I used to write about the different methods available to you to find products to sell online. In the article cited above, I shared all the resources to discover niches and products whose demand is exploding. This year, I continued to monitor the online sales market, changing consumer trends and behaviors to create a list of 75 popular products in 2019.

Products for Sale Online in 2019
Coconut oil

The trend started in 2017 and, after a short vacuum, is set to last. Considered a natural remedy, coconut oil seems to have an almost infinite number of virtues. Coconut oil can be used for cooking, as a soap, as a sunscreen, make-up remover but also in toothpaste … to improve sleep or to fight against Alzheimer’s.

Even if you are already fed up with hearing your cousin bashing you on the healing properties of coconut oil Sale in Pakistan  since she eliminated her acne with this ingredient, as an entrepreneur, this is the kind of trend that you can not ignore. Especially when the popularity of these products continues to grow.

Beard Oil

The popularity of beard oils has been steadily increasing in recent years and the trend is towards stabilization. If the market begins to be saturated with the influx of many products and accessories companies around the beard, there is still room for newcomers.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to be more creative than the competition and to concentrate on specific niches of the maintenance products of the beard to distinguish you on this market.

Chia seeds
Chia seeds are one of those ingredients in the super food family whose popularity exploded overnight. This is part of a broader movement of food research with positive health benefits.

Beware however, it is typically the kind of product that reaches its maximum level of popularity very quickly and whose demand will only go crumbling from now on. You can still surf the wave the time it lasts.
Huawei & Xiaomi
Huawei and Xiaomi are two Asian manufacturers whose smartphones are more and more popular in the world and especially in France. Moreover, with sales volumes steadily increasing, it would not be surprising that Chinese manufacturers join Apple and Samsung in a few years. It’s a market where hundreds of online stores can grow.

The good reputation of these brands in telephony now allows Huawei & Xiaomi in electronics and consumer computing. And if you still thought that it is difficult to obtain legally and without counterfeit for this type of products, think again …

Just take a look at this product of the brand Huawei found in less than 30 seconds on Thieve.co to be convinced:

Accessories & Nutrition for our Animals
I will give you four figures to show you the phenomenon:

1 out of 2 French households has at least one animal
There are 65 million domestic animals in France
In 2015, the French spent 4.5 billion euros for their companions
96% of owners consider their dog as a member of the family
Although I have selected the cat tree for the purposes of this article, the trend for this product may apply to many other nutrition items or animal accessories in the coming years. For the most ambitious entrepreneurs, know that this market is booming in many other countries.
Spirulina exhibits a solid interest curve for several years but it is really in 2015 that its popularity has exploded. This micro-algae sold in the form of a food supplement combines all the characteristics of the perfect product: breathtaking health and nutritional benefits, a millennial history that sets it apart from other super miracle foods and an extremely positive ecological balance that legitimizes its consumption.
If I had to choose a single product idea to test in 2018, I think I will create a blog on spirulina and, depending on the interest my audience finds there, I will launch my spirulina shop in the process.
Castor oil
Another “miracle” product whose well-being and beauty virtues are touted throughout the blog and whose performances on Google Trends deserve our attention.

The only downside I would emit at this stage of my research for this product would be the dominance of Amazon products at low prices in Google search results. Dislodging them quickly can be complicated.
Vintage light bulbs
While LED bulbs are a background trend in which I advise you to invest if you are in the perspective of creating a business that still exists in 10 years, vintage bulbs are a real fashion phenomenon whose durability is difficult to evaluate.
This trend, which really took off in September 2015, is akin to the fascination with vintage in general and the emergence of new lifestyles (such as the success of second-hand stores, the attraction of industrial furniture return to grace of the tattoo).

Kigurumi, you know? This Japanese pajamas deliciously regressive has seen its popularity explode with young people for a year. Is this a fad that will quickly fade in France or a lasting trend that accompanies the growing influence of Japanese culture among younger generations?

Probe your little nephews and nieces and tell me what they think about them in the comments at the end of this article. In any case, I would not be surprised if there was a lot of Kigurumi at the foot of the tree on December 25th.
Face Mask
Certainly face masks and skincare have been a well-established market for many years. But, the consumption of face masks has actually accelerated since 2013 as you can see below.

If the face mask charcoal is particularly popular lately, do not forget also the masks snail slime and think well to add the term “Detox” at the end of the name of each of your masks if you decide to you start. I do not care (a little) but if you are passionate about beauty products, this product line has great potential.
Headphones of Virtual Reality

If you’re interested in video games, you certainly know that the home console market has really exploded with the introduction of 5th generation consoles like Playstation and Nintendo 64 that introduced 3D. We are at the dawn of a similar revolution with virtual reality headsets (also called VR or augmented reality).

Honestly, I can not tell you if the market is mature enough for example to Online Shopping in Pakistan accessories to helmet owners or if it’s still too early. But follow closely the evolution of this market in the months and years to come.
You may have seen it on your streets, the hoverboard (also called Gyropod) appeared overnight at the end of last year thanks to the enthusiasm for several videos of use of this product on social networks.

Even though they are not yet at the level of Marty McFly’s hoverboard, this product line will continue to experience significant technological breakthroughs in the coming years – which should allow them to continue to grow their sales.

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