20 Ways to Boost your Online Sales

PKbazaar Online Shopping in Pakistan

Creating an online store is an exciting adventure. With Site, you can easily add a Boutique module to your site. Getting known and convincing customers is not always easy. Here are some tips to increase sales of your online store.

Have an ergonomic site

  • Your online Shopping in Pakistan must be above all clear and functional, navigation must be easy: the product sheets must be detailed, information easily found (shipping costs, delivery time, product availability). Do not hesitate to refer to our guide How to create an online store?
  • Look after the appearance of your site: write a graphic charter. Add clear, attractive, but not too heavy images so pages are not too long to load.
  • Update your homepage: new products, current promotions (you can help yourself from our guide How to create an attractive and effective homepage?).
  • The products must be highlighted and navigation must bring visitors to the products. Sort and classify your products in categories in a simple and logical way. For this, you can refer to our guide How to create an online store? Think that the customer has only one click to leave your site: it must be flawless.
  • Work on your value proposition: The value proposition is a short and simple sentence that summarizes why your visitors should buy from you, rather than elsewhere, the benefits they will have in choosing your products and services.
  • Propose the appropriate means of payment. Offer your customers choice: some people will prefer the speed of PayPal. Others will be reluctant to pay on the net and will prefer to use checks. When you create an online store on Site, you can easily offer credit card payments, PayPal, check, transfer or purchase orders to your customers.

Be visible, stand out

  • Work on your SEO, so as to improve your ranking in the results of search engines, including using keywords. You can for this refer to our guides 10 tips for SEO or How to write with keywords?
  • You can also drive traffic to your site by creating a blog related to your business sector, positioning you as expert professionals in your field, and generating more traffic, knowing that quality content is becoming more and more important. more valued by Internet users. With Site, you can easily integrate a Blog module into your site.
  • Using social networks is now a must. With an online store on Site, you can add a Social module allowing your customers to share the product sheet during a consultation. You can also read our guides on Community Management. Moreover, Site is present on social networks: do not hesitate to join us on Facebook and Twitter!
  • You can also start a campaign of sponsored links or emailing. Propose promotions or change the design of your product can also be a solution to make known more easily.
  • You can also use, in addition to your own site, market places (E-bay or Etas for example) to enjoy their communication and emailing.
  • Analyze your competitors. From your conclusions, you can list your benefits and encrypt them. Highlight your singularities Your benefits can, for example, relate to the price, the scarcity of products, the speed of delivery, shipping, payments (many options, security), etc. This will make the difference and will decide your visitors to choose your products!
  • If you sell specific products or at particularly competitive prices, you may want to register on price compactors such as Pkmarts, Ali Express  or Shopping.

Know and retain your target

  • Target your prospects. To sell better, you need to know your target, your buyers. Do not rely on your personal opinion. Because you are not necessarily representative of your clientele. Ask your buyers to get to know them better. Only in this way will you increase your conversion rate (ie the ratio between the total number of your visitors and your customers). Use the right media, the right message and give them the products that interest them.
  • Retaining your customers is also a good way to increase your sales. You will be able to use emails or a newsletter, to keep them informed of your promotions of the moment or news of the company. On Site, you can easily add a Newsletter module to your website.
  • Bet on Customer Service: Your customers need to feel listened to and feel that their issues are being addressed.
  • Do surveys. You have to listen to your customers to be closer to their expectations.

Work on your purchase process

  • Always be clear but give details. Do not assume that you are the best, give precise figures that prove it.
  • Analyze your visitors’ progress on your site to understand how to optimize the purchase mechanism: when do they abandon most of the purchase process? For what reasons ? You can draw conclusions to improve the ergonomics of your site. To get a clear idea of what your visitors are doing on your site, you can visit Google Analytics. With this in mind, refer to our Enable Google Analytics guide for your website.
  • Remember that the buying process is always guided by emotion and justified by reason. Try to eliminate the factors of doubt that slow down the purchase process of your customers: security, price, lack of warranty or product information … Identify these PID (Fears, Uncertainties, Doubts) to better to counter them.
  • A convincing way to communicate can be video. On Site, you can easily integrate a YouTube video to your site thanks to the Video module.
  • Offer your customers products close to their search. Or a list of shopping trends / discoveries.
  • Another simple technique to increase the price of the basket is to offer shipping costs beyond a certain purchase amount, which encourages customers to increase the price of their basket.

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