10 Gift Ideas for a Bearded Man | 10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Guys with Beards – The Ultimate Ideas List

A year ago, we offered you our advice on the theme ”  How to dress when you are bald?” “. The title of this article is always smiling, but I’m glad to see that it has been consulted so much! It is one of the 10 most viewed articles over the last 365 days and I had the opportunity to exchange with some of you who have testified to me that I found it very used, which makes me very happy. In a slightly lighter way, and echoing our recent article on “ideas for a bearded man “, we wanted to offer a selection similarly especially for bald people. And as long as you have a friend, brother, father, etc., who is both bald and bearded (quite common case), it will give you twice as many gift ideas 😉

A Beanie

When you are bald, the headgear is an accessory not to be overlooked! If some men prefer to wear a felted hat or a Peaky Blinders cap, the hat turns out to be the most practical and effective option! And it is also a very trendy accessory for several seasons. For the choice, we are obviously interested in the color or the patterns but especially in the composition! A hat made mainly from natural materials such as wool (in all its forms) will not only be more pleasant to the touch and to wear but will offer the best protection: by protecting us from the cold while avoiding sweating too much when it comes to ‘a breathable material.

A Scarf

While staying on the theme of winter accessories, we can complete our list with a beautiful Scarf in Pakistan! A simple gift, but always effective, especially for a bald! In general, the accessories will break the oval of our silhouette by creating horizontal lines. It also allows us to focus less on our bald head. If it is not necessarily possible to change your haircut, it is possible to vary your accessories, then you might as well take advantage of it! Besides, if you want to tell it to yourself at Christmas meal, you can consult our recent article to explain how to vary your knots of scarves. Finally, just like the hat, we advise you to turn to natural materials. Being able to match as much in a casual look as dressed, we opted for a timeless check pattern!

small size 180*30cm Brand Designer Winter Cashmere Scarves Men Scarf Cheap Warm Unisex Pakistan

A Pair of Gloves

Come on, never two without three, here is our latest accessory! And yes, as I mentioned earlier, the bald likes accessories. When it’s cold, even if our little feet are warm in thick socks and in a pair of workboots, our hands are completely naked. The solution? Wear thick gloves that will keep our hands cool. In order to remain elegant, we will choose the ideal combo, that is to say, a pair of leather gloves lined. Specializing in the manufacture of gloves for men and women for several centuries, we chose a pair of English house Dents. The one that caught our attention is a model made on the other side of the Channel, in England. The leather used is that of suede which, like sheep leather, is both flexible and resistant. The interior is lined with lambswool, a natural fiber that is an excellent insulator, but also well known for its warmth and comfort. In addition to the chocolate shade, we find the model available in black and tan. You choose!

Turtleneck Sweater

In winter, we will favor the wearing of a turtleneck sweater, in particular, because it will help visually frame our bald head. Besides, it is the same for a trucker sweater or a sweater with a collar. You will understand, we will prefer tops that will bring verticality to our silhouette. It is therefore partly for this reason that we will avoid wearing a round neck sweater. If this is the case, we will think of wearing a shirt underneath. In the case of a turtleneck sweater, we will pay attention to the colors we choose, especially depending on the color of our skin. We can opt for navy blue, gray or forest green. For the thickness of the mesh, there is no rule! Here, we chose a forest green turtleneck sweater from the French brand Octobre. Besides keeping us warm,

A Flannel Shirt

If there is one idea of clothing that can only please a man, and more so a bald one, it is the shirt! In addition to bringing a touch of elegance, the collar will create vertical lines to the silhouette and balance the fact that one is bald. In winter, we appreciate flannel, a material that is both soft and warm. Cotton or wool flannel is obtained by a common process. We will scrape the fabric between two rollers with pins rotating in opposite directions. The fabric will fray on the surface, which will give this soft feel. It’s the kind of shirt that you wear easily in a casual outfit and when you want to feel comfortable. Maison Standards is one of those brands that offer simple and comfortable cotton flannel shirts, all at an affordable price.

A Watch

Our sixth gift idea is none other than a watch! As mentioned above, in addition to being aesthetic and practical, the accessories will attract the eye. Wearing a beautiful watch on the wrist will bring additional elegance to the outfit, which will attract the eye and thus, focus less on the bald head. Much more than a simple object, being offered a watch is more than symbolic. It is a jewel that we will wear daily and that will accompany us on each of our trips. Here, no need to type in high-end models, let’s not forget that it is the attention that counts. We chose a quartz model from the famous American brand Timex. It is more precisely a model that refers to the watches of the German army during the Second World War.

Watch Men Luxury Fashion Faux Leather Mens Blue Ray Glass Quartz Analog Watches With Calen Gift for Men Pakistan

A Hair Clipper

If there is an almost indispensable object when you are bald, it is the Hair Clipper in Lahore! As I mentioned in my article last year, but also before that in a previous one (” Help, I’m bald “), when you lose your hair, at some point you have to make the decision impose: shave them! Easier said than done, I grant you, but having been there I am well placed to talk about it. The clipper will, therefore, become an essential accessory and very often we will use it as well for clipping the hair as for the beard. There is no big difference between these two types of models but the best is to move towards a mower with a relatively large head, powerful and with good autonomy. Among the clipper, we tested we recommend this model from Braun in particular.

A Moisturizer

As you can imagine, when you are bald, the skin surface is much larger! We must, therefore, take care of it, hydrate it well, nourish it. It is therefore essential to have beautiful skin and good looks. In order to maintain our skin as it should, it is above all necessary to have a healthy lifestyle and adopt a few gestures such as the daily use of a moisturizer. In winter, the skin is drier, so we prefer a rich moisturizer rather than a fluid. Cosmetics, we test them all year round so we recommend that you (re) discover our latest tests to make this choice. Horace is one of those brands that are generally unanimous in the editorial staff and we particularly recommend this moisturizer made from 98.5% natural products.

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