Mode. Although the Touch Control Mode is always an amazing feature to have, it’s so convenient that LOGROTATE’s 3D Print Moon Lamp comes with its very own remote control. Using this remote control will give you the power to change the colors of the light as well as adjust the lamp’s brightness.

LORGROTATE recommends that the best remote control distance for the remote to work properly is 10 feet and states that any obstacle will definitely have an effect with the remote control function. In order to get the remote control going, simply turn the Moon Lamp by the touch switch, and then pull out the thin plastic sheet on the button of the remote control. After that, you’re free to maneuver your night light. Aside from that, you also get 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 Wooden Stand as decorative option, and a User’s Manual.


The LOGROTATE 3D Print Moon Lamp has a battery capacity of 500 mAh and can be charged using the USB Cable that comes along with it. Charging time lasts about 2 hours and it can work between 6 to 12 hours.

Working time depends on the brightness you choose, so of course, keeping it in a higher brightness setting would result to a shorter working time. But that should not be a big deal when you can enjoy 16 different colors anyway.

Gahaya Extra Large Moon Lamp 16
If you ever wanted to become an astronaut or you’re just really fascinated by anything involving our galaxy, then you may want to get your hands on this particular moon lamp.

Sure, the average size moon lamps look great, and the tiny ones are so cute especially since you can fit it in the palms of your hands. But did you ever consider imagining what having an extra large moon lamp would look and feel like?

Well, don’t worry. We got you covered.

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