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We regularly test new on Android and if it is possible to differentiate them through many aspects (type, scenario etc), the most obvious element to compare them is the quality of the proposed graphics. Some games are truly breathtaking because of their beauty, and we have decided to share with you those who have most impressed us.

It is important to specify that this is the graphical experience in general, ie the graphics engine, and not the quality of the (still) images that can be in the game. So it is often necessary to have a graphics chip powerful enough to get a quality rendering: high-end devices (Google Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S8 +, Huawei P20 Pro etc.) will arrive without worries to run any game , some midrange also but generally not with the graphics to the maximum.

I have also selected various games, aved RPGs or adventure games that are more mobile, but they are obviously not the only genres available.

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is the latest work from Madfinger Games, the same team behind the very good Dead Trigger 2. As you may know, this is a first-person shooter that offers great Colorful graphics, Shadowgun Legends is a feast for the eyes, with lush graphics and a futuristic decor that will remind PC / console AAA players of titles such as Destiny and Halo.

You play as a futuristic mercenary, or ‘Shadowgun’ that you have to customize. Your hero will then strut in front of the other players, and the skilled warriors will be honored with public statues of their avatar in the game world. The focus on the visuals is part of the game’s business model, which offers shopping in-app for attractive items. There is also a large solo campaign, as well as multiplayer team challenges.

Tekken Mobile

Tekken Mobile brings the hugely popular fighting series to mobile, and seems to really do it well. Although not the most technical fighting game on Android, it is certainly the most graphically impressive.Be warned, Bandai Namco’s offer for smartphones is a bit different from Tekken on other platforms. Free to download, the game is full of in-app purchases. The sophisticated controls that characterize Tekken games have been reduced to a limited repertoire. Yet despite these limitations, it is undeniable that Tekken Mobile is beautiful to watch. The characters appear in every detail and the movements are fluid. Tekken Mobile is designed to take full advantage of what modern high-end phones have to offer.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds was desired among all fans of the franchise. Until recently, the game was officially available only in Canada and some Asian countries. Blue Hole has finally decided to officially launch his royal battle on mobile. The typical game mode of PUBG Mobile is a free game where 100 naked and desperate suitors are dropped on an island cluttered with gear and weapons to massacre themselves happily until there is only one . To put pressure on, the play area narrows periodically, automatically eliminating players left out of the play area. Yes, just like in the movie.

Although the controls are not as accurate as on PC or Xbox, you are only confronted with other players on mobile devices, which makes things fair. The graphics are fantastic and so far PUBG is free (although I would not be surprised to see in-app purchases or commercials appear after accumulating a lot of fans).

Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

This game is a real reference since it is often used by smartphone testers to get an idea of the graphical potential of their phone. Above all, Asphalt Xtreme: Ralling Racing is for fans of car games, as its name suggests. No track here, you circulate on different types of surface and in many landscapes (including canyons!). You can also bring out the type of driver that is in you: rather heavyweight or race car?

Anyway, the graphics are excellent and can perfectly immerse you in the world of racing. The car, but also the landscapes, are very well represented and it’s a pleasure to drive.

Modern Combat 5

Can not talk about graphics without putting a fighting game, or more exactly an FPS. Modern Combat 5 is part of the First Person Shooter category: you play as a soldier and the only thing you see about yourself is your hand holding a weapon. You can play alone or with friends, but you will have to survive and it will not always be easy.

The games immerse you in a real world of combat (hence the name) in which the action is the key word. The graphics are sublime, weapons, soldiers, sets, action scenes (explosions, dead etc), everything is perfectly well represented.
Micro Machines
Micro Machines does not offer the kind of ultra-realistic racing simulator with detailed graphics like Real Racing 3 book for over three years, but what it offers is to offer a modern HD incarnation of a game of classic race. If you are old enough to remember the original series, you will have a good dose of nostalgia (which is my case).

It’s really a pick-up-and-play affair, with cars split into different classes and a system of unlocking and upgrading car parts to add to your garage as you progress. There are also some different race modes (Race and Elimination) and a Battle mode where the goal is simply to destroy your opponents with your weapons.

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger 2 could be a cliché game, but well done, it remains incredibly satisfying to shoot the moaning zombies. And, let’s face it, Dead Trigger 2 does it well. This FPS Madfinger Games offers hundreds of missions with a wide variety of weapons.

Dead Trigger 2 can be considered as a shooter but not everything revolves around guns. There is a visceral satisfaction (or maybe it’s only me) to fight the undead with a hammer or a machete. Then there are more conventional ways of bringing pain, such as with a boat engine or with … chickens that explode. Yes.

Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Should we still present the Assassin’s Creed series? This game series from Ubisoft started in the Middle East with Altaïr then evolved in Italy with Enzo, in the United States before independence with Connor and so on, through the ages and eras. In this Android version, Ubisoft is inspired by Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag by allowing you to embody a pirate captain. You can customize your ship, improve it, recruit your crew, and most importantly, participate in naval battles.

Being able to do naval battles is obviously a nice graphic challenge that has been raised hands down. The sea, the ships, the environment, the result is really very successful.

Middle-earth: OdlG

Middle-earth obviously refers to the book (and later film) of The Lord of the Rings, one of the most popular heroic fantasy works. The objective of the game is once again to destroy the armies of Sauron. The tactical dimension of the game is to choose the right team based on the powers, thus winning. Throughout the game, you will have access to new heroes, it brings a little variety. Anyway, fans of the Lord of the Rings will love immersion in this universe.

Samorost 3

Here we have an adventure game whose protagonist is a space gnome. You have to face many challenges in a beautiful world, beautifully represented graphically. You can explore every corner of this virtual world, and one of the strengths of the game is that you will not always know what’s going on around you. It may sound annoying like that, but it’s actually a good way to be immersed in the mystery. The demo is free but another application, paying this time, allows you to have the whole game. Trigger for sale in Pakistan

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